#E32015: Disney Infinity 3.0 Coverage Part 2 + Figure Reviews
June 19, 2015

Today I’ll be wrapping up my coverage with a video showing off the new Toy Box Hub world. Here is your entry point into the game and playsets. In the video I also show the new Farming system in the game that’s used to boost your sidekicks. I made the video in conjunction with the Inside Infinity Podcast and Disney Infinity Tv. Stay tuned after the video for my figure reviews below:

Figure Reviews-

I’ll split them up into Disney then Star Wars.

Disney Figures –

2015-06-19 11.58.30

Mickey Mouse (Toy Box Only) –

2015-06-19 12.40.382015-06-19 12.39.57

2015-06-19 14.40.342015-06-19 14.39.462015-06-19 14.38.40

I like this figure, there’s something about the pose and generic look of Mickey that makes him seem like a glorified cake-topper. His paint and sculpt are on model, but visually he’s not as interesting as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey.

2015-06-19 14.36.04 2015-06-19 14.36.45

I didn’t get a chance to try him out at E3 (Boba Fett took priority) but it should be noted that his gameplay and combat style will be very different than the previously released Mickey.

Quorra (Toy Box Only) –

2015-06-19 12.38.342015-06-19 12.04.162015-06-19 12.32.09

Quorra, along with Sam Flynn, from Tron: Legacy was a digital release only for the 2.0 cycle but will finally have a physical release for the 3.0 version of the game. She’s visually one of the coolest looking figures.

2015-06-19 14.57.372015-06-19 14.57.052015-06-19 14.49.34

Her gameplay is currently available in any of the non-console versions of the game (PC, iOs, mobile), she uses a very cool sword as well as web swinging like Spider-Man.

Sadness (Toy Box & Inside Out Playset) –

2015-06-19 12.03.232015-06-19 12.39.08

Sadness is the most adorable of all the figures I’ve seen so far, rivaled only by Olaf. Like the rest of her Inside Out counterparts, she has a Sadness Memory Ball that lights up when lit from the bottom.

2015-06-19 14.56.322015-06-19 14.56.062015-06-19 14.55.36

As far as her gameplay it has been shown that she is capable of walking on clouds in the Inside Out game. As for the Toy Box it has not fully been demoed but it was explained that the Inside Out Emotions will have a different skill set in order to go up against the Sith.

2015-06-19 14.55.00

Star Wars Figures –

2015-06-19 11.53.28

Darth Maul (All Star Wars Playsets and the Toy Box) –

2015-06-19 12.37.432015-06-19 12.37.05

Easily one of the coolest things of the prequel trilogy was the all too brief appearance of Darth Maul. His lightsaber combat was very cool to watch and in the game they have done their best to recreate that.

2015-06-19 14.43.422015-06-19 14.43.032015-06-19 14.41.34

This is a very cool looking figure and even though I’m not a huge Clone Wars fan, I think he had one of the more interesting storylines on the show. I think he will be my main character to play with in the Twilight of the Republic (Clone Wars era) playset.

2015-06-19 14.42.26

Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia: Rise Against The Empire Playset

(Characters Play in All Star Wars playsets and the Toy Box) –

2015-06-19 12.35.112015-06-19 12.34.24

Leia –

2015-06-19 14.54.172015-06-19 14.53.43

Leia has a great design and I really like her James Bond like pose. I did get to see some of her gameplay and she is a smaller more feminine character in the game. As a figure she seems to be more in scale with the rest of the characters.

2015-06-19 14.52.322015-06-19 14.53.09

Death Star Playset Piece –

2015-06-19 14.51.562015-06-19 14.51.25

This will unlock the Rise Against the Empire Playset in the game and looks very cool.

Luke –

2015-06-19 14.50.54

I’m not a fan of this costume on Luke, I prefer his Jedi costume and was hoping they would make a costume change power disc (a disc that when placed under the character changes his appearance in game) but so far they’ve only announced his Flight Suit as a costume change.

2015-06-19 14.50.132015-06-19 14.47.41

He looks great though and I look forward to using him on Tatooine levels. Great paint apps and I love the translucent plastic on the lightsaber.

2015-06-19 14.48.57


2015-06-19 12.33.332015-06-19 12.36.262015-06-19 12.35.50

I love the look of this figure, he reminds me of Bigfoot from A Goofy Movie, very cute looking yet imposing. I only wish he had a more upright stance to show his size over the other characters but oh well…

2015-06-19 14.46.342015-06-19 14.45.532015-06-19 14.45.22

Comparing him to my original late 90’s Power of the Force Chewie, the Disney Infinity version is oddly more on model than the older figure. In my opinion Chewie is more of a upright Space-Dog, as opposed to a Space-Ape.

2015-06-19 14.44.28

Below is a close up shot of the back of one of the boxes displaying the already announced Star Wars figures.

2015-06-19 12.02.25

I’m very excited for this game and I already love the figures, recommended for Star Wars and Disney fans alike. Special thanks to the Disney Infinity PR team, as well as Disney Infinity TV. Thanks for reading!


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