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 Post subject: Off-brand action figure spaceship sold in the mid 90s?
PostPosted: Tue Apr 12, 2016 12:46 am 
Santos L. Halper

Joined: Sun Nov 04, 2007 6:30 pm
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Ok... I had a toy back in my youth that I would like to see if anyone actually remembers anything about, much less has any pictures of.
What I am about to describe is a toy in a series of toys that came out in the mid to late 1990s.

In the 90s, my parents got me this giant off-brand, generic spaceship. The thing was huge!! Had to have been a yard long with a wing span of nearly 2 feet.
The only places I had ever saw it sold at was Walmart and Dollar General.
It had 3 sections. The front of the ship had these hinged cargo-bay type doors you could open to reveal seats for 5 actions figures. The middle part had spaces for 4 more action figures, but each had their own seat with little sticker control panels. Their was a molded carry handle over this section. The third part was this orange space pod type thing that you could pull out and put another figure in. The whole spaceship was molded in a grey-ish plastic.

The box it came into was really big. But what was interesting about the box was how it was not branded to anything, but said that it was compatible with Star Wars, Star Trek (and I believe) Batman action figures. Also, all the figures on the front of the box showing off the spaceship looked like they used to be star wars figures kitbashed and customized to look like new figures.

But this was not the only item in this generic, fits all toy line. My parents also got me this space-age metal-looking fortress/base playset made by the same company. It had a big vehicle entrance door. Towers that could hold a figure with missile launchers that hooked into the main part by plastic tabs. Space inside the playset itself to park vehicles. With a little computer stand that was a secret escape door and a jail cell. Rotating gun/missile launcher in the middle and a level to stand figures. This thing had to be a yard wide as well and curved into a kinda c shape, ). Same thing with the box saying it was compatible with other toy lines.

Both the spaceship and the fortress came with sets of generic weapons, all cast in either blue and orange plastic. The missiles as well. They were simply and cheaply molded laser guns, swords, and jet packs. Picture an upside down check mark, thats all the jet packs were, little plastic strips that stuck out so it could rest on the shoulders of figures.

The company also had a third, helicopter toy that had a pilot figure and came with little green army men, but I never had or wanted that one.

Does this ring a bell for anyone? Did anyone else have these?

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