#E32015: Disney Infinity 3.0 Coverage Part 1
June 18, 2015


Today I’ll be doing a brief wrap up (part 1 of 2) of what I saw at E3 2015 for Disney Infinity 3.0, which was my main point of interest while at the show. Tomorrow I’ll follow it up with some more coverage as well as figure reviews. Besides covering Disney Infinity for the figures, I’m interested in the game and that interest had me teamed up with the Inside Infinity Podcast, a podcast that is about you guessed it, Disney Infinity. While at E3 I snagged an interview with John Vignocchi and John Blackburn, the Executive Producers and self-appointed faces of the game. The Inside Infinity podcast ran the interview, as well as put it up on their YouTube page, video below:

The big news of E3 had to be Boba Fett, I was lucky enough to play as him and he is a sweet character. I’m an Xbox guy so I’ll have to wait and see how or when I get my grubby hands on him but he was very fun to play. Below is the trailer for the Rise of the Empire Playset, a game focusing on the events of the Original Trilogy, it looks great:

I also got to explore the new ToyBox Hub world and Farming Modes, videos I will be posting hopefully in my next update. I will leave you with some overall impressions of what I got to see at E3. This game is huge, a vast improvement to the last game and a worthy rival if not better to the first game. I’m already on board just for the figures alone so I’m excited to travel to a Galaxy, Far, Far away and then some. Stay Tuned for my Disney Infinity E3 2015 Wrap Up!

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