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 Post subject: Re: Thoughts?
PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:32 pm 
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GreenArrow wrote:
Which would make me really happy, sorry but I have never liked the lame idea of Prince Adam and Cringer, I preferred the original idea behind He-Man where he was this kick ass Barbarian guy...

Me, too!!! Plus, the key point about the Power Sword having two halves no longer made any sense.
http://old.he-man.org/primary_sects/com ... over.shtml

See, even as a kid... not only could I tell that they'd "switched Universes" on me; but I also felt that the new one was too similar to the Shazam/Captain Marvel mythos, for it to not be a ripoff.

Think about it...

    1- Kid says the Magic Words... CHECK!!!
    2- There's lightning... CHECK!!!
    2- Kid transforms into Super-Strong Adult through Magic... CHECK!!!
    3- Kid has a long-lost twin sister...CHECK!!!
    4- Twin sister also shares the Power of Grayskull/Shazam... CHECK!!!
    5- Talking Tiger... CHECK!!!
    6- Power of Grayskull/Shazam coming from Eternia/Earth's previous wise Elders/Heroes... CHECK!!!
    7- Bumbling idiot with a heart of gold for the Hero to save... paging Orko/Duddley.

stewbacca wrote:
They could if Mattel let someone else make them..

They should let someone else assort them and distribute them.
(I'm of the mindset that the Mattel approach and how they handle things is what has killed the previous Masters lines at retail.)

bnjmnrlyr wrote:
If they would release the Mini-Masters that were shown "to gauge interest", I would buy them whole heartedly.

I liked the Mini-Masters style, but I would prefer they have more articulation and bigger/longer legs. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I would dig an animated 4-5 inch MOTUC line.
(Personally, I don't see the point of shrinking the current figures 2 sizes, just to make them compatible with the G.I. Joe and MU lines. And the Mini-Masters stuff is distinct enough to make them different instead of a retread in another scale.)

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...6. Chronos...7. Killer Croc w/BabyDoll...8. Felix Faust...9. Poison Ivy...10. Deathstroke
Bonus:...Starfire, Steppenwolf w/Desaad, the Joker's Jokerz

 Post subject: Re: Could a relaunched Masters of the Universe 4" line work?
PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:25 am 
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I don't think so, mainly because of the lack of success Mattel has had at that scale.

I know I'd be out. The Classics are enough for me.

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