Disney Infinity Toy Stoy Playset Figure Reviews
October 23, 2013


Yesterday the “Toy Story in Space” Playset for Disney Infinity was released, I was very excited for the release but have not been able to play the game. I do have eyes and can appreciate some good figures when I see them. Read on for my thoughts on the Disney Infinity versions of Buzz Lightyear and Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl!


I love these figures. They look great in the packaging, but I had to open them to enjoy them fully. The set comes with Jessie, Buzz, and the playset piece that unlocks the “Toy Story in Space” game on the Disney Infinity disc. Woody is also a playable character for this set and was released separately as a Wal-Mart exclusive earlier in the month (reviewed here) and is now available at all major retailers carrying the game.






I haven’t had time to play with these figures in the game itself so I’ll just be looking at their physical representations, which I love. Jessie looks great, if only a little off model from certain angles.


I think she’s beautifully sculpted and in a great pose, her cow-print chaps are perfect.


The paint on her is great, enhancing the level of detail that for this scale is really amazing. Whether you play the game or not, if you’re a Disney collector these are truly amazing pieces.


They seem to have consistently put in a lot of work into these figures and even without the electronic feature are well worth the $13 price point if not more.


Buzz Lightyear was a figure that I was very excited for. As a kid (middle school counts right?) Buzz was the only “Toy Story” figure that I actually owned. He was from the “Toy Story 2” line of figures in the 5-in scale and his wing-tips lit up.


This version seems to be just as detailed if not more so. Lacking only articulation and wings they managed to squeeze in as many details from Buzz’s outfit as they could.


I really love the translation of his character into this style, of the “Toy Story” characters I feel he looks the best and is probably the cutest.


They all look great together and I’m glad they went with “Toy Story” as part of the first release of figures. “Toy Story” and its sequels have all been movies that I’ve really loved and have affected me in different points of my life. I’m happy to have figures that represent the films in my collection and I’m glad it’s this group.


I’d highly recommend these to fans of Disney Infinity (obviously) but to Pixar/Disney collectors these are great representations of these characters and look great on display.


Picking these up? Let me know!

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