August 20, 2014

We didn’t think it would happen, we were TOLD it wouldn’t happen.  Most of us had given up  hope of it every happening.  We were told not to want it or expect it.  The DCUC line was DEAD.  Over.   2 more quarterly figures, the Super Powers stuff and then lights out. Over, everyone head home, nothing to see here.   But, behind the scenes Scott and the MattyCollector team was still working on a “hail mary” pass.

Just like the unstoppable force that was strong enough to kill Superman… the fans kept hope,  they suggest ideas, possible scenarios under which it could still happen.  They NEEDED one more figure…

One last figure for the 6″ DCUC fans the tier 2 Club Infinite Earths 2014 oversized figure… DOOMSDAY Unleashed!

There was a glimmer of hope earlier this week when an image of what looked to be a boxed sample surfaced and was passed around the internet, but even then the figure had still not been greenlit by the powers that be.    It was still said this was a proposal mock-up that was presented to the licensors.   Once again… hopes were dashed.


Today that all changed!!


This was just posted over on the MattyCollector Facebook page:


Celebrating the official end of the Four Horsemen 6″ DC Universe line, Mattel is excited to partner with Warner Bros. and DC Comics to bring you the long-in-coming “Unleashed” Doomsday figure! He will be available this winter in an amazing window box diorama as a standalone day-of purchase! Images and full details to come, but we couldn’t wait to share this news with our fans! This final figure will celebrate the end of a fantastic toy line.


Daniel Pickett
Daniel “Julius Marx” Pickett has been around toys his whole life. The first line he ever collected was Mego’s World’s Greatest Super Heroes line back in the 70s. He has been surrounded by collectables ever since. In 1999 he was confounded by a lack of information and news about some of his favorite toy lines he was collecting. Since he couldn’t find the information he decided to pursue it himself thinking other people might also be interested in the same news. He started writing a weekly column on the toy industry and action figure for a toy news site and in a years time he tripled the sites daily traffic with his updates, reviews and product features. He built relationships with every major toy manufacturer and many sculptors, painters and mold makers. He grew his hobby into a world wide expertise that the industry has embraced. In 2004 he teamed up with his toy buddy Jason “ToyOtter” Geyer and they created their own website Daniel has been quoted in both industry and mass media press outlets. Over the years Daniel and AFi have been sought out as experts in the field. Daniel was regularly featured on “Attack of the Show” on the G4 network as the primary contributor to their “Mint On Card” segment, and our front page has been linked to from USA Today’s “Pop Candy” Blog twice. Daniel’s content has also been featured on,, The Wall Street Journal, The Saturday Evening Post,,,, Boing-Boing,, Ain’t It Cool News, the Official Star Wars blog, Geekologie, G4, CNet and Toy Fare magazine, among many others. He has consulted on toy lines, books, documentaries and TV shows. But all of that really just sounds snooty and “tootin’ his own horn” – the long and short of it is that Daniel loves toys and he LOVES talking about them.
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  • Jon Z says:

    Such a pity they never got around to the DP Chief/ Dr. Will Magnus two pack I first proposed shortly after the Orion/Lightray set debuted. Or the CaC Anton Arcane I’ve hankered after since wave proved they might build them bigger. Or the Giants of Justice Mongul they should have made instead of a 12 inch Killer Croc. No yellow uniformed NTT Wally West or Speedy, either.

    So may lame figures in the final laps, and this one is another buttercream rose plucked off the DCUC cake’s icing – another waste of plastic no one really wants.

    For every great figure, so may missteps and lost opportunities. The gaps on my shelf make me sad.

    • “Another waste of plastic no one really wants?” Speak for yourself. A LOT of fans have been asking for this figure since the line was rebranded as DC Universe Classics. And the anticipation level was tripled once it was shown at SDCC last year. I get that this might not be your bag, but it’s not like they are making Prez or Black Racer.

      • evilwilma says:

        I would soooooo buy a Black Racer…and I’m buying the dingdong outta this!

      • Mesum says:

        Maybe he means mattel only re-release doomsday (albeit bigger size than dcsh (like darkseid dcsh – cnc)) than releasing new character. I’m more excited the variant since naked doomsday already released in dcsh & dc direct.

      • Dcfett says:

        Kudos to TG and Mattel for this. Gotta give credit when it’s due.

        But hey, Black Racer would be cool… albeit a lame closer.

        Now, dare we dream? START THIS MF BACK UP! B-)

  • Bunger says:

    Excellent. I’m not sure if I will buy it or not (at this point I may no longer own any DCUC figures), but it’s pretty cool looking. I’m not sure I’ll drop 50 bucks on it (if it ends up being in that range) but I’m glad they are doing this. Thank you Mattel.

  • GeekSummit says:

    I accept. Will it be available enough that the “not enough” buyers will have the opportunity to buy this step up from the subscription line that we couldn’t stand behind. Don’t mean to be blunt but I’ve been drinking.

  • GeekSummit says:

    Only a side note… when I’ve been drinking… I speak from the bottom of my heart. I hope you can understand Daniel.

  • Andy says:

    So Mattel solicited DC subs under false pretenses. Great, let’s throw a parade

  • demoncat_4 says:

    Mattel deserves some praise for even after saying that the sub was no more and the last of the dc classics would be the super powers ones. by a last minute miracle and showing maybe some at mattel are dc fans. the doomsday most fans wanted instead of him in his green suit. Mattel deserves props though too bad the sub did not last long enough for ragman and granny goodness

    • GeekSummit says:

      eh… I dunno. it kinda shows that they had full intentions of producing the 2 side by side, which should have never been otherwise. So the subs didnt sell, so they hung tier 2 on THIS guy and still somehow they didn’t stack enough sales so we could reach into the cookie jar.

      I think it was a crap marketing ploy to create subscriptions in the first place. It doesn’t work for fans, it works for the manufacturer. I mean the SDCC figure is just as fully produced as this one is, You can’t say this isn’t just a necessary offloading of product they fully intended to produce and now find themselves at a huge loss because their street bait marketing tactics turned on them no matter the hype . I just wish that Mattel would have based less of their strategy on how to get us hooked, and more on how to keep us as customers… which they’re now hurting for in the DC Realm.

      I’m not a smart ma’an but I know what loyalty is.

  • demoncat_4 says:

    pus this way dc collectors were spared having to try and get a whole wave for if dc classics had lasted doomsday would have gone the baf route. instead mattel deserves some thanks for they did not have to try one last time for the doomsday for fans.

  • Sais says:

    What about miss martian? When will she gets released?

    • C.M. Goth says:

      Seriously. I already have a more size accurate Doomsday in the form of a DC SuperHeroes figure. What I DON’T have is Miss Martian.

  • Ron says:

    While I’m grateful that the unleashed Doomsday will finally be released, sadly had Mattel assured fans & collectors of this when the last subscription was offered and had they simply listened to what collectors asked for in terms of character selection and announced a full subscription roster, then perhaps they could have saved the line. This line was DC’s equivalent to Marvel Legends and Mattel bungled it. It is quite telling how Hasbro is able to continue Marvel Legends while releasing a variety of A, B, C and D-List characters, at retail no less, yet Mattel couldn’t even commit to invest in DCUC even via a direct subscription. So many fan favorite characters and team completers left undone – just a damn shame. So I’ll dream that someday in the future Mattel realizes that the line should be revived or that another company decides to do it and get those Four Horsemen molds and new sculpts back into production.

    • GeekSummit says:

      You do have to wonder though what proprietary rights the 4H have to their articulation/sculpts as Mattel and 4H part ways on the DC project. They are producing their own figures for Powerlords using basically a down-scaled buck and head for their Adam Power and similar builds on their other lines.

      I wonder if DCUC coming to a close wasn’t in sight of the fact that 4H can take their work anywhere they want if no lessons were learned when MOTU-Y2K saw re-release with NECA?

      Its a small small plastic world out there and sometimes when properties like these are loved, they find a way to bubble to the surface again. (ML/Star Wars/GiJoe/Skeleton Warriors?)

  • GeekSummit says:

    And to be clear… Hell Yeah I want this figure. I’ve wanted it since they did te 6″ one 10 years ago. I’ve wanted since they did 1/2 of the Reign of superman and left us hanging with no Eradicator or Superboy…

    Now. Its easy to sound negative in a world where collectors are hooked and dragged through the parallel universes of hopes & expectations vs tropes & limitations, but this figure does finally make my toy shelf complete in a way that the repainted C&C Kalibak never will.

  • stewbacca says:

    Im fine with this being produced.

    But to me it is not a “reward” to the fans– its just another figure that was going to be produced no matter what– and then trying to use scare tactics to make us buy it, and when we don’t fall for it– they insult us and then produce it later anyway (at an increased markup- because they “have to” ) – as a favor.

    I know its a business and its all proprietary– but as many times as they have resorted to this tactic (like the current MOTU debacle)– but do something like kickstarter with an actually running tally goal with actual numbers applied to it– not some imaginary percentage diagram that the control the data of–