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 Post subject: The Last Man On Earth
PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2015 11:28 pm 
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Anybody else watch this? It is my new obsession. The show should have burned out by episode 3 and it is still addictive. It cannot sustain this level of awesome forever. I don't even think another show with this exact premise would last a second season. But here we are. It should NOT be as good as it is.

The Last Man On Earth "Baby Steps"
Spoiler: show
That was amazing. This is NOT the best show on television. It probably isn't even in the top ten. But it invades my thoughts in a way like no other. I don't actually like it as much as Twin Peaks or Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I won't buy a ton of Last Man On Earth Merchandise (if they ever made it). I don't even own the first season on DVD. But it occupies my thoughts as much as those two shows did in their prime. It is my obsession.

The worst part is that part of the reason it is my obsession is because I am near positive that any episode now it is going to crash and burn. And then every week it doesn't. It's like watching a nature show where the antelope ALWAYS escapes the leopard. I breathe a sigh of relief at the end of every episode. But I know there's gonna be another nature show next week with the exact same problem. And the Leopard has to win SOMETIME.

While I don't agree with Todd that Melissa not telling Todd about her and Tandy's baby plans is equivalent to him and the bacon, (his sin was far worse) I kind of think that at this point, she REALLY shouldn't still be holding it over his head. It's freaking bacon. Get over it or don't, but the amount of passive aggressiveness she's throwing in Todd's face is WAY more than is called for. And Todd got in the freaking stocks. It's not like he wasn't punished.

Speaking of the stocks, Phil 1 is the best friend Phil 2 will never appreciate. Tandy is Dan Harmon and Phil 2 is Chevy Chase. I don't really give Phil 1 all that much credit for saving his life. It's the least anyone could do. But putting him in the stocks might very well save his reputation. Which is bad for Tandy. But he did it anyways. Because deep down he's the guy who can't go through with leaving Todd on the side of the road.

I believe Phil 2 when he says his biggest regret is saving Tandy's life. Do you know the really weird thing? He is absolutely 100% right about how toxic for the group Tandy was last season. He was a monster. But... Phil was the only guy in the group never on the receiving end of that. Carol, Todd, Gayle, Erica, and ESPECIALLY Melissa got it far worse and for far longer. So while Phil 2 is right that Tandy is (or rather was) bad for the group, he has hardly any standing to be the guy to say that.

I loved the expression on Kristen Schaal's face when she matter of factly stated that he was declining Phil's offer to run away with her. You think?

Next week is gonna suck. I think that every week and then it doesn't. Why is this show still watchable? It should have burned out last season! Why? WHY?! See you next week, Will Forte. You win again. ****1/2.

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