Disney Infinity News + Figure Reviews (Rocket Raccoon & Groot)
July 31, 2014


San Diego Comic Con has come and gone but has left us with a lot to think about. In today’s post I do a wrap up of some of what was announced for Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes as well as my figure  reviews for 2 new Disney Infinity figures I got at the Convention. See the video above for the most recent figure announcements.

If you saw the video you know that Ronan the  Accuser, Loki, and Green Goblin are coming as playable characters/figures for Disney Infinity  2.0. It was announced that they will be playable in their respective playsets and not just in the Toy Box. Meaning you can play with Loki in the Avengers game, Ronan in the Guardians game, and Gobby in the Spider-Man game. For you sharp eyed watchers, there  was a brief  cameo of an unannounced figure in the form of Modern Captain Marvel, very cool.

It was also announced at Comic Con that the actual release date of the game is September 23rd. That has been the long speculated  date and it was the date given to me when I pre-ordered at Toys R’ Us over a month  ago but they really wanted  to keep us in suspense. Either way, September 23rd can’t come soon enough so I can finally play with all the figures I’ve amassed (nearly half of the figures that will be available at launch). Which brings me to the review aspect, here are my in hand images of Rocket Raccoon and Groot from the  Guardians of the Galaxy Playset:

First up  Groot –

20140731_145007 20140731_145022


The packaging for the new figures is about the same, with a new  color scheme and a brief description of the character’s abilities. One major difference is that the image on the back of the other characters are their actual figure form and not their in-game form like it was for 1.0.

I won’t get too in depth in these figure reviews. I’m mostly just showing off pictures but  I will say this (and I know I’ve said it before) these figures  are way more beautiful then they have any right being.



Groot not only looks like Groot, but he’s a relatively large figure.


The paint and design work in order to give his skin/bark texture is really great. And I love his creepy doll’s eyes that still manage to be endearing.



As for all Disney Infinity figures they come with a unique base that is themed to their playset. It seems that unlike the 1.0 figures, not only do they have themed bases but they are all unique  for every figure. Not a huge change but noticeable, and as usual unnecessary but appreciated.

20140731_145250 20140731_145305


Next up is Rocket Raccoon –

20140731_144821 20140731_144837


The packaging is of course the same as Groot’s but if you notice along with telling you Rocket’s abilities the card back informs you that Rocket is a crossover character, meaning he can be played in multiple Playsets, a new trend among the new Super Hero figures. I can’t wait  to play him in general but that I can pair him up with Iron Man for actual in game missions is very exciting.



Rocket’s pose is a bit more dynamic than Groot’s, but no less true to character and in a word – badass.

20140731_145806 20140731_145742


The details on Rocket’s outfit are pretty amazing. He seems to be based on one of his movie  costumes and manages to be both intimidating and adorable. It still floors me that  this character that seems like a dark version of a Disney character is now actually a Disney character and thanks to this video  game looks like a Disney character with the ability to blow stuff up.

20140731_145815 20140731_145836


The figure has great detailing and paint apps and of course his own unique  base, themed appropriately.


I’m very excited for both figures  in-game but they have already shot to the top of my list as far as favorite in-hand figures go. I’m seeing the movie tonight and I only imagine it’ll make me want to play the game all that much more.



You can find Rocket, Groot, along with the rest of the Guardians in figure form ready to be  blasted into their own adventure and the Disney Infinity Toy Box September 23rd.



Are you guys excited? Let me know what you think of these figures, or what you think of the movie, no spoilers please!



Cesar Zamora
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  • Veil1 says:

    Hey Cesar, I saw captain Marvel in the Villains video, is it confirmed she will be a figure/playable character?

    • Cesar Zamora Cesar Zamora says:

      She isn’t confirmed but one of the executive producers called attention to the character in a thread on Twitter. It’s also been confirmed that all Marvel characters will not be a Toy Box only characters. And it was announced a long time ago that we would be getting more than 20 characters, only 19 have been officially announced, leaving room for at least 2 more but from what I’ve heard we’re getting a lot, so I’m hoping closer to 30, or as close as they can get. I’d prefer more villains to be announced before heroes but I’ll take what I can get. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got another Marvel play set (Xmen perchance to dream?).

      • Veil1 says:

        Thanks for the info Cesar. Here’s hoping we get a Thanos.

      • stewbacca says:

        I just don’t think we will ever see much X-Men stuff until Disney were able to get the rights back– and its such a shame– as the Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon designs would fit right in–

        It just seems odd that Disney wont be using the built in popularity of those characters, the geek world would be so much cooler if the Hollywood studios got along..

  • Jim Abell says:

    The bases on Rocket and Groot look like they may have been designed to connect with each other (and the other Guardians). What is your take on that?… Am I just seeing things or is that a possibility?

    • Cesar Zamora Cesar Zamora says:

      I doubt it. The clear circular base on the bottom that protects the RFID chip seems too large to allow that. I could be wrong and will do my best to solve the puzzle once I have all 5 figures, 6 including Ronan (although he won’t be available at launch, he’s part of the not yet fully announced Wave 2).

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