Disney Infinity Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Review
January 26, 2014


A brand new year brings a brand new Disney Infinity figure to mass retail. Read on for a brief review of the Disney Infinity Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey figure!


Seeing as how I’m all in on Disney Infinity it’s a no-brainer that I’d be excited for their latest figure release. Before I was all in, I had considered picking and choosing characters, not sure that I needed everything. Of course as a collector we don’t actually need any of the things we collect, that’s pretty much what makes us collectors. Anyway, early on I thought that I probably wouldn’t get a Mickey Mouse figure, I like him and all but just didn’t think there was a version of Mickey that I would want. I was dead wrong.

20140125_213340 20140125_213800

I love this little guy, I loved him the second I saw that he was going to be released way back at the D23 expo last summer. He was widely available in Europe and other parts of the world in December and was part of an exclusive Amazon bundle right before Christmas here in the States. But to get him solo he’s exclusive to Walmart starting Jan. 26th for two whole weeks. I don’t get that limited exclusivity but I don’t care, the sooner I can get him the better.

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Taking a look at the figure itself I can’t express how much I enjoy having him. He’s a great piece that I would salivate over even if he wasn’t part of a game. “Fantasia” and specifically “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” segment are some of my favorite pieces of Disney animation. This figure not only does the film justice but lives up to its expectations in the game as well.

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He’s got a great set of “magical” powers and a pretty boss move that summons the “Fantasia” brooms to do some damage to enemies. His voice work is pretty great and it’s fun having a Mickey in an animated Disney environment speak directly to you. Since he is a Toy Box only figure (for the moment) he has three Toy Chest unlocks: a doppelganger townsperson, a villains pack of townspeople, and a “Fantasia” themed skydome. He also has his own adventure, a pretty fun timed platforming game that I could see myself revisiting in the future.


Having several months to covet the figure I can safely say that I’m very happy with the end result. At the moment he’s shot up to the top of the list of my favorite figures from the game. With little competition that I know about for the rest of the year he may hold that spot for a long while. As always this is a highly recommended figure for players of the game and Disney collectors alike.

Cute off! Starting...

Cute off! Starting…


Are you picking him up? Was he worth the wait? Let me know in the comments below!



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