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 Post subject: The Two-Year DCUC Challenge - RESULTS
PostPosted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 2:08 am 
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Thought I'd go ahead and open this up for anyone who wants to go ahead and post their list. The old thread is still open for questions - viewtopic.php?f=5&t=27307

I'll post my list after I get home from work (still needs a bit of editing in the write-up...)

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 Post subject: Re: The Two-Year DCUC Challenge - RESULTS
PostPosted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 2:49 pm 
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So even after a long work day I'm still going to be first, huh?...

As I said before in the original thread this was a lot tougher to narrow down and attempt to spread around that I initially thought. I think we've all said "I can make a better line-up than that!" at some point or another, but when you try do it in some sort of organized manner over a couple of years it becomes much tougher. I think my two year list has 89 unique additions (that includes 4 pack-ins and an extra CNC) and I still had a list of over a hundred characters and variations. Adding to the problem is how many prominent female characters still "need" to be made and it would really take 3 to 4 per wave to make a proper dent in that particular sub-set. After I put together the visual reference I wished I'd had those when I was sorting into slots. There are a few instances where I'd probably shuffle things a bit more because I ended up with too many villains in a wave or characters with costumes that were a bit too similar.

The great thing about where Mattel left off with DCUC is that there has been an incredible parts library built. Can you imagine having one of each part made over those 8 years, being able to mix-and-match as you pleased?... With a little creative mixing-and-matching almost any humanoid character's costume can be pieced together from existing parts. For the most part a new head is all that would be needed, a few capes and belts here-and-there but nothing major.

Anyway, on to the list I came up with... I used the same three themes for both years. Row 3 was for golden age (or related) characters to help flesh-out the Justice Society, All-Star Squadron, Freedom Fighters and the Seven Soldiers of Victory (with a couple of randoms thrown in for good measure). Row 4 was assigned the 31 century, specifically the Legion of Super Heroes and the Fatal Five (although this list still doesn't make it past the "Fatal Four"). And row 5 was reserved for teenage heroes and villains.


Year 1 - Wave 1
1. Superman (first appearance) - From 2006 through 2014 how did we not get this look for Superman?... Though instead of those odd red boots I think I would opt for the plain blue ones the colorist occasionally gave him.
2. Vixen - This one is a make-good in the very first wave, the only character (at least in name) to appear on the cardbacks during the run to not get a figure. She was so close, too. In an interview ToyGuru confirmed that she would have been part of the 2014 subscription if it had gone through... :(
3. Crimson Avenger (Lee Travis) - DC's very first "Mystery Man" and he's only had one action figure in those 77 years (in the final JLU box set), not even DC Collectibles has given the Crimson Avenger his due.
4. Mon-El - While the massive MattyCollector Legion of Super Heroes box set is impressive it's obvious that there are many, many characters in the group who are not in the box. Mon-El is probably the first to come to most collectors' minds.
5. Spoiler - Stephanie Brown has been major part of the Batman family for 23 years now and she's only seen action figure glory once, as Batgirl from DC Direct. Spoiler is the costumed identity she held the longest and long overdue for an action figure (and I certainly wouldn't turn down a figures of her as Robin or Batgirl, either). To date the line still doesn't have a teen female body-type. Spoiler here should get an all-new smaller buck as an investment that can be used again down the road.
6. Cluemaster - Longtime Batman villain (nearly 50 years) and Spoiler's father.
CNC Starro the Conqueror - This is a personal choice for me. I was vocal about wanting a Starro CNC from the very beginning of DCUC (probably my second biggest want after Chemo). Yes, he's 100% new tooling that can't be re-used (at least I don't think it can be re-used...) but the five arms could all be made from the same molds so there is a huge savings there. Back when I was campaigning for Starro to be made I mentioned how could it packed as if each arm were holding the character it came with. Since this wave has five heroes and one villain, the center eye would have to come with Cluemaster.


Year 1 - Wave 2
1. Green Arrow (golden age) - Oliver Queen wore this outfit for about 30 years in the comics which is probably longer than his more famous Robin Hood costume.
2. Iroque (Indigo-1) - The missing Lantern leader. I have to wonder if she was planned for the 2014 subscription like Vixen.
3. Phantom Lady - Another Freedom Fighter to join Uncle Sam and Doll Man. A tiny Doll Girl should come packaged with her since she's the only FF character to make the two year cut.
4. Bouncing Boy - After Mon-El, BB would probably be the second most obvious omission in the box set. He's the tooling king of this wave as his hands and feet are probably the only parts (outside of internal pieces) that could existing tooling.
5. Speedy (golden age) - Golden age Green Arrow has to have his sidekick....
6. Manhunter (Paul Kirk) - I admit that I don't know much about this guy but the look of his costume has always been stuck in the back of my mind. DC Direct made a great figure of him but I'd like to see what the Horsemen would do with him. I think the Indigo Lantern Atom would provide the perfect boots (not those crazy "cages" as seen in the art above) for him.
CNC Galius Zed - Another 100% tooled CNC but it's obvious that 80% of him will see re-use a little further down the line. This guy is so crazy looking, how has he not gotten an action figure before now?...


Year 1 - Wave 3
1. Harley Quinn (roller girl) - Wave 3 for 2016 would be hitting shelves about the time the Suicide Squad movie would hit theaters, seemed like perfect timing to get this version of Harley out there.
2. Poison Ivy (classic) - While this look isn't from the same time as her best friend Harley's, she's a simple addition that would use the previous figure's torso and head with some boots and arm warmers to get her more traditional look
3. Blue Beetle (Dan Garrett) - This guy doesn't fill any holes in golden age teams but he does complete the Blue Beetle legacy and he'd be a 95% re-use of Copperhead.
4. Mano - Beginning slowly we would now have the "Fatal Two". The bubble helmet gives him a Mysterio vibe and I can't think of a single Mysterio figure that hasn't been a cool looking toy.
5. Static (television - third/fourth season costume) - While this look originated on television, the comic version soon changed to something very similar. Why is that Virgil never got anything beyond a kids' meal toy? At least DC Collectibles has his original comic appearance planned for their Icons line but I'd argue that this look is better known.
6. Mento - The last costumed member of the classic Doom Patrol (costume differences aside). Another easy figure that only requires a new head/helmet to be tooled.
CNC Killer Croc - Another member of the Suicide Squad film's team. A lot of new tooling on this one but he can make use of the Despero/Bane pelvis and thighs. While the original DC Super Heroes Croc was a nice looking figure, the articulation was severely lacking since it was a tooling hold over from the previous Batman line. Bane got a CNC make-over so the Croc deserves one, too. (Hey, if the tooling budget allows why not throw in a comic-ized version of Baby Doll with someone, as well?)


Year 1 - Wave 4
1. Supergirl (Matrix) - One of Supergirl's longer running costumes and one that is still used on a lot of merchandise but it's never been on an action figure (large scale collector dolls, yes - action figures, no). This one should come with a cape that can be swapped with the flame wings that became part of her backstory right before the costumed changed to the white crop top and blue miniskirt.
2. Zatanna (satellite era) - The last remaining member of the JLA from the satellite era to be in the appropriate costume for the time.
3. Johnny Thunder - Admittedly this guy is going to be the most boring addition to the line but he was always part of the classic JSA so he's got to be there, all he needs is a new head and a bowtie on the standard suit body and he's done.
4. Invisible Kid and Quislet - And this guy is a make-good for the Invisible Kid joke in the LOSH box. A simple figure needing only a new head, he'd be done like Deadman and Gentleman Ghost with the parts produced in clear plastic with a fading paint job. I put Quislet with him since other than the fading paint job there isn't (seemingly) a lot of deco expense and the only new tooling would be his head so some funds could be diverted to a little pack-in hero.
5. Klarion the Witch Boy and Teekl - This is a tricky one... I think he could be done using the Movie Masters suit body for the base with Kamandi's legs from the thigh cut down and a new head and suit overlay. Even if he did have to be completely new sculpt to look right, there is enough re-use in the rest of the wave to cost him out. Of course he has to come with Teekl, too.
6. El Diablo (Task Force X) - Another character from the Suicide Squad movie done in his comic book look. He would need to come with some flame effects so that he doesn't just look like some crazy tatted-up thug.
CNC Yz the Thunderbolt - With Johnny Thunder in the wave how could Yz not be the CNC?... From the waist up he's just a standard figure cast in translucent (but not transparent) or glow-in-the-dark pink but he's going to have to have some new tooling to give him that lightning-shaped lower body.


Year 1 - Wave 5
1. Batman (Dick Grayson) - I admit it. I was really stuck for a Bat-variant that looked different. He'd have to be on the medium build body and have that specific Bat-buckled utility belt to set him apart from the Bruce Wayne figures that came before.
2. Mera (classic) - Modern Mera (and her Red Lantern look) were apparently planned for wave 18 but they couldn't cost out the tooling for her scaled costume. Her classic look is simple needing only a new head and the stand-up collar.
3. Mr. Terrific (golden age) - One more classic JSA member. He could put the Alan Scott arms to new use.
4. Shadow Lass - One of the most visually striking members of the Legion. Even with her more modest costume the blue skin is still going to stand out on a shelf.
5. Tempest - Garth has been a hole in the collection for a while now and his Aqualad look would still be needed, as well.
6. Red Hood (Jason Todd - leather jacket and helmet) - The version we should've gotten in the subscription... Enough said...
CNC Blockbuster (Mark Desmond) - Can make use of a lot of Despero/Bane pieces.


Year 2 - Wave 1
1. Superman (Fleischer Studios/New Frontier) - Granted the "S" is really the only thing different about this figure, but the yellow border and black background make it look strikingly different, so why not?...
2. Psycho Pirate - One of the few characters to get made in the 4 inch Infinite Heroes line to not get a figure in DCUC. A new head (with removable mask) is all of the tooling that would be necessary though the complex paint work would probably be expensive.
3. Vigilante (Greg Saunders) - Believe it or not, this guy can be built from a lot of existing parts. Jack Knight's legs, Alan Scott's arms, Jonah Hex's gloves. He would just need a new head, torso and boots along with a gun belt (the six-shooter is already done) and a lasso to go over his shoulder.
4. Dawnstar - Another lady for the team. Even using the Hawkgirl wings, she'd still need quite a few new parts to get her look right.
5. Miss Martian - The "missing" member of the Young Justice line. That new Spoiler body from wave 1 last year would get re-use here. She should come with interchangeable heads so that she could be displayed with a 6" Young Justice collection, as well.
6. Composite Superman - Another personal choice. This guy has an "S" and a bat on his chest, how has he not been part of this line? A new head, cape and belt are all that would be needed tooling-wise though the paint work is pretty complex trying to get that split down the middle just right...
CNC Doctor Psycho / Detective Chimp - Thought it's be fun to switch it up this time and do two small, limited articulation figures. Break them down to legs from the waist down, a torso with head and two arms which would be packed together.


Year 2 - Wave 2
1. Supergirl (70s) - One of her more iconic and longer-lasting looks (around 10 years) this costume has only seen action figure form once in DCD's Justice line (which was based on Alex Ross artwork) and was done as a 5" bendie and an 8" doll by Mego (with the doll being re-issued by Figures Toy Company last year).
2. Black Orchid (classic) - Was featured in back-up stories during the time Supergirl headlined Adventure comics in the late 60s and early 70s. A very different look from the standard super-heroine.
3. Shining Knight - Another member of the Seven Soldiers. Another good re-use of Copperhead parts.
4. Persuader - "Fatal Two" now becomes the "Fatal Three". Even if someone doesn't know the character he still looks like a psycho axe-murderer - in a good way.
5. Anarky (first appearance) - A thorn in Batman's and Robin's side during the 90s he would make re-use of the Desaad body. The head would be done to emulate the false head the character initially wore in the comics which gave him bizarre proportions and would be more visually interesting than just putting a new head on a standard body like his later appearances would use.
6. KGBeast - Giant muscle-bound guy in a luchadore mask with a giant machine gun for a left arm... How come this guy isn't in the toy aisle at all times?...
CNC Winged Victory - Shining Knight has to have his winged horse. Mattel has said that they had run the numbers to see if a Winged Victory could be done as a CNC and the numbers worked out. Do those numbers still hold today?...


Year 2 - Wave 3
1. Wonder Woman (first appearance) - Much like the first appearance Superman, how come we didn't get her before the line ended the last time?... I saved her for this wave as it would be in stores about the time of the Wonder Woman movie. Not only will we get the most classic version of the character, she's be another addition to the JSA table. Her skirt piece would be removable to allow for the shorts version, as well.
2. Trickster (James Jesse) - There are still so many of the Rogues left to do. Unfortunately he's the only one that made this list... :( He's another one where most of the parts exist, it's just a matter of putting them together. The paint job is where he's going to cost.
3. Star-Spangled Kid - This guy fills JSA and SSoV vacancies and he's a missing link in the Stargirl story.
4. Sun Boy - Another addition to the Legion ranks.
5. Gear - I don't think comic book Richie ever became a hero but he was to fans of the cartoon.
6. Stripsey - SSK needs his side-kick
CNC Giganta (pre-New 52) - Built on the same buck as the previous Giganta and Elasti-Girl, the head and pelvis in this new round would allow for collectors with an incomplete wave 8 Giganta to assemble one even if it's not 100% with the same parts.


Year 2 - Wave 4
1. Green Arrow (The Long Bow Hunters) - The third major look for the character and a major storyline at the time.
2. Bleez - One of the more visually interesting of the new Lanterns, she would make for a very striking action figure.
3. Johnny Sorrow - A retconned golden age villain who appears as an empty suit wearing a floating mask - what's not to love about that?... Would be the standard suit body with wave 5 Riddler gloves and a new "empty shirt" torso. The biggest hurdle for the guy would be making the mask look like it's floating.
4. Tharok - "Fatal Three" is now the "Fatal Four". This guy would need at least 50% new tooling (yes, the joke was intentional).
5. Speedy (Mia Dearden) - The second in the Speedy legacy. New head, cape and quiver. Another use of the "new" Spoiler body.
6. Green Arrow (Conner Hawke) - A major part of the second wave heroes of the 90s.
CNC Zilius Zox - A new "head" and paint job is all that's needed for this figure to stand beside Atrocitus, Bleez, Dex-Starr, Skallox and Nite-Lik.


Year 2 - Wave 5
1. Superman (red) - Yes, another Superman variant (actually, two of them). But it does have a basis in the comics and would be noticeably different on the shelf while still recognizably Superman.
2. Superman (blue) - (see above)
3. Red Tornado (Ma Hunkle) - Possibly the first female superhero and a long-time member of the JSA. She could probably use some parts from the male library but a new torso and stew pot head would be necessities.
4. Dream Girl - Another lady for the Legion. Since she would only require a new head and the paint work is very simple she should include a tiny Shrinking Violet adding two to the Legion ranks in one package.
5. Impulse - Here's another 90s character that has kind of gotten lost in the shuffle. New head with the rest made up of Beast Boy parts.
6. Max Mercury - A second golden age character and mentor/babysitter to Bart. New head and collar piece and he's done.
CNC The General - Would primarily be made up of the Kilowog torso and arms with the bound Doomsday legs and enough new pieces to make him character specific. Originally thought that doing two small CNCs for the Cyclone Kids in the same wave with Ma would be the best way to get them out. Then the more I thought about it I could see retail balking at having dismembered children packed in with Superman figures and switched them out with the General.

...so, as I was putting all of that together above I scribbled around 100 or so names in the margins of the sheet and decided to go ahead and try to put together a couple of more years. I didn't have as much time to think about this batch and I didn't have time to do the fancy graphics like above. This time around I split the theming to a single year each and I upped the maximum number of females per wave to three because there were just so many left. Even doing the extra years I've still got a list with well over 50 names, granted some of those would be better suited to multi-packs and exclusive items... This time around row 3 goes to the Crime Syndicate, row 4 to the Outsiders and row 5 to Flash's Rogues.

Year 3 - Wave 1
1. Batman (The Dark Knight Returns) - same figure as before but with blue replacing the black
2. Emerald Empress - to finish out the Fatal Five properly
3. Johnny Quick (CSA) - the one from the Earth-2 story since we've already got the classic version
4. Katana (first appearance)
5. Heat Wave
6. Mutant Leader (The Dark Knight Returns) - hey, since the MOTUC tooling was made available you'll see some creative uses below...
CNC Blok - The Legionaire who would make use of the wave 12 Darkseid body much better than Lead did

Year 3 - Wave 2
1. Batgirl (the Batgirl of Burnside)
2. Gypsy
3. Deathstorm
4. Black Lightning (first appearance)
5. Weather Wizard
6. Vibe
CNC Wildebeast

Year 3 - Wave 3
1. Wonder Woman (silver age)
2. Jade
3. Power Ring (the Earth-2 version, well, one of them)
4. Halo (first appearance)
5. Piped Piper
6. Bloodwynd
CNC Congorilla - though I have no idea where to fit Congo Bill into the line...

Year 3 - Wave 4
1. Robin (Stephanie Brown)
2. Black Bat - give here the taped hands and the classic Cassandra mask as an interchangeable head
3. Sea King
4. Looker (first appearance)
5. The Top
6. Ventriloquist (Arnold Wesker) - he would use the Movie Master suit body with a bowtie and new head to give him that smaller build without the expense of tooling a whole new figure, besides, Scarface is going to cost the tooling here...
CNC Charaxes

Year 3 - Wave 5
1. Supergirl (New52)
2. Terra (first appearance)
3. Atomica - would include a mini Atomica
4. Geo-Force (brown and tan)
5. Rainbow Raider
6. Bizarro (silver age - rock faced)
CNC Blockbuster II (Roland Desmond)

Year 4 uses row 3 for the Female Furies, row 4 for a return to the golden age and row 5 for Teen Titans.

Year 4 - Wave 1
1. Superman (The Dark Knight Returns)
2. Knockout - would use the female body from MOTUC, Mara of Primus' boots are a pretty good match as is...
3. Granny Goodness - a new head and torso with Copperhead's legs and the regular male arms
4. Zatarra
5. Aqualad (classic Garth)
6. High Father
CNC King Shark

Year 4 - Wave 2
1. Super Pets (Krypto, Streaky and Ace)
2. Lady Blackhawk (modern)
3. Lashina
4. Blackhawk
5. Cheshire
6. Aztek
CNC Comet the Superhorse

Year 4 - Wave 3
1. Nightwing (first appearance)
2. Rima the Jungle Girl
3. Mad Harriet
4. Sgt. Rock
5. Starfire (first appearance)
6. The Ray (90s)
CNC Oberon / Mr. Mxyzptlk (purple suit)

Year 4 - Wave 4
1. Scarecrow (wave 17 re-do, no yellow ring)
2. Batwoman (modern)
3. Stompa - would use MOTUC limbs with an new torso and head
4. Liberty Belle
5. Arsenal
6. Zauriel
CNC Alloy

Year 4 - Wave 5
1. Red Robin (New52)
2. Dr. Light (Kimiyo Hoshi)
3. Bernadeath
4. Spy Smasher
5. Wonder Girl (Cassie - red jeans and crop top)
6. Dr. Sivana - another re-use of the Movie Master suit body
CNC Shaggy Man

...whew... NEXT!

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 Post subject: Re: The Two-Year DCUC Challenge - RESULTS
PostPosted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 3:35 pm 
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Well done! Now I hope that it doesn't take me too many hours to track down a few photos and type up my list.

 Post subject: Re: The Two-Year DCUC Challenge - RESULTS
PostPosted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 10:18 pm 
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For Year 1, the themes are Young Justice (YJ), Earth 2 (E2) the recent version, and DC Soldiers for troop building.
For Year 2, the themes are Young Justice (YJ), Earth 2 (E2) the recent version, and Infinity Inc. (Inf).
Using the row 1 variant costume heroes, I also slipped in another theme, Elseworlds Finest Supergirl & Batgirl (EFSB)

Year 1 - Wave 1
1. (E2) Batman 1 "Bruce Wayne"
2. Killer Frost
3. (YJ) Miss Martian
4. (E2) Flash
5. Checkmate Trooper - comes with an additional alternate head.
6. (YJ) Ra's Al Ghul
CNC. (E2) Atom

Year 1 - Wave 2
1. (EFSB) Batgirl
2. (YJ) Bumble Bee
3. (YJ) Nightwing
4. (E2) Dr. Fate
5. Kobra Trooper - comes with an additional alternate head.
6. Lex Luthor in Business Suit
CNC. (YJ) Black Beetle

Year 1 - Wave 3
1. (EFSB) Captain Marvel
2. (E2) Red Tornado
3. (YJ) Impulse
4. (E2) Superman "Clark Kent"
5. H.I.V.E Trooper - comes with an additional alternate head.
6. Queen Bee
CNC. Atomic Skull

Year 1 - Wave 4
1. (E2) Wonder Woman
2. (E2) Hawkgirl
3. (YJ) Lagoon Boy
4. (E2) Terry Sloan
5. Rocket Red Brigade Trooper - comes with an additional alternate head. A white helmet and a red helmet. This is to make up for Mattel making the previous one too big.
6. (EFSB) Firestorm
CNC. (EFSB) Joker "on venom"

Year 1 - Wave 5
1. (E2) Superman "Val Zod"
2. (EFSB) Big Barda
3. (YJ) Tigress
4. (E2) Green Lantern "Alan Scott"
5. Parademon Trooper - comes with an additional alternate head.
6. (YJ) Deathstroke - comes with an additional alternate head. Masked and Unmasked.
CNC. Rip Roar

Year 2 - Wave 1
1. (E2) Batman II "Thomas Wayne"
2. (YJ) Wonder Girl
3. (YJ) Beast Boy
4. (E2) Sandman - comes with an additional alternate head. One with white hair and one with dark hair. "Sandmen"
5. (Inf) Fury "Lyta Trevor"
6. (EFSB) Ambush Bug
CNC. (Inf) Nuklon - comes with an additional alternate head. Masked or Unmasked version.

Year 2 - Wave 2
1. (EFSB) Supergirl
2. (E2) Fury
3. (YJ) Guardian - comes with an additional alternate head. One for "Mal Duncan" and one for "Jim Harper".
4. (E2) Red Arrow II "Oliver Queen"
5. (Inf) Star Spangled Kid
6. (Inf) Mr. Bones in costume
CNC. (E2) Steppenwolf

Year 2 - Wave 3
1. (EFSB) Green Lantern "Abin Sur"
2. (Inf) Huntress "Helena Wayne" in classic costume
3. (YJ) Rocket
4. (E2) Evil Superman "Brutaal"
5. (Inf) Silver Scarab
6. (YJ) Black Manta - comes with an additional alternate head for "Aqualad"
CNC. Mister Atom

Year 2 - Wave 4
1. (EFSB) Wonder Woman
2. (E2) Power Girl - new costume with Superman logo.
3. (YJ) Robin "Time Drake"
4. (E2) Batman III "Dick Grayson"
5. (Inf) Brainwave Jr.
6. (Inf) Northwind
CNC. Rocket Red "Gavril" from Justice League Generation Lost

Year 2 - Wave 5
1. (EFSB) Flash
2. (Inf) Jade
3. (YJ) Batgirl
4. (E2) Captain Steel
5. (Inf) Hourman II
6. Deadshot
CNC. Gog

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 Post subject: Re: The Two-Year DCUC Challenge - RESULTS
PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, 2015 6:37 am 
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The CNC's need some work.

 Post subject: Re: The Two-Year DCUC Challenge - RESULTS
PostPosted: Thu Aug 13, 2015 7:20 am 
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I tried to follow the rules as best as I could. I think it's hard to do this and not try to squeeze in a few figures that I REALLY wanted, but the ones I really wanted I do feel would help make the line move (such as having a Batman or Superman in each wave).

I also tried to keep the waves semi coherent...not just 6 random figures and a BAF...but like we were asked, I also tried not to make it to wave heavy (such as Batman & friends)

Finally: I did put some figures back in this line that would require ZERO tooling, as they were offered as exclusives (I'll be honest, I wanted Super Powers Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman...and that Kalibak BAF). Seeing as how those are tooled, from Mattel's standpoint that would be a no brainer, AND put a recognizable character with each wave. I struggled a bit finding/thinking of figures that met the BAF mold...I'd say that's my main weak point.

I reserve the right to change this up or add/delete a character if I realize I left out a biggie.



Super Power Batman
Donna Troy (stars outfit)
Deathstroke (The Batman Unlimited one that was hard to find)
Build-A-Figure: Clayface


Superman: Hunter/Prey
Cyborg Superman: Hunter/Prey
Build-A-Figure: Mongul


Green Lantern (Simon Baz)
Doctor Polaris
Parallax (Hal Jordan)
Doctor Light


Super Powers Wonder Woman
Red Tornado (Modern, that we never got in Wave 1 of DCUC)
Sgt Rock
BAF--Monarch (Armageddon 2001)



Batman: Earth 2 (Thomas Wayne, DCNu Costume)
Two-Face (the DCSH version that was hard to find)
Red Hood (same costume from the animated movie)
Vandal Savage
BAF--Granny Goodness


Green Lantern (Renegade Version)
Red Lantern Guy Gardner
Batgirl (Stephanie)


Superman: Val Zod (Earth 2 Nu52)
General Zod
Supergirl (Nu52)


Green Lantern (Alan Scott, Nu52)
Count Vertigo
Scarecrow (DCSH re-release)
Shining Knight
BAF--Shining Knight Horse


Batman Beyond w/ wings
Johnny Quick (Modern, that would match the earlier release 5 pack)
Power Ring (Modern, that would match the earlier release 5 pack)
Lady Shiva
Mad Hatter
Artemis (her non wonder-woman costume)
BAF--Killer Croc


Super Powers Superman
Weather Wizard
Killer Frost
Liberty Bell
BAF--Super Power Kalibak

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 Post subject: Re: The Two-Year DCUC Challenge - RESULTS
PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 2:54 pm 
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Awesome topic. This is the ultimate exercise is fantasy, but it's fun for sure. I added a few of my own qualifiers too:

1) Unfinished business. Characters to round out major lineups of major teams and even to round out incomplete duos like Hawk and Dove (Don Hall) or Jade and Obsidian. This needs to be done to rebuild trust with the core fan base. I did punt on LSH as I believe this to be a special circumstance. Best addressed in the same manner as we got the first set. Needing at least two more such sets just to get us to 1989. IMHO. Your mileage may vary. New Gods is also vexing. Where do you draw the line? I couldn't if it comes down to characters created by Jack. So I all but ignored them.

2) I chose not to include any animated characters at all as well as no Super Powers/Friends. I'm also real light on GLC and related because I hate the GLC and related. Besides, Scott and company did a pretty good job of it anyway. I'm probably light on villains and females too.

3) Without this being a wish list, I tried real hard to make as many of these figures I'd buy as possible outside of completing the C&C. I'm at about 85%. And I'm a cherry picker and niche builder. The completest in me is retired.

4) I took the name of the line "Multiverse" seriously. Many of these characters are from outside of the main DCU. In other words, not from pre Crisis "Earth 1", post Crisis "New Earth", or post Flashpoint "DCnU Earth 0". This part of the lineup includes logical figures like KC Superman, GA Mr. Terrific, Dr. Sivana, etc., as well as wild card characters like Batman of Earth 17 from the Multiversity Guidebook. He'd be a 100% new tool.

5) I went back and read all four of the Scott Beatty "exit interviews" about DCUC from his site, plasticmemorial.com and pulled several of their wish list characters out. Stuff they wanted to get to, but that got bumped.

Back soon to finish up. I think I've got enough for three years or so.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 4:59 pm 
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Year 1 Wave 1

1) DKR Superman
2) GA Wonder Woman
3) SA Kid Flash (yellow and red on teen buck)
4) KC Flash
5) nU E2 Flash
6) KC Kid Flash
C&C Oracle Avatar (I'll leave the engineering to them)

Wave 2

1) Conner Hawke
2) Perez Zatanna
3) SA Aqualad on teen buck
4) KC Green Lantern (new tool)
5) nU 52 E2 Dr. Fate
6) Zauriel to go with Hawke
C&C KC Batman

Wave 3

1) nU 52 Green Lantern (Hal)
2) Terra
3) SA Speedy on teen buck
4) KC Nightstar
5) nU E2 Superman (Val Zod)
6) Jericho to go with Terra
C&C KC Hawkman

Wave 4

1) KC Superman
2) Jade
3) FA "Disco" Nightwing
4) KC Deadman
5) nU 52 E2 Batman (Thomas Wayne)
6) nU 52 E2 Huntress
C&C KC Atom Smasher (just a repaint)

Wave 5

1) nU 52 Cyborg
2) Wonder Girl (Cassie)
3) Kid Flash (Bart)
4) KC Wonder Woman in battle armor
5) nU 52 E2 Captain Steel
6) KC Aquaman
C&C nU 52 E2 Atom on Atom Smasher buck

Year 2 Wave 1

1) GA Superman
2) Mera
3) Dove (Don Hall)
4) KC Blue Beetle
5) nU 52 E2 Sandman
6) nU 52 E2 Aquawoman
C&C Nuklon (pre Crisis)

Wave 2

1) KC Captain Marvel
2) nU 52 E2 Hawkgirl
3) Speedy (Mia)
4) KC King Orin
5) nU 52 E2 Green Lantern
6) nU E2 Mr. Terrific
C&C Frankenstein

Wave 3

1) Pre Crisis E2 Robin (Adams costume)
2) PC E2 Huntress
3) Lilith
4) KC Power Woman
5) nU 52 E2 Batman (Dick Grayson)
6) Johnny Thunder
C&C Thunderbolt

Wave 4

1) GA Green Arrow
2) Wildcat (Yolanda Montez)
3) Gnarrk
4) KC Parasite
5) nU 52 E2 Fury
6) GA Speedy
C&C Shade the Changing Man

Wave 5

1) Gotham by Gaslight Batman
2) Vixen
3) Mal Teen Titans
4) KC Sandman
5) nU 52 E2 Red Tornado
6) Aztek
C&C GA Red Tornado

Third year later with some different (looser) themes.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 4:16 pm 
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I had enough for an actual five year plan like Mattel supposedly had for DCUC. Nice selling point when they basically promised five years worth of figures. We got four. Plus a bit.

I've switched up and combined themed lines too. Now I'm going with Golden Age and Earth 2, Multiverse (new and old), and some specific creator waves (Kirby and Morrison) alternating with misc. characters that need to be done somehow.

Didn't have remote problems with lines 2-6. My problem came from coming up with wave anchors and C&C's which help to sell whole waves. Also mixing in villains.


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PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 6:10 pm 
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Year 3 Wave 1

1) Red Son Superman
2) GA Phantom Lady
3) GA Star Spangled Kid
4) nU 52 E2 MR. Eight/Terry Sloane (in costume)
5) Klarion
6) Stripsey
C&C Granny Goodness (same buck as GA Red Tornado)

Wave 2

1) Earth 17 Batman (full armor) 100% tool
2) DKR Robin
3) GA Mr. Terrific
4) Peacemaker Earth 4
5) SA Captain Atom
6) DKR Joker
C&C King of Tears

Wave 3

1) DC 1M Superman
2) Liberty Belle
3) GA Johnny Quick
4) Hercules Unbound (Simonson version)
5) Captain Comet
6) Jessie Quick
C&C Shaggy Man

Wave 4

1) WWII Hippolyta
2) Talia
3) GA Shining Knight
5) Classic Adam Strange
6) GA Vigilante
C&C Winged Victory

Wave 5

1) Superman Red
2) DC 1M Wonder Woman
3) Crimson Avenger
4) Tangent Superman
5) Pre Crisis Metallo
6) Superman Blue
C&C Starro

Year 4 Wave 1

1) Damien/Batman
2) Black Orchid
3) Silver Scarab
4) Tangent Atom
5) Manhunter (Simonson version)
6) Fury
C&C Mist

Wave 2

1) MA Batwoman
2) Katana
3) GA Finhead Atom
4) New Frontier Batman
5) Rip Hunter pre Flashpoint
6) New Frontier Martian Manhunter
C&C General

Wave 3

1) DC 1M Batman
2) Halo
3) Brainwave Jr.
4) Tangent Flash
5) Mento
6) Northwind
C&C Egg Fu

Wave 4

1) DC 1M Wonder Woman
2) Looker
3) GA Ray
4) Tangent Batman
5) Geo Force
6) GA Human Bomb
C&C KC Manotaur

Wave 5

1) Dark Flash
2) Nightshade
3) GA Black Condor
4) Tangent Green Lantern
5) Ragman
6) DC 1M Flash (red and gold) John Fox
C&C Warlord with a ton of weapons

Year 5 Wave 1

1) Hawkworld Hawkman
2) New Frontier Wonder Woman
3) Psycho Pirate
4) Captain Atom Earth 4
5) Shade from Starman
6) Hourman II
C&C Killer Croc

Wave 2

1) New Frontier Superman
2) Dr. Midnight (Beth Chappel)
3) FA SA Red Tornado
4) Blackhawk
5) Highfather
6) Mr. Bones in Black Terror costume
C&C Monarch

Wave 3

1) New Frontier Flash
2) Bulleteer
3) Johnny Sorrow
4) DC 1M Starman
5) Black Racer
6) Fastback
C&C Sgt. Rock with a bunch of weapons

Wave 4

1) DC 1M Aquaman
2) Firebrand II
3) Vandal Savage
4) Max Mercury
5) Shilo Norman
6) Kanto
C&C Mr. Atom

Wave 5

1) Impulse
2) Shining Knight II
3) Blue Beetle I
4) Dr. Sivana
5) Wing
6) Seven Soldiers Guardian
C&C FA Black Lightning with FX


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FWIW Dept.:

I would buy 119 of the single carded figures. I want 15 of the C&C and maybe 1 duplicate. I wasn't able to find homes for several Kirby characters I wanted to work in. There were only 2 others I couldn't find a home for, Hourman III and Ambush Bug. I tried to fill holes as I went: Fab Five Teen Titans, NTT, Geoff Johns Titans, GA/pre Crisis JSA, Infinity Inc., SSoV, Freedom Fighters, Outsiders, Morrison JLA, Satellite JLA, nU 52 Justice League, Morrison Seven Soldiers, etc. But I tried to branch out from the mainstream as well. I think President Superman is a hint and I went with it. That was fun.

I hope we all get at least some of what we want out of this.

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I added more photos to my post above.

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