Disney Infinity Figures But Not Beyond…
August 19, 2013


Warning: The following is a review of a handful of “Disney Infinity” figures only, I don’t even own a gaming system so this is not a review of the game. You’ve been warned…


Yesterday was the much anticipated launch date for the video game, “Disney Infinity”. The game is a new Disney Interactive project that brings your favorite Disney/Pixar figures to life in an interactive magical world of wonder, from what I’ve been told. I love Disney/Pixar, so when I first caught a glimpse of these figures several months ago I was chomping at the bit to get them. While I wasn’t all too pumped to start collecting a new line of figures, there was a more practical reason for my hesitance (which as you can tell from the image above didn’t last).



For a while I struggled with the dilemma of getting these figures even though, and be ready for the M. Night twist of this blog, I don’t own a gaming console. At all. I’m in no way, shape, or form a gamer. I play some games on my iPad and my Android phone but that’s it. Naturally this won’t stop me from collecting figures that just look cool. I originally only wanted Mr. Incredible, but since he currently is only available in a starter set I opted for the next best thing: the rest of his freaking family!



Now I still very much want Mr. Incredible, but he currently is only available in the starter kit which costs $75. Obviously the starter kit is worth every penny, including the game itself and the accoutrements to play it, except of course a gaming console. To sweeten the deal you get two other figures: Jack Sparrow (which is cool) and Sully (a big want in my book). I haven’t truly owned a gaming console since the Super NES, so I’m in quite the pickle…



I’ve narrowed my starter kit quagmire to a few options. Number 1: I could buy the kit in a console format that any number of my friends in Los Angeles might have (big maybe). Number 2: I could buy the kit in a console format that I might someday in the near future purchase (not that likely at the moment). Number 3: I could buy the kit in the Wii format so I could give my older sister (the only person I’ve consistently played video games with my entire life) the gaming components and play the game whenever I visit. But she lives on the other side of the country in New York City AND I don’t visit very often. Option number 3 holds the highest sentimental value but is still not very viable.



Oh well. Clearly gaming console or not I liked the figures enough to get nearly half of the first wave. “The Incredibles” is one of my favorite Pixar movies and I don’t have any figures of them so I more than dipped my toe into this collection. Maybe I can hold out long enough for Disney to give Mr. Incredible a single release but as most collectors know, we aren’t the most patient group. I also picked up Mike Wazowski on the off-chance that I get the starter kit because Sully needs a friend. Cue Randy Newman-



Now, onto discussing the figures themselves. I’m very pleased, and even though I’m easy to please, these figures are exactly what I wanted. I really like their stylized designs, giving all the characters a uniform look. This uniformity only makes it that much more difficult to resist collecting them.


They don’t have any articulation, but I’m cool with that, I wanted them as display pieces only anyway. The fact that they are mostly in dynamic poses makes them just as desirable in this instance. They have cut lines to give the illusion of articulation since these are toys pretending to be toys pretending to be toys. When the “Toy Story” figures hit that’s going to be a real brain buster.


From what I’ve read “Disney Infinity” seems to be a big gamble on Disney Interactive’s part. Considering the fact that Disney has put a lot of, if not all, of their video game eggs into this basket going head to head as the only direct competition to the massive “Skylanders” franchise, I could see the risk. But considering Disney/Pixar has way more cross-over appeal I can only imagine that others might opt to collect the figures only (wishful thinking that I’m not that crazy) while “Skylanders” fans would only collect the figures if they were in fact playing the “Skylanders” game(s)? I’m sure anomalies exist on both sides, but I feel Disney has a way more established brand and a bunch of recognizable characters that would make it hard to resist to collect for any reason.


In the several stores that I hit up the “Disney Infinity” sections were either somewhat picked over or full of interested parties so I can only imagine that it’s getting things started right. I would personally recommend the figures to Disney collectors and gamers alike. The Toy Box feature alone seems to be worth a console purchase. A video game that encourages using your imagination instead of doing the heavy lifting for you puts “Disney Infinity” way above “Skylanders” in my opinion.


J.J. Abrams shot.


Before I wrap up, let’s talk character selection. This first wave was pretty much on the nose what I would’ve wanted, considering I only wanted “The Incredibles” and “Monsters Inc.” related characters. Pictured below are some figures I didn’t know were available and very much considered picking up.



I had mixed feelings about “The Lone Ranger” as a movie, it wasn’t amazing, nor was it terrible. (Of course “John Carter” was one of my favorite movies from last year so don’t take my word for it.) Anyway, these stylized figures are pretty neat and while not worth it for me based on their price point ($35 because they come in a set only), they certainly made me think twice about it. Leading me to my next drawn out point –


Leaving out The Muppets, Marvel, Star Wars, et al. and staying within the realm of Disney proper (which at this point includes Pixar as well) the possibilities still remain endless! And quite tantalizing!

Each figure comes with a card and a code on the back that goes with some interactive component I'll ignore, for now...

Each figure comes with a card and a code on the back that goes with some interactive component I’ll ignore, for now…

Disney Infinity figures with some of their cousins.

Disney Infinity figures with some of their cousins.

From what I’ve seen we have “Wreck-It Ralph” figures coming (a definite for me), future waves would have to have some of the classics (Donald, Dumbo, Pinnochio spring to mind as some hopefuls of mine), and dare I dream against dream that the self-appointed protector of St. Canard, Darkwing Duck get some love!?!?! I’m on board for the long (fingers crossed) haul whether or not I ever get to play the game. Worse case scenario I can always wish upon a star…

What do you guys think? Collecting the figures to play the game? Playing the game just to collect? Any early thoughts on the Toy Box? Let me know and thanks for reading!


Wave 2 Figures, 5 of which I want now, daddy!

Pictured above are some possible characters for Wave 2 figures, 5 of which I want now, daddy!



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  • bnjmnrlyr says:

    For me, because there was no Mickey, Donald, or Goofy at launch, this is easily a pass. And many of the “classic” characters, like Pooh and Dumbo will be available as “power discs” only from what I’ve read online which is even more of an incentive to pass.

    My son and I are also in VERY DEEP with Skylanders, so I have very little desire to start another massive collection.

    Now, Angry Bird Star Wars Telepods on the other hand …. (wink)

    • Cesar Zamora Cesar Zamora says:

      Interesting that you’re sticking to Skylanders, I don’t know much about the gameplay but is it safe to assume there isn’t a similar Toy Box feature? Thanks for reading. I think, I hope, I’ve made up my mind to pass on Angry Birds Star Wars II, now if they offered a compatible update for part I then maybe they got me…

  • I’m considering it…. I’m a PS3 guy. When I saw the giant banners at E3 of Mike W riding on a Recognizer from TRON I knew I was in trouble… Haven’t made the plunge yet, but the wife and I need something that will tide us over until Lego Marvel Super Heroes comes out in October.

    • Cesar Zamora Cesar Zamora says:

      Let me know what you think! I’m very impressed by these figures and that seems to be the consensus. If I did get a console I might get a Wii U and this would probably be the only game I own. Besides the character options for Disney fans like me, if Disney Infinity is a huge hit and goes strong I’d be curious to see how other companies may attempt to compete. You would know better than me…

  • Jim Abell says:

    I was considering just getting the Incredibles and Pirates characters but now I’d have to have the Ranger and Tonto and every-freaking-single-other-one of them… Must resist…

  • Veil1 says:

    I’ve got most of the set (and will be getting the rest of the launch figures), luckily they are free since my company is buying them for me. The figures are actually really well done. I was never impressed with the skylanders figures, so the quality of these really suprised me. The kids and I are going to take the set for a spin this Saturday, and my Boss played it for like 2 hours at E3(he said it was incredible). Target has a sale this week, the Lone ranger and Cars playsets are 50% off, so now is a really good time to pick those up.

  • Robert says:

    I love all of the toys!! Not a huge Cars fan but I picked up everything. I just can’t wait (ok, I can wait since I have no choice) for more of them. The sculpts are exactly what I’ve been looking/waiting for. Now my hope/dream is that they expand into the Marvel Universe. The same cartoon style please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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