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 Post subject: Dear Matty... Dear DC Direct...
PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2012 6:20 pm 
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Dear Matty,

I want to thank you for the hundreds of excellent DC superhero action figures you've created over the past 6 years. Although DC Direct has been producing action figures for more than twice as long, your products provided superior articulation. Your choice of the Four Horsemen as sculptors was an excellent one and I am thankful for the shelves of action figures I've been able to collect over the past several years.

I know many collectors believe you really screwed the pooch in 2011 and 2012 with the unceremonious cancellation of the Ghostbusters line and all things Young Justice, the ridiculously unprepared Infinite Earths subscription ("thermometer" included) and all of the repetitive delays and double-talk, but I am sure much of this was beyond your control.

I concede that you have no control over delays from your production factories. I understand that you have no control over the ridiculous distribution system employed by Walmart and Target. I get that you had nothing to do with the fact that the first season of Young Justice took over 16 months to complete and the lack of new episodes may have contributed to lagging sales. I even suspect that it was DC that forced you to stop the successful BAF Waves in favor this unrealized DCnU retail line. However, I have more that a few complaints about your performance in all this.

Your Barbie product line is EVERYWHERE. They're even in my drug stores, for gosh sakes. And yet, I have to rely on online distributors because I can't find your product in Walmarts and Targets. Heck, you even just cancelled your distribution to my favorite online store, and they ALREADY had my money for your product! I wonder if you would be willing to put your GIRLS TOYS sales reps in charge of your BOYS TOYS and visa versa for 5 or 6 years. Maybe at the end of that time, we'll be reading about the cancellation of all things Barbie?

I get real tired of your double-talk. Young Justice was cancelled because there just wasn't sales support for the product (so you say). Instead, you are launching an all-new Batman line which will have mom & pop support (so you say). And yet what was the next figure in the Young Justice 6" line? The VERY ANTICIPATED BATMAN FIGURE! Another example? You want us to blindly subscribe to Infinite Earth because you can't tell us what figures are being produced more than a few months in advance. And yet in the next breath, you tell us that SDCC exclusives are prepared at least 8 months in advance. You aren't developing a new fuel alternative. These are toys. DC Direct shows us unpainted sculpts WAY in advance. Why are they able to do something that the great toy company Mattel can't do?

Speaking of which, did I mention that DC Direct has been making their figures since the 90's? How on earth have they been able to do that without subscriptions or thermometers? So you had to cancel the Young Justice 6" line of figures because of lack of retail support? Why not just sell them on your web site? Say you can't if you want, but I bet DC Direct would be able to do it.

Thanks again for all of the great work you've done. Whether you completely drop the ball on the DC line or not, I just wanted you to know I love the figures I've gotten so far.

Which reminds me, I need to write a quick letter to DC Direct…

Dear DC Direct,

You've produced some great DC superhero action figures for more than a dozen years, but Mattel has stolen some of your thunder for the last half of it. Do you want to recoup some of that business? Pick up the ball that they dropped and develop some figures from the Young Justice animated tv show. Heck, you could probably start by re-releasing the Wondergirl or Superboy figure from the Teen Titans line you produced back in 2004-5. A lot of collectors had their money in hand for these figures and Mattel let them down. You are our only other source for these figures. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity!

"And they used Bon Ami!"

 Post subject: Re: Dear Matty... Dear DC Direct...
PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2012 7:06 pm 
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um ok....moving along now

 Post subject: Re: Dear Matty... Dear DC Direct...
PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2012 7:23 pm 
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I wish I had the energy for this but I'll leave it to someone else.

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