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 Post subject: Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece (MMS) Checklist
PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:55 pm 
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MMS001 The Terminator - T-800
MMS002 The Terminator - Kyle Reese
MMS003 Aliens - USCM Corporal Hicks
MMS004 Aliens - USCM Sgt. Apone
MMS005 Aliens - USCM Private Vasquez
MMS006 Rambo, The First Blood PII - John J. Rambo
MMS007 Rambo, The First Blood - Col. Trautman
MMS008 AVP - Celtic Predator
MMS009 AVP - Scar Predator
MMS010 Robocop - Robocop

MMS011 The First Blood II Rambo - Halo Jumper Rambo
MMS012 Robocop - ED-209 (Normal Version)
MMS013 Superman Returns - Superman
MMS014 Batman Begins - Batman
MMS015 AVP - Chopper Predator
MMS016 AVP - Elder Predator
MMS017 AVP - Alien Warrior
MMS018 AVP - Scar Predator - (Japan Exclusive, 8th Ani-Com)
MMS019 Rocky - Rocky Balboa
MMS020 Rocky - Clubber Lang

MMS021 Rambo, The First Blood - John J Rambo
MMS022 Aliens - Lt. Ripley
MMS023 Aliens - USCM Private Hudson
MMS024 Aliens - USCM Private Drake
MMS025 Robocop - ED-209 (Battle Damage Version)
MMS026 Robocop 3 - Robocop (Gun Arm Version)
MMS027 Superman Returns - Clark Kent
MMS028 AVP - Grid Alien
MMS029 AVP - Alien (Brown Version)
MMS030 AVP - Ancient Predator (SideShow Exclusive, LE500 Sideshow)

MMS031 AVP - Ancient Predator (Blister Direct Japan Exclusive)
MMS032 Robocop 3 - Robocop (FlightPack Version)
MMS033 The Terminator - Endoskeleton
MMS034 Rocky - Clubber Lang (LE250 Blister Direct Japan Exclusive)
MMS035 Rambo - Rambo 3
MMS036 Rocky - Apollo Creed
MMS037 Rocky - Ivan Drago
MMS038 Aliens - Alien Warrior 16"
MMS039 Aliens - Power Loader with Ellen Ripley
MMS040 The Terminator - Endoskeleton (Blister Direct Exclusive Battle Damage Version)

MMS041 POTC3- Captain Sao Feng
MMS042 POTC3 - Captain Jack Sparrow
MMS043 POTC3 - Elizabeth Swann
MMS044 POTC3 - Captain Sao Feng (Limited Version)
MMS045 Predator 2 - Predator Model Kit
MMS046 The First Blood - John Rambo (M65 Jacket Version)
MMS047 Aliens - Alien Warrior 16" (Repaint Version)
MMS048 Predator 2 - Elder Predator
MMS049 Superman Returns - Jor-El
MMS050 Superman Returns - Superman / Clark Kent

MMS051 AppleSeed Saga Ex Machina - Deunan Knute
MMS052 AppleSeed Saga Ex Machina - Briareos Hechatonchires
MMS053 AVP-R - Predator
MMS054 AVP-R - Alien
MMS055 AVP-R - PredAlien
MMS056 POTC3- Will Turner
MMS057 POTC2 - Cannibal Jack Sparrow
MMS058 The Warlords - Zhao Er-Hu
MMS059 The Warlords - Jiang Wu Yang
MMS060 The Warlords - Jiang Wu Yang (Special Version)

MMS061 Rocky III - Italian Stallion
MMS062 POTC 3- Davy Jones
MMS063 Alien/The Nostromo Crew Member - Captain Dallas
MMS064 Alien/The Nostromo Crew Member - Exclusive Officer Kane
MMS065 AppleSeed Saga Ex Machina - Tereus
MMS066 AVP-R - Predator Cleaner Kit
MMS067 The Dark Knight - Batman (Original Costume Version)
MMS068 The Dark Knight - Joker
MMS069 The Dark Knight - Batmobile (Tumbler)

MMS070 The Dark Knight - Bat-Pod
MMS071 The Dark Knight - Batman (The Dark Knight Version)
MMS072 Predator - Major Alan Dutch
MMS073 Predator - Private Billy Sole
MMS074 AVP - She Predator
MMS075 Iron Man - Iron Man Mark III
MMS076 Predator 2 - Lost Predator
MMS077 Alien 3 - Dog Alien
MMS078 Iron Man - Iron Man Mark II
MMS079 The Dark Knight - Joker (Bank Robber Version)
MMS080 Iron Man - Iron Man Mark I

MMS081 The Dark Knight - Two Face
MMS082 Edward Scissorhands - Edward
MMS083 Hellboy II - Hellboy
MMS084 Hellboy II - Abe Sapien
MMS085 The Spirit - The Spirit
MMS086 The Spirit - The Octopus
MMS087 Planet of The Apes - General Ursus
MMS088 Planet of The Apes - Gorilla Soldier
MMS089 Planet of The Apes - Gorilla Captain
MMS090 Predator - Predator

MMS091 The Godfather - The Godfather
MMS092 The Spirit - Silken Floss
MMS093 Terminator Salvation - Endoskeleton T-600
MMS094 Terminator Salvation - Endoskeleton T-700
MMS095 Terminator Salvation - John Connor
MMS096 Goemon - Ishikawa (Japan Exclusive)
MMS097 Terminator Salvation - Endoskeleton T-600 (Martin Laing Limited Edition Signature)
MMS098 Goemon - Chacha Asai
MMS099 Goemon - Saizo Kirigakure
MMS100 Terminator Salvation - Marcus Wright

MMS101 Iron Man - Iron Man Mark III ("Silly Thing", gunmetal grey SDCC Exclusive)
MMS102 Watchmen - Silk Spectre II
MMS103 X-Men Origins - Wolverine
MMS104 Terminator Salvation - T-600 (Rubber Weathered Rubber Skin Version)
MMS105 Terminator Salvation - T-600 (Concept Version, LE300, 9th Ani-Com Exclusive Honk Kong)
MMS106 Alien - Alien Big Chap
MMS107 Mars Attacks! - Martian Soldier
MMS108 Mars Attacks! - Martian Ambassador
MMS109 Astro Boy - Astro Boy
MMS110 Iron Man - Iron Man Mark III (Battle Damage Version)

MMS111 Terminator Salvation - John Connor (Final Battle Version)
MMS112 Kamui
MMS113 Blade - Blade
MMS114 King Leonidas
MMS115 The Watchmen - The Comedian
MMS116 Iron Man - Tony Stark (Mech Test Version)
MMS117 Terminator 2: Judgment Day - T-800
MMS118 Inglorious Bastards - Lt. Aldo Raine
MMS119 Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Sarah Connor
MMS120 Iron Man 2 - War Machine

MMS121 Iron Man 2 - Whiplash
MMS122 Clash of the Titans - Perseus
MMS123 Iron Man 2 - Mark IV
MMS124 Iron Man 2 - Black Widow
MMS125 Terminator 2: Judgment Day - T-1000 (Sarah Connor disguise, 2010 Toy Fair Exclusive)
MMS126 Predator 2: Guardian Predator (2010 Toy Fair Exclusive)
MMS127 Prince of Persia - Prince Dastan
MMS128 Blade - Abigail Whistler
MMS129 Terminator 2: Judgment Day - T-1000
MMS130 Berserker Predator

MMS131 Predators - Royce
MMS132 Iron Man 2 - Mark VI
MMS132(b) Iron Man 2 - Mark VI (With Bonus Accessory, 2010 No.154 Figure King Magazine Limited Edition)
MMS133 Ghost Rider with Hellcycle
MMS134 Colonel Hans Landa
MMS135 Chris Taylor
MMS136 Terminator 2: Judgment Day - T-800
MMS137 Predators - Falconer Predator
MMS138 Expendables - Barney Ross
MMS139 BIOHAZARD IV Afterlife - Alice

MMS140 Batman Begins - Demon Batman & Scarecrow
MMS141 Platoon - Sergeant Bob Barnes
MMS142 Tron: Legacy - Light Cycle & Sam Flynn
MMS143 Spider-Man 3 - Spider-Man
MMS144 TRON: Legacy - Kevin Flynn
MMS145 Iron Man 2 - Mark V
MMS146 Thor - Thor

DX 01 The Dark Knight - Joker (DX version)
DX 02 The Dark Knight - Batman (DX version)
DX 03 Michael Jackson (Bad Version)
DX 04 Enter the Dragon: Bruce Lee
DX 05 The Raiders of the Lost Ark: Indiana Jones

DMS 01 Elder Predator (on Throne)
DMS 02 Predalien vs Predator
DMS 03 Terminator Factory - T-700 Diorama

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