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 Post subject: Re: Farewell DCUC...we barely knew ye...
PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2012 2:28 am 
You hear that? We're using CODE names...

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ed case wrote:
And then there is the sheer number of titles a person needs to read. I'm sorry, but there's just no need for 3 Cap titles. or 4 Thor titles, and certainly not for 5 Deadpool titles. And don't even get me started on X-Men. And on top of everything, once you do shell out all the money to "keep up," you come to the realization that nothing is really happening anyway. In today's economy, with the prices they're charging, who can actually afford that many comics a month? Nobody who has the time to read 'em.

This is a pernicious problem that seems to have spread throughout Marvel and DC.

I am thoroughly enjoying 'The Court of Owls' storyline, but I simply refuse to allow myself to be blackmailed into buying half a dozen extra titles in order view the story from every possible angle.

There are also too many 'events' in general. A comicbook is a brilliant form of media in itself. A writer and an artist have a limited number of pages in which to tell the best story they can with words and pictures. I think the constraints of trying to tell a gripping story in this medium has been a key factor in the creation of some of the best comicbook mythology. Batman's origin is usually told or rehearsed in one or two pages, and it is iconic and captures the imagination immediately. By breaking stories up over dozens of issues and multiple titles, the writer can become complacent about filling every page with story and excitement. Too many '3 of 6' or '8 of 12' issues are completely flat. Often, the story seems to be padded in order to fill the unnecessary extra issues. I think this has given rise to an overuse of splash pages. If you look at a comic from, for example, 1982, then you find each page is filled with frames, and those frames all have a good amount of text within. Now, it is all to common to find a double page taken up by two over-muscled character grappling while one shouts 'no way!' or something of the like. That is lazy, that is a waste of space, and that is not worth anyone's money.

Does anyone else recall Paul Dini's brief run on 'Detective Comics'? I think it came right after some totally overblown 'Crisis' of one type or another. He packed a great story into each issue, and with a proper structure and a satisfying ending on the last page. The only exception I remember was a great two-parter featuring The Joker. No space was ever wasted. They were the best Batman comics in the last ten years.

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