Evolutions: Plastic Man *Updated*
October 29, 2011

On the heels of our last entry into the Action Figure Observer’s Field Guide we now focus our microscopes on one particular specimen from Phylum: DC / Class: Little Plastic People. Homo hominis plasticus (Plastic Man) is a difficult subject to observe based on the fact that his physical characteristics are ever changing. I’ve attempted to catalog all figural representations of homo hominis plasticus that have existed since that vat of Crawford chemicals became an evolutionary catalyst for Eel O’Brian. But who is to say whether or not the DC Direct Alex Ross Justice Plastic Man isn’t just impersonating the Justice League Unlimited Plastic Man? We’ll never know.

fig 1. from left to right:
Kenner Super Powers  |  Mattel DC Universe Classics  |  DC Direct Justice

fig 2. from left to right:
Hasbro JLA  |  DC Direct Series 3  |  Mattel Batman Brave and the Bold

fig 3. from left to right:
DC Direct Blammoids  |  Mattel Justice League Unlimited  |  Mattel Batman Brave and the Bold

fig 4. from left to right:
Mattel Action League  |  McDonalds Happy Meal  |  DC Direct History of the DC Universe

fig 5. from left to right:
Spin Master Mighty Beanz  |  Wizkids Heroclix #100, #30, #223  |  Eaglemoss DC Comics

fig 6.
Mattel Justice League Unlimited (or is it?)

Unless my research is faulty, this exhausts the homo hominis plasticus catalog save for one very obscure specimen: the MEGO Elastic Heroes Plastic Man. If any of you fellow parumplasticus populus scientists own or have owned one of these, please post below.

Thanks to my associate professors (yeah, you guys) I was able
to identify a few more straggler specimens:

fig 7. from left to right:
DC Direct JLA Pewter Series  |  McDonalds Happy Meal (two in middle)  |  DC Direct PVC

Thank goodness the following image was caught on film. In the middle of cataloging homo hominis plasticus my colleague, Professor Pretticute, noticed that our subject had transformed himself into a tee shirt. You may be thinking: “Yeah right, you just pulled that out of your closet.” No sir. Donning a homo hominis plasticus guise is far too nerdy for this action figure anthropologist.

Danny "CantinaDan" Neumann
Action figure anthropologist, Professor Cantina Dan Neumann has been a scholastic contributor to the online community studying the complex world of parumplasticus populus {little plastic people} since the turn of this millenium. His primary focus is the visual cataloging of species exhibits through photo-journalism.
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