April 18, 2008

Okay, so it wasn’t all that noticable where I am but there is just somethng freaky about having the floor move beneath your chair.  Got to say that was the strangest "coffee-break" I’ve taken at work in a long time, everyone was just looking at each other going "is the floor moving?".  I know that in many parts of the world a 5.2 earthquake is a semi-regular occurance, but in central Kentucky it just doesn’t happen that often and once you realize what is happening the first thought is wondering if the New Madrid fault is finally going to have "the big one".  Considering that most of the town I live near is built over a huge system of caves a large, sustained quake could literally put most of the town underground.  Luckily we only got a couple of small rumbles here and reports have only put a very minor amount of damage in the immediate area (in Louisville the facade of a building fell in the street and a water main broke).  I had to wonder what my collection looked like and it doesn’t seem to have done anything here (not even sure if my house moved in all this), I can’t really tell if the few figures that fell over from the rumbles or if it’s just a side-effect of the general disarray of my collection at the moment.

5.2 earthquake rattles skyscrapers, nerves across Midwest

Jim Abell
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  • Brainlock says:

    what the hell you doing at work at 4:36 in the AM???
    that’s when I felt the first tremor, then another about 11:20ish.

    What sucked for me, is I usually have the alarm going off at 4:30, but I didn’t have to get up today! aaarrgghh!!

  • Glenn Moss Glenn2000 says:

    Glad you survived. Was living is San Jose when the Loma Pireta hit in the Bay Area, so I’m familiar with earthquakes. The news people said that it was felt in Oklahoma, but I didn’t notice anything and none of my dogs went crazy, so I think that was just talk…

  • Jim Abell says:

    Brainlock, that’s when I work. My last break for the day starts at 5:15 am (Eastern Time Zone) and I leave at 6:30 am. Was asleep during any aftershocks that may have been felt here.

    Ah,… the life of a vampire…

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