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 Post subject: ?s for collectors w/kids & collectors who have stoped.
PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2005 8:39 am 
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1st, you guys with kids, for those who started collecting before you had kids, how much did you have to cut back and did any of you just give it up all togather?

2nd, collectors who i have stoped, why, how and was it hard to stop? also what did you do with the toys you had?

Ive been wondering for the past few days, why do i collect? could i stop? would i stop? should i stop? we want to start having kids soon and i know i cant keep going the way i am. and will i still care about toys when i have a kid? and what do i do with the toys i have now? do i sell them or store them? ive just given up on comics(well most of them) so that saves some money.

so im looking for anybody that thinks the way i do or has done some of the things ive stated above. thanks for your insite.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2005 10:29 am 
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I still collect. When I started there were fewer things to collect. And my kids were born during the DC toy drought of the 90's. My humble advice.

1. Do not go into debt for toys. Just not worth it. House, yes. Car - buy a cheaper one. Toys - no.

2. Only buy what you can afford. In the case of some lines, like DCDirect, that was self correcting. They cost 3 to 4 times a normal figure, so I only buy what I really like. Heroclix is harder as they are blind boxed and I am trying to keep up.

3. Only buy what you like. I'm sure we all do it. We buy a line and buy stuff in it we don't like. I'm a huge DC fan. I frequently look at the Marvel figures I've bought and ask 'Why?'. (I know why - It was the 90s and there were no DC figures) So I've cut way back on the Marvel heroclix. And I don't buy Star wars or the current Marvel lines from Toy Biz.

4. Shop less often. If you don't go into the store, you can't buy anything. Use the current high price of gas to deter you from making random trips. You know the chances of finding that JLU Black Canary are still slim, so don't go. You won't buy something else instead that way.

5. Stop being a completist. I know, its tough, but do you really like EVERY character DC puts in EVERY assortment of DCDirect? I don't. Some sets I skip completely. Some I buy 1 or 2 figures from. I've never bought a whole set - whether it had 3 or 5 figures.

6. Do you already have a good representation of that character? Good - skip it. Wolverine 5 from Toy Biz's X-Men line in the 90's cured me of completism AND buing most versions of characters I already have. Although, I am tempted every so often. That monogram Green Arrow paperweight looks really cool.

7. Comics are the inspiration for what I buy. Every time they go up in price I look at what I am buying and cut back the series I do not like. I read Flash and Wonder Woman fro 200 issues each. I dropped both when they hit 200. I wasn't enjoying them and it seemed like a good place to stop. And don't fall for all that cross-over stuff. Its only there to make the comics company more money. Skip the titles yuo have no interest in despite the fact they 'cross-over'. An OMAC appeared in Aquaman this month. It did nothing for the OMAC story. Not needed.

You could also give yourself a budget. Limit the overall amount you can spend per month.

Actually, now that you mention it, I've gotten a little out of control lately. I'll have to see what I can reign in. Good thing those 5 Infinite Crisis minis are over. Need to clamp down on my random Heroclix purchases. Thanks.

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