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 Post subject: Hiss! Toyfare gets Street Fighter excl. + other news
PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2005 5:49 pm 
Hangin' with the big boys

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From a Sotatoys post at action-figure:

- Round 4 are finals though you guys havent seen them yet as we did revise some stuff. The wrinkles in Ibukis knees are to try and hide a very large double knee joint.

- We will do 2-3 color variants on J&J ..the Dolls wont come out until SDCC

- Round 5 release is not going to be April..More like May/June

- Ive been a Vampire Hunter D fan since High School. But I dont think we'll do toys. In general I dont think we'll do a lot of japanese properties. Its kind of difficult.

- Sagat/Ryu 2 pack should be out in jan/Feb .. there are two different versions of the 2 pack. One is exclusive to ToyFare magazine and one is exclusive to Xtreme Toys.

- Voting for Round 6 ... Round 6 is scheduled for October and we've been really busy so I probably wont do the vote until begining of the year

- Dark Sakura and Black Gen not arriving with the rest of the variants was a surprise...I was told they were all coming together. So we're waiting for them now and they will probably arrive a week or two before Xmas.

- On Charmed..Leo is in scale...Brian is over 6' tall and the tallest one of the girls are 5'6. I think it looks more extreme in small plastic than it does in real life.

- How did I start SOTA.. thats a big question. I believe if you search the web a bit you can find interviews with me where I go through the entire process in detail..Figures.com definately has an interview like that on thei site somewhere

- Accessories for ROund 4/5 - I generally dont like to give that away until the figures are close to coming out

- Im not sure why anyone cares about how we cast/mold the accessories for the Dolls ? All the dolls will have new heads and each will have new accessories. Really thats all we need to knwo right now

- THING figures..there will be a MacReady in arctic gear..

- Fighting style plays some part in desiging the figures but the real issue is that I like the entire line to have a cohesive style. Im not down with the whole concept of each figure getting different styles of articulation as some other companies do. Im a fan of US action figures..its where I grew up and what I know so I keep our stuff looking like US style. I know some people really dig what Kaiyodo does with all the crazy articulation thats 100% different from figure to figure but I dont really like it. Back to your question.. we try our best to allow the characters to get into their signature poses but sometimes its just not feasible. Ryu and Ken dont hadouken very well because in real life there is compression in the chest. Plastic figures dont compress. Therefore we'd have to put another joint in them..but that requires them to look different than the rest which i dont like.

- We make exclusive because exclusive create 'buzz' and excitment. Some people dont like them but most do. I try to be as fair as possible and give everyone a chance at buying them which is why we put them up on our website after the cons.

- I should have actual SF 4 variant pics mid December. variants should hit in February.

- Blanka has a skull because....

- The sculpts for Round 5 are just about finished..probably wont show them until Jan though

- We will decide internally who is nominated for Round 6. You guys can suggest though

- SDCC is probably the only Con we will do

- Now Playing Con Exclusive..yeah id like to..we'll see..I think NP 3 will hit right before SDCC and it'd be cool to do an exclusive Jigsaw from SAW

- Now Playing has a pretty set style of articulation in the regular line. Having said that if I got something like Matrix I'd probably put it in a 'Now Playing Super Articulated' line.. wouldnt you all like that?

- Jeffrey Combs likeness issue..I have a meeting with Brian Yuzna to discuss on Monday..keep your fingers crossed

- believe NECA has Bowie..hope they do a good job. I wanted to do Dave Mustaine but the stores dont seem to want to carry it. Hopefully I can announce more music figures at Feb Toy Fair

- I know a lot of people want us to do Alias but its just not going to happen.

- Im supposed to be getting Demitri in from China in the next couple weeks and will take pics for you all.

- Female characters dont sell as well as male.. even popular ones like Sakura/Cammy

- Andrew isnt with us full time anymore. Andrew is a great screenwriter and hes concentrating on that right now.. Jed@sotatoys.com has taken over customer service..let me know if he does a good job !

- Originally we were going to put Cholo in LOTD series 1 but hes pushed to series 2 now

- Sex Pistols..good questions..I was told NECA was doing it 2 years ago.. I dont know what happened to that

- As far as I know Tower Records continues to support us on almost all lines

- The Lovecraft figures will be amazing.. unfortunately theyre also going to be expensive.. $24.99 I think... I tried my best to keep the price down but theyre the most complicated ( other than micronauts) thing Ive ever done.

Sidenotes..We havent been announcing much lately or 'keeping up with the joneses', i.e., NECA who seems to put out 20 figure lines a month. I was working too hard and I needed to slow down so we're being pickier about what we do. As much as I;d like to make 10 figure lines a year I just dont feel i can. we're also getting more into high end collectible stuff. You'll hear a huge announcement soon. having said that we are not abandoning fully articulated figures but the thing is they are VERY expensive to develop/make. Its easy to churn stuff out with a few swivels and a ball joint or two ala Now Playing. But doing something like Street Fighter is intense. Im currently looking for the perfect license for fully artic figures..something that can last 4-5 series,etc....In the mean time when micronauts comes out we will have set a new standard in the fully articulated category.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2005 8:45 pm 
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I don't see the big fuss about Toyfare exclusives. Apart from the icky feeling of giving money to the Shamus bros it's usually just as hard as getting it anywhere else.

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