Disney Infinity: Jack Skellington and Woody Figures
October 6, 2013


Yesterday was “Disney Infinity” Day at GameStop as they released their exclusive Jack Skellington figure. Earlier in the week Walmart released their exclusive Woody figure for “Disney Infinity” as well. Today I’ll be taking a look at the both of them. Read on for more pictures and my thoughts…


I’ll start off with Woody. He’s great, the paint work and detailing are amazing. These figures are made to be little statues that you can use in the video game. They aren’t articulated and don’t come with accessories, but are still highly detailed. Woody’s hat isn’t molded on but seems to be glued on as if it were a separate piece. Totally unnecessary but it gives the character authenticity.


The card back for Woody and Jack Skellington are different than the figures released at launch, which can be seen here. The new card backs show off the rest of the characters currently announced for the game.


I really love this figure and can’t wait until Buzz and Jessie are released. His solo adventure in the Toy Box is a pretty difficult race against the clock with his trusty steed Bullseye. But the best part about Woody in the game is they way they captured his running, it’s spot on. You can see a bit of it in this video.


I’ve also played with him on the iPad app as my go-to figure. You use the code on the back of the character card that the figure comes with in order to unlock him in the app.


The figure seems to be a bit smaller than I thought he would be, but scale wise he’s pretty uniform with the rest of the figures. He’s very thin and I think that’s what makes him look so slight. Here he is with another fellow cowpoke:

I can't wait to have them ride together in the Toy Box.

I can’t wait to have them ride together in the Toy Box.

Overall he’s a great figure and my favorite so far. He’s currently displayed on my night stand and not my study with the rest of the “Disney Infinity” figures. He’s great to look at and fun to play with in the game. My pictures don’t really do him justice. Hopefully if you’re interested you can get a look at him in person, I don’t know how you could resist those rosy cheeks!


Jack Skellington is a timed exclusive at GameStop, much like Woody is for Walmart. At the end of the month he’ll be widely available but for now you have to go to GameStop. I was the first person to pick him up and I received this exclusive poster for my effort:


I have yet to play with him in the game or iPad app. I can only write about what I think about the figure itself and I do enjoy it very much.


Obviously he’s also very thin but he’s also tall, so he is slightly bigger than Woody. I wasn’t a big fan of the pose when I first caught a glimpse of the figure but it has grown on me since.



I like his overall design and the detail on his base. My favorite thing about the figure is his deep set eyes or eye-holes. The white paint also makes for a striking look and a stark contrast with the rest of the figures.



His design also seems to have lost nothing in the translation from the character on screen to the uniformity in the “Disney Infinity” universe. It’s a pretty seamless transition.


It should be noted that he’s only available in the Toy Box in the game. Jack doesn’t have his own Play Set, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t. The next wave of Power Discs for the game come with two discs that allow you to transform your Toy Box into Halloween Town. Below is a brief trailer showing off his gameplay:


Jack meet Jack, you both know Tim Burton.

Jack meet Jack, you both know Tim Burton.


I’d easily recommend both Woody and Jack as display pieces for Disney fans and must-haves for players of “Disney Infinity”. Thanks for reading!


Are you picking these up or passing? WHY?


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