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 Post subject: Doctor Who
PostPosted: Sat Jul 09, 2011 3:42 am 
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I thought I would add a Doctor Who checklist for fun. This starts off with the Classic line of figures:

The Eleven Doctors Set (Docotors 1-11)

Wave 1:
The 4th Doctor (K1 hip)
The 5th Doctor (K1 left arm)
The 6th Doctor (K1 shoulders)
Sea Devil (K1 lower body)
Zygon (K1 head)
SV7 Robot (K1 left leg)
D84 Robot (K1 right leg)
Magnus Greel & Mr. Sin (K1 right arm w/ disintigrater gun)
K-1 Robot (BAF)

Wave 2:
The Master
Ice Warrior
Cyberman "Earthshock"
Voc Robot (green)

Age of Steel Wave:
Cyberman (Tenth Planet) (BAF head)
Cyberman (Tomb of the Cybermen) (BAF chest and left arm
Cyberman (The Invasion) (BAF right and left legs)
Cyberman (The Next Doctor) (BAF torso and lef arm)
Cyber Controller (BAF)

The Age of Steel Boxset (repackging of the 3 Classic figures from the Age of Steel wave)
Silver Nemesis two-pack (Cyber Leader & Cyber Scout)
Revenge of the Cybermen boxset (Cyber Leader, 2x Cybermen and one Cybermat)

Dalek Collector Sets:
Dalek Collector Set 1 (Dead Planet Dalek, Supreme Dalek, Genesis of the Daleks Dalek)
Dalek Collector Set 2 (Saucer Pilot, Emperor's Guard, Gold Supreme Dalek)
(the next are not so much Dalek Collector sets but are lumped together)
Rememberance of the Daleks (Renegade Dalek, black Supreme Dalek, white Imperial Dalek, Special Weapons Dalek)
Resurrection of the Daleks (Davros, 5th Doctor, Supreme Dalek, Dalek Drone)
Revelation of the Daleks (Davros w/ removable hand, 6th Doctor w/ cloak, Skaro Dalek, Necros Dalek)
Genesis of the Daleks (Davros, 4th Doctor, 2x Dalek drones & 1 Kaled Mutant acessory)
Destiny of the Daleks (Davros w/ memory sphere, 4th Doctor, 2x Dalek drones)

The Sontaran Experiment (4th Doctor, Sontaran Styre, Sontaran battle sphere)
The Time Warrior (3rd Doctor, Sontaran Lynx, Sontaran Battle sphere)
The Master w/ Axon
Peri & Sil
The Master w/ TARDIS Computer Bank and Time Monster acessories

The Doctors:
The 1st Doctor (An Unearthly Child)
The 1st Doctor w/ Saucer Commander Dalek (SDCC 2009)
The 1st Doctor w/ Saucer Commander Dalek B&W version (SDCC 2009)
The 2nd Doctor w/ Cyberman (SDCC 2009)
The 2nd Doctor w/ Cyberman B&W version (SDCC 2009)
The 3rd Doctor w/ Dalek
The 3rd Doctor w/ Sea Devil
The 3rd Doctor w/ Maggots (Forbidden Planet/ Underground Toys Exclusive)
The 4th Doctor w/ K9
The 4th Doctor (Pyramids of Mars) Forbidden Planet Exclusive 2009
The 5th Doctor w/ The Master (SDCC 2010)
The 5th Doctor (Regenerated) (SDCC 2010)
The 6th Doctor (Regenerated) (2009 US TRU Exclusive)
The 6th Doctor (Real Time blue varriant) (SDDC 2009)
The 6th Doctor w/ Stealth Cyberman
The 7th Doctor w/ Imperial Dalek

The 4th Doctor Adventure Set (4th Doctor, Mummy robot, Green Voc, Destiny Dalek w/ suicide bombs)

The 1st Doctor w/ TARDIS
The 4th Doctor w/ TARDIS
The 7th Doctor w/ TARDIS

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