Flickr Rocks!
October 28, 2006

As a designer, I’m always thankful that I have at my fingertips some of the greatest tools ever developed for both sheer flexibility and ease of use in making me look good: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, and my trusty Wacom tablet. Up until now I also have relied heavily on what I consider my secret weapon: Google Images. For some reason, many old school artists still don’t realize the wealth of reference and resources that are available at your fingertips with Google Images. If I need to find a picture of hands, or crowds, or even vintage Soviet Propaganda posters for inspiration it is all just a few keystrokes away.

But recently I’ve found an even better resource: Flickr. Much in the same fashion that YouTube has become a repository for almost any kind of video you may need to find, Flickr users have been diligently uploaded entire glarries that are targeted to very specific collections. Whereas you may need to search Google Images multiple times for that perfect shot, Flickr probably has many version of what you need all in one place. And the accidental discoveries are even more mind blowing. Where else can you find such groupings of Vintage Advertising, Rock Posters, or whole toy collections? Not to mention being able to upload your own galleries for all to see.

Heck, I’m almost tempted to convert all my old ToyOtter Archives to Flickr Galleries…It’d be a whole lot easier to keep them current (if maybe not as informative or involved). Hmmm…


Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer
AFi Editor-In-Chief Jason Geyer has been part of the online pop culture world for nearly 20 years, having founded some of the very first toy sites on the web including Raving Toy Maniac, ToyOtter, and now Action Figure Insider. Along the way he helped pioneer online coverage of industry events such as San Diego Comic Con, E3, Toy Fair, and CES. He is also a former toy designer who is now a marketing genius. If he does say so himself. And he does.
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  • vader says:

    Just wanna point out that you were talking about Google Images when you mentioned looking for “vintage Soviet Propaganda posters” on the first paragraph. But the text links to Flickr, not Google Images.

    OK, sorry I’m nit-picking again. Just thought I’d point that out. 🙂

    And I agree – Flickr and Google Images both provide very good materials for both just viewing or designing purposes.

  • Jason ToyOtter says:

    Yeah, but the Flickr Soviet Posters gallery was too cool not to link to. 😉

    Both have their uses, though. I still Google the heck out of things I’m too lazy to draw.

  • giga says:

    Hey! Thanks for the link! Hopefully I’ll get more of the collection up (and standing) soon.

  • linked love…

    I threw this in the “site updates” category, but it shouldn’t really fall there. It’s really just a shout to many larger, better, toy sites I frequent. Or try to frequent. You know, when I should be working. First,…….

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