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PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 4:36 am 
6" Scale

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All excellent suggestions.

Cookie_TXPSY wrote:
JQ3x29yz4a wrote:
I'd like the character-specific cycles and Winged Victory! S.T.R.I.P.E. too!

I'd also like playset/storage case/display sets of the Watchtower, Metro Tower and Legion of Doom HQ

I love the idea of S.T.R.I.P.E being a vehcle it would come with a Pat Dugan figure. Also Winged Victory is great. But I keep thinking of a pegasus with a saddle with molded on Shinnig Knight legs and a trap door on the back like an old Star Wars Tantan or Dewbach. Also a watchtower bridge display would be great with one or two crew members or a Mr. Teriffic. Also this could be multileved with the middle level a meeting room for the big 7 and on the other side a cafateria area which they showed alot. The lower level for a javelin hanger and maybe a medical room . Legion of Doom HQ would be awesome, with a big meeting table in the middle.
I'm down with the trapdoor on the back of Winged Victory idea. I think if they ARE going to release either Winged Victory or Vigilante or Black Canary's motorcycles they should include the figure but ALSO make it so the figure can be removed. I'm not crazy at all about those motorcycles with the figures glued onto the backs.

Dioramas would be nice too although I still really like playsets. The playsets and vehicles I'd like to see are the Batcave (with the giant Dinosaur and giant penny) / Wayne Manor, both versions of the Watchtower, the Metro Tower, the Daily Planet, Winged Victory, the Batplane, the Batboat, the Batmobile, Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet, motorcycles for Black Canary, Vigilante and Robin, Javelins, the Firepits of Apokalips with Darkseid's Palace, Gorilla City, the Batmobile Beyond, Luthor Corp, the Legion of Doom Headquarters, Hamilton Hill High, Themyscera, and a STRIPE with removable armor.

Just don't release them all at once, 'kay? I'm not exactly rich and I'd have to save up for each of these.

ThunderCats Wishlist: Wilykit, WilyKat, Snarf, Ma-Mutt, Jaga, Vultureman, Grune, Rataro, Hatchiman, Snowman, Termigar, Hammerhand, Capt. Cracker, Capt. Shiner, Bengali, Lynxo, Pumyra, Mongor, Safari Joe, Driller, Ro-Bear Bill, Mandora, Mumm-Ra (Mummy).

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