Disney Infinity Wave 2 Figure Reviews: Wreck-It Ralph & more
November 26, 2013


Another Disney Infinity figure review because you deserve it! This week I’m looking at the new “Wreck-It Ralph” figures that were released recently as well as 3, that’s right, 3 new princesses. Read on for more…



Starting with Ralph of “Wreck-It Ralph”, I’ll say right off the bat that so far, Disney can do no wrong with these figures. My philosophy overall with toys is that I’m lucky to even be able to own them that I rarely complain about what I get. I just love toys, so I’m not in it for an investment, I’m in it for the fun. These figures are fun.


Ralph has a bit of heft to him that really helps him stand-out. He’s a little short but that’s understandable considering that he’d tower over everybody in such a weird way that he’d look silly. I’m sure it was hard to strike a balance of being on-model and being cost effective, but I think this works.


His “Adventure” in the game is pretty difficult but very fun. I felt like I was playing a “Mario” game and that’s exactly what the developers were going for, “Old School”. His abilities in the game are great, he has his signature wrecking move and throws cherry bombs that explode in awesome 8-bit glory.


Going back to his size for a bit, it made me wonder about the possibility of exclusive figures that are oversized. Ralph would’ve been perfect for that. I know “Skylanders” has some oversized figures, I’m not 100% because I know very little about the figures, but there is a game called “Skylanders: Giants” so I can only assume that involved some large figures? Either way I’m happy with the way Ralph turned out as he was the figure I was looking forward to the most from this bunch.



Moving on to Ralph’s literal companion piece, Vanellope Von Schweetz. Of this new round of figures I think she’s my favorite. Her paint apps are spectacular and I really love her pose.




In the game she has her awesome “glitch” power and cherry bombs that are in HD compared to Ralph’s. I should also note that she’s officially voiced by Sarah Silverman which makes her that much more awesome.


Her “Adventure” in the game is a really great race that thanks to the “Cars” playset I was able to beat in my first try. I’ve mastered driving in “Disney Infinity” for the Wii, which is no easy feat.



All of the characters unlock chests that come with extra goodies for your “Toy Box”. My favorite unlock has to be Vanellope’s racer because when you drive it you hear music from the movie, which is awesome, both the movie and the music.



I really adore this figure and all the details. Her cupcake base is amazing and looks edible. I especially love the details of her hair. Speaking of hair…




Rapunzel was not a figure I was looking forward to or really planning on getting. But it all breaks down to two things, my need to be a completist and my lack of willpower. Also I read somewhere that if you get all of the 29 initial figures (there may be more than 29 for this first game) you unlock something special in the game, could just be a rumor started to get you to buy all of the figures. It worked.


Don’t get me wrong, I liked “Tangled” but I didn’t love it like I did “Wreck-It Ralph” so I wasn’t dying to get a Rapunzel figure. Of this group though I would gladly admit that she’s my second favorite figure. She’s very well designed and painted.


The detailing on her base is just too detailed for this price point. I feel like I bought some sort of Hallmark exclusive figure that works with a video game. I also love that she’s bare foot.



In the game she has a cute “frying pan” power that I get is a nod to the movie, although I feel incorporating her hair in some way would’ve been cooler. That might’ve been too difficult but as is she’s pretty cool in the game. I doubt she’d be my go to figure to play with but on the shelf she’ll be one of the first I’ll point out.


I was very surprised by this figure and would recommend to fans of “Tangled” and Disney Princesses in general. Moving on to a few more princesses…



Here we have Anna & Elsa from the new movie “Frozen”. I haven’t seen the movie yet and know very little outside of the basic premise. but apparently both characters are princesses. That’s a little confusing since the movie is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen” so I’m assuming one of them should be a Queen…of the Snow. My money is on Elsa, call it a hunch.


Due to the fact that this 2-pack was brought to me from a store-room I was not allowed to pick my set so it’s not perfect. I say this because you might notice some scuff marks on Elsa. I don’t mind this type of stuff, personally I like it because it makes my figures all the more unique and all the more my own. Of course I would always prefer a pristine looking figure but such is life.



She’s still a great looking figure and would be my favorite if she’d been released in another batch, but she has some pretty stiff competition. And I don’t just mean from the aforementioned Vanellope and Rapunzel but her sister, Anna.



She has the power I was looking forward to the most, a grappling hook! Any adventurer will tell you this is an essential item. With Anna you can use it as well as unlock it for use with all your figures, very cool.


Her actual figure is great too. There’s a lot of detail on her dress that I like. She has one of the cutest expressions I’ve seen on all of these figures which is why I like her so much. Some have called it “Derpy” (which I looked up and it’s not nice) but I think she’s adorable.


Owning these figures makes me look forward to the movie that much more. As an added bonus these figures come with Power Discs that allow you to transform your Toy Box into a winter wonderland. I like the way they make the Toy Box look and have the music the skydome plays stuck in my head for a while now.


This is a great set of figures and I as always would recommend them to not just players of the game but Disney collectors in general. From what we’ve been shown there are only 3 more figures to be released for this game (Phineas, Agent P, & Sorcerer Mickey), I look forward to those of course but hope there are a few more surprises in the line. I really, really love these figures and wish they existed when I was a kid. They really are worth it for the price point and a great way to show your love for all things Disney.


Let me know if you’re  collecting! Have a magical day!


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