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 Post subject: Green Hornet: what a shame...
PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 9:23 pm 
Grickle Grass Grower

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All of this talk of 60s Batman toys has recently kicked up my love of all things Batman.
I get MeTV which shows the 60s show and also Green Hornet.
I have always wanted Green Hornet action figures since I was little. I used to take my BTAS Riddler and put a green sticky note over his front and Say its the Gren Hornet.
Well with all this 60s Batman nostalgia going around, and knowing that some stuff had come out with the new Green Hornet (GH) movie, I decided to look into some figures.
(This especially after I was able to get a Kato but never GH from the Carls Jr kids meals. Still a little angry about that, but that is the past.)

I got an amazon gift card for Christmas and decided to give in and buy this...
http://www.amazon.com/Hornet-Series-Col ... een+hornet

I had seen some reviews and knew they were more statues than anything, but if you wanted anything like action figures of these two characters, this was the best you could do.
It was between the classic duo or the movie duo.
What sucks though is it basically came down to GH in weird pose, Kato in a neutral pose (movie set), or GH in neutral pose and Kato in weird pose (tv set). Plus the movie figures had this plastic base glued to their feet and that turned me off instantly. Why I picked the tv set because they had regular foot peg bases.

Got them today and opened them up.
Green Hornet is nice. Basically stuck in that one pose but he can (for the most part) stand on his own.
Kato is in this weird dart throwing pose. CANNOT stand on his own. (Probably when I get home switch him out for the Carls Jr figure I have.)
Both came with hands that held alternate weapons. GH came with his Hornets Sting. Kato with nun-chucks.
BROKE BOTH right after opening them. The chain for Kato's nun-chucks was really weak. And the Hornets Sting was too short and too stiff for going back and forth with the other hands. If it had just been about half a centimeter longer and a little more flexible it wouldn't have had any problem. (Broke my Twilight Jacob figure the other day to. Not having any luck with collector figures lately.) Sadly, these defects were also mentioned in the reviews I saw.
What sucks is I liked the tv set GH, but liked the movie Kato more. The movie Kato is in a more natural stance and came with basic, no weapons molded in, hands.

GH is in scale with DCUC figures and would look good displayed with them. He might even be good for a display of the upcoming 60s Batman movie masters figures.
Why Factory Entertainment simply could not make actual action figures is beyond me? The company basically got beat out by kids meal toys. Thats not good.

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