Expanding the JLU
June 4, 2007

Expanding a League

A Closer look at upcoming Justice League Unlimited

3-pack releases

At Comic Con 2006 last July we got a sneak peek at many of the upcoming 07 waves of JLU figures from Mattel. This year is a significant expansion of the line and gives us several DC characters that have never before seen "plastic." Even though images of the new figures leaked a couple of weeks before the con, and some fans expressed feeling a bit "let down" that there were no other reveals (and in fact a few characters that leaked were not even displayed) it must be remembered that this year has been the most significant expansion of the line so far.

Several of these 3-packs are now in stores. Some are just starting to trickle in. A few are still on the horizon. Toy Fair 07 only showed only the tail end of 07 product. It was recently revealed that there is a new Target 6-pack coming this summer that will give us two new characters including the much requested Gorilla Grodd figure. Also it was announced this week that the Ray/Shayera 3-pack will finally be made available in the form of the summer con exclusive.

I know I’ve been promising this feature for a while! Sorry it took so long, but hey look at all the pretty new pictures!





Parasite is a long overdue figure. Personally I’ve been waiting for an animated Parasite figure since back in the Superman: TAS days. I even want so far as to make a custom one while I waited. I know there is some discussion as to whether his colors are show accurate. Also several fans wish he were larger, but as we’ve seen with the JLU line there are a finite number of body types created and used. I’m just glad to have him on my villains shelf at long last.

The Aquaman in the set is roughly the same colors as the previous releases. This one also comes with the recently added cape that we have gotten once before. The real difference on this one, is that he is pre-hook, so he has both his hands. This is not a 100% necessary change, but bravo for Mattel. If you have to re-release it, do a variation that makes sense.

Stargirl uses most of the same parts as the JLU Supergirl. She’s basically a repaint with a new head as expected.



As we wait and hope for Mattel to make a S.T.R.I.P.E. figure to go with our Stargirl, I found a possible substitute or base body for a custom I might have to make one day.

This is Serling from Playmate’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward line.

A new head, some new hands and a new paint job and I think he’d be a suitable stand-in in terms of size and style.

Demon Etrigan/Superman/WonderWoman

Ok… Raise your hand if you EVER thought we’d see ole’ Etrigan the Demon in a mass market line! I think this is an instance where JLU fans can be happy that Wal-mart hasn’t been a huge supporter of this line, because if they had there’s a good chance we never would have seen him outside a possible convention exclusive.

Just in case you missed him on his initial orange card release, Mattel has repackaged his set on the purple card since he seems to have been caught a bit between the cracks on the card transition.

He comes with the standard Superman and Wonder Woman.

Deadshot/Barda/Martian Manhunter

Sorry. I don’t have loose pictures of these yet. I got my hands on a pre-production package sample. That’s when Mattel was looking at and trying out the new card design. Usually when these mock-ups happen the factory uses any old card stock that they have laying around. Most of you can guess what this one was.

This was something cool and unusual for the collection, so you’ll just have to wait until the regular release to see the turnarounds on Barda and Deadshot.


Lightray/Winged Amazo/Nemesis

Again you’ll notice a pre-package sample, however this set is now shipping so I did find a set to open.

This set is either two or three new figures depending on how you look at it. We get our 4th version of Amazo, this time with wings, and we get the first ever figures of Lightray and Nemesis.

As I mentioned before this set is currently in stores.

The Legion of Amazos!

Sand/Star Sapphire/Superman

This is a highly anticipates set and I know several fans on the boards have been asking if we will ever see it. It it made it this far, barring some catastrophic disaster, we’ll see this one in stores fairly soon.

Star Sapphire is a much needed addition to our JLU "Legion of Doom" and, while Sand looks a bit similar to a masked version of Nemesis, he’s in fact a new character and a quite important one in the past few years of the new JSA comic.


Great use of the same body.


Volcana is another great female villian, and I hope we see more of that in the line.

Huntress II/Atom/Batman

One of the first 3-packs we got on the new purple card was the Huntress set. About the same time there was a Huntress figure released on the single purple card of her in the "Jim Lee" type costume. This was great for fans that wanted both and a great nod to Mattel for making a great variation that made sense.


Left- 3-pack version Right- Single carded version

Now that Toy Fair 2007 has come and gone we know that the next batch of 3-packs will be Batman/Joker/Black Canary, Orion/Darkseid/Mr. Miracle and Fire/Ice/Green Lantern. We are rapidly approaching Comic Con where we all hope to see many more new characters revealed.


Coming next — The JLU Singles.


A big "Thank you" to Mattel for this opportunity to take a closer look at this highly anticipated grouping of figures.

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