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 Post subject: NYTF: Transformers news
PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 1:34 pm 
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Transformers news and updates from the Hasbro panel...

http://www.actionfigureinsider.com/tf14 ... live-blog/

- - - - -

They want everyone to know Hasbro loves Transformers fans - they are not leaving "Fan" toys behind! The main line for kids, and the Generations line for Fans. They have plans for 73 Generations toys for 2014!

There is going to be a Movies Generations line and Classic Generations line, alongside the Age of Extinction line.


Movie Generations (all new tooling)

1. Deluxe Wave 1 - High Octane Bumblebee (78 Camaro), Crosshairs (Chevrolet Corvette), Dinobot Slug (Triceratops), Dinobot Scorn

2. Deluxe Wave 2 - Drift (Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse), Dinobot Strafe (flying 2-headed Pterodactyl from trailer), Dinobot Slash (baby Raptor)

3. Voyager Wave 1 - Evasion Mode Optimus Prime (classic flat-cab look in G1 colors), Grimlock (all new tool)

4. Voyager Wave 2 - Autobot Hound, Galvatron (the car-slashing robot from the Trailer, transforms into black Argosy Freightliner)

5. Leader Wave - Optimus prime, Grimlock

All Dinobots will transform in the movie, all characters in movie will get Generations treatment. More reveals later on this year...


Classic Generations - 30th Anniversary of Transformers, working with IDW on storylines, working on product sync and mobile gaming

1. Legends Wave 3 - Gears w/ Autobot Eclipse, Acid Storm w/ Venin (mini drone piece)

2. Deluxe Wave 4 - Nightbeat, Jhiaxus (Armada Starscream re-mold), Windblade (Fans Choice Winner)

3. Voyager Wave 3 - Roadbuster, Skybyte

Introducing a NEW scale - Leader. First up is Jetfire with vac-metal pieces, more Leaders coming later in 2014 and continuing into 2015.

Platinum and Masterpieces - not revealing anything at TF, will show later in 2014.

Looking at separating the product for fans from the product for kids. The transformations are getting too complicated. The instructions used to fit on the side of the box. The Gen 1 toys weren't designed for little kids to work with and transform. The new kids line features "quick transform feature." Just flips open. This is the focus for 5-6 years. Everything will be 5 steps or less. Some are just one step. It's actually pretty genius to see it in action. Deluxe Stomp and Chomp Grimlock (22" tall) is the coolest!

The Construct Bots are continuing and they are adding in Dinobots.

Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark (new Activision game) trailer is being shown. Peter Cullen will reprise his role as Optimus Prime; the story is Movieverse VS War for Cybertron universe - Prime vs Prime, Bumblebee vs Bumblebee, Grimlock vs Grimlock, Earth vs Cybertron! Lots more info later!


Custom Kreons (Movie) Wave 1 - Optimus Prime, Drift, Ratchet, Lockdown

Micro Changers Combiners - Grimstone (Dinocombiner: mollox, Iquanox, Crackback, and Iron), also Lazerbolt, Obsidian

Grimlock Street Attack (includes 196 pieces, 3 Kreons - Gold Knight Optimus and 2 Vehicon)

Jail Cell Breakout (includes 135 pieces, 3 Kreons - Evasive Optimus, Bumblebee and Vehicon)

Lockdown Air Assault (203 pieces and 3 Kreons)

Galvatron's Factory Battle (388 pieces, largest set in the line this year)

Keep up with the latest news on the AFi facebook page!

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 Post subject: Re: NYTF: Transformers news
PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 10:08 am 
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No Cyberverse or little guys? Those are the ones I love to collect. The bigger figs can be a pain to transform, which Hasbro said they were addressing. So they take out the easy to transform guys altogether?

 Post subject: Re: NYTF: Transformers news
PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 5:49 pm 
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Those Dinobots are just so . . . meh. When will Slag, Snarl, and the rest be joining the Masterpiece Grimlock? Updated versions of those are what I really want.

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