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 Post subject: JLU Collectors jumping ship?
PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 2:09 pm 
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As new toy lines start up, I've noticed that old time JLU collectors have started selling off their collections.
Has the need for collecting out weighed the love of JLU, or is there just no more room in your house
for it all?

It matters not to me because I buy and use the extra collections to make customs to expand my
ever growing Bruce Timm universe.

What's your reason for getting rid of your JLU, or will you stay loyal to JLU forever? 8)

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 Post subject: Re: JLU Collectors jumping ship?
PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 5:17 pm 
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Santos L. Halper

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I just ran out of room, quite frankly. It was either stop collecting all together or create some room. I still have a lot of other DCAU related stuff in my collection, but I decided to sell the JLU figures since they took the most space. It was a hard decision, I loved those figures, but something had to give.

In all likelihood, I'll probably start collecting the DCAU DC direct stuff, but probably won't be such a completist like I was with JLU.

 Post subject: Re: JLU Collectors jumping ship?
PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:45 pm 
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I love JLU & the Timmverse, the toons that is.

For one thing most of the no name obscure JLU characters I could care less about. So why do I need a figure of Nemesis or Starman? No offense to anyone who loves these characters. But, Oh right because I had have them all. So whatever, they sat there in a box & that's the way it went.

I must admit I was slightly amused to have all these different characters in Timmverse figure form. Even though most of them I really wasn't satisfied with because they were the wrong size, the stupid painted on details instead of sculpted, or many other problems. But they still just sat in a box.

Then every time I looked at them something was going wrong. Either one of them were disintegrating, turning chalky white, the cheap rubbery plastic was warping, or the paint was coming off on the other figures, etc..... I kind of realized even beyond the fact that these figures weren't well sculpted, they also were made like crap. Plus the whole way mattel was playing game with those last figure like Toyman, etc, was leaving a bad taste in my mouth about the line & bitterness. I started getting rid of the big money figures, Volcana, Shadow Thief, Atomic Skull, etc.... Once I realized my collection was no longer complete, & I didn't miss those pieces I got rid of, ( which is odd for me since I'm such a completist ) But then I decided that I wouldn't miss any of them.

So I went through them & pretty much only kept figures that were on BTAS,TNBA, & STAS. Maybe a couple other characters that I really liked. Because I've had a display up of those older lines in my house since the 90's. JLU was great as a toon, but as a collection of no name B & C tier characters in figure form, MEH! I sold the rest while they were still worth money & before they completely deteriorated. Characters like Volcana & Weather Wizard, etc that were in one of the lines I wanted displayed. I made my own, because mattel's renditions sucked anyway.

Usually I'm the type of person that sells something & regrets it later. For the most part, I don't miss them. Until I decide that I need a particular figure for a custom. Then I regret selling the one I had. But usually I can get it for a couple bucks on ebay, or better yet buy it in a lot for like 50 cents a figure & then have even more fodder.

So yeah, I guess the real reason I got rid of them was because most of them were so poorly designed & cheaply made. I would never think of getting rid of any of my Kenner BTAS/TNBA because they were well done & made out of quality plastic.


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