Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Figures In Hand Images/Review!
June 15, 2014


Earlier this week I attended my first E3 for  one reason, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes!

I was hoping there would be an event in which figures would be given out. Unfortunately there wasn’t instead Disney Interactive did  me one better. They were just handing out figures to everybody all three days as long as you stood in line and took a “Super Hero Selfie”. Needless to say I  took several selfies. People were given random figures that were color coded by  a tricky sticker system on the bottom of the box.

20140615_122126 20140615_122215 20140615_122140


Thanks to some trading and help from my friends I ended up with 5 figures: Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, and Iron Fist. Today I’ll be taking a look at all 5 figures, first up, Captain America.

20140615_125620 20140615_125637


Now this post will be picture heavy so be warned. And unfortunately,  since the actual game won’t be released until later this year I can only comment on the physical figures themselves. Although I did get to play with Cap and Nick Fury at E3.

20140615_125648 20140615_125655

I love these figures. I got back  into toy collecting because of Justice League figures in the Bruce Timm style.  My fantasy after that was to have Marvel figures that would be compatible,  this  is probably the closest we’ll get and I’m really happy about  it. I love the designs, scale, and detailing.


The small amount of game play that I did  get  to experience with Captain America involved playing in the Toy Box, the open world sand box in which you can create anything. There I populated enemies and fought them with my shield and a few Disney & Marvel  items that I’m not really allowed to discuss. I also used a Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty Power Disc. A disc that you place under your figure on the Infinity Base to give your characters a bit of a power boost, but when you use this  particular disc with Cap, it changes his in-game costume to look like his  WWII era costume from the movies. Which is super sick.


Captain America was one of my 3 most anticipated figures in this line. I would say he was number 3, number  2 would have to be Nick Fury. Probably the most detailed and well made figure of the bunch.

20140615_122453 20140615_122715

Everything from his eye, to his  scars, to his holsters, and coat just looks great. There is literally no reason for this figure to be this detailed but it adds to the value and design and makes from a great looking figure.

20140615_122742 20140615_122952

His game play is a little limited since he doesn’t have super powers. But who cares because he will be voiced by Sam “The Man” Jackson himself. Nick Fury is a playable character in the “Ultimate Spider-Man Playset”, which is in line with  the “Ultimate Spider-Man”cartoon. I do hope  that he will be playable in “The  Avengers Playset” as well but that doesn’t seem to be the case, so far…

20140615_123213 20140615_123248


The next two figures are beautifully rendered  interpretations of Hawkeye and Iron Fist. They weren’t figures that I needed but as a completist and fan of the characters  I definitely wanted them. I didn’t get a chance to get a feel for them  in-game but I very much love their  dynamic poses and detailed design.

20140615_125322 20140615_125336 20140615_125344 20140615_125519 20140615_125430 20140615_125411

Hawkeye is part of “The Avengers Playset” and Iron Fist is part of the “Ultimate Spider-Man Playset”. Luke Cage is also in the “Spider-man” game but is a mission giver and to my knowledge just an NPC. Maybe down the line or in future releases he’ll get a figure for himself.

20140615_130142 20140615_130152 20140615_130201 20140615_130215 20140615_130226 20140615_130319

My most anticipated figure, the one that  I really wanted and was very lucky to get my hands on at E3 was “Big Green” himself, The Hulk!

20140615_123903 20140615_124016

Hulk  has always been one of my favorite Marvel characters and I’m glad that he’s been getting the love and attention that he deserves. After stealing the show in “The Avengers” movie we got to see the Hulk  as I know and love him. The Bixby show was great but I like my Hulk front and center as a hero  in the spotlight not on the run.

20140615_123956 20140615_123927 20140615_123917

I avoided playing with the Hulk in the game at the E3 booth because I wanted to save that for when the game gets released. Give myself something to look forward to. I have seen videos of his game play and it looks great. Not  only can he rage out and super jump but he can climb walls by smashing into them as only the Hulk can.

20140615_124211 20140615_124133

I  would highly recommend these figures to collectors, gamers, comic fans, and humans in general. They are amazing physical  representations of your favorite Marvel characters that  have a great added play value along with the game. At E3 I was lucky  to hang with some of the dudes from the “Inside Infinity Podcast”. If you’re a fan of the game you should check them out. Here’s a great interview they did (and I helped with) that gives some great info on the new game:



Special thanks to Will Kelley, Inside Infinity Podcast, Greg, Disney Interactive, and Johnny Vignocchi!

Are you guys collecting the figures/playing the game? Either/Or? BOTH!?!?!

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  • ToyOtter says:

    Great article, Cesar!! I had no idea they were handing these out (or that you were going to be there!)

    Now going to have to debate about picking these up as I don’t play the game…

    • Cesar Zamora Cesar Zamora says:

      I had that same issue with the first bunch of figures, but now I have all of the first game’s characters and got a Wii just to play with them. Getting an Xbox One just for the new version. Great figures for either purpose. Thanks for reading!

  • Will says:

    Great article and pictures. My favorite by far was the “big 3” of Mr. Incredible, WIR, and Hulk. Hulk really is massive and can’t wait to see him in game!

  • Will B says:

    That’s some dedication right there, to queue up not just once but several times and then trade the figures until you had a complete collection. I am so, so, so jealous but thanks very much for the images, they look absolutely amazing!

  • Veil1 says:

    Dang it Cesar! Great review, you lucky SOB. Hulk is my number one want , followed by Venom and Rocket Raccoon. I bought most of the figures for the first game. Me and the kids love playing it. The second my son saw the new one, I had pretty much committed to buying the new game. I’ll wait for Christmas to get it though, as there will be some pretty crazy deals I think.

    • Cesar Zamora Cesar Zamora says:

      Thanks. I don’t know if you watched the video, but if you have the WiiU, PS3, or XBox 360 version of the game, you can download the game digitally and reuse your base. Around Christmas it will be available as well as a separate Avengers play set pack that comes with Iron Man and Black Widow, Thor will be a single by then so you can complete the starter set.

      • Veil1 says:

        Is the download free? Or does does it cost the same as the game in the Marvel Starter set? I hadn’t heard about downloading the new game. Thanks for the info Cesar!

        • Cesar Zamora Cesar Zamora says:

          I don’t think it’s free, it’s most likely cheaper than the starter set. No worries! Spreading the word on this is a good idea, save you some cash. Alas, I’m upgrading to XBox One, so I will be getting the starter set as well as an XBox One.

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