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 Post subject: DCUC Wish List 2009 (please read first post before voting)
PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 7:07 pm 
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wears suits so fine they make Sinatra look like a hobo

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Toy Guru wrote:
We love hearing your reviews and wish lists and want to continue to work with the fans to make this the greatest DC toy line ever!...So let us continue to know what you think of the lines and what figures you are looking for and would like to see.

We did this all of last year, and ended up with this:
http://www.actionfigureinsider.com/foru ... php?t=9997

Now that we've had some time for the line to grow, how has your own 'want list' changed? I want to know your 20 most-wanted figures, including the big guns, villains, females, C&C, obscure characters, any of 'em. I will keep a running tally below in the next post, so the Mattel & 4H crew can see what the fans want most now that the line is going strong. Post away!

For reference, here's what's already out or coming in DCSH/DCUC, organized by team:

Clark Kent (DCSH)
Superman (DCSH)
Supergirl (white shirt, DCSH)
Supergirl (modern. DCSH)
Steel (DCSH)
Superman (long hair)
Superman Blue
Superman Red
Superman (black resurrection suit)

Bizarro (DCSH)
Brainiac (robot, DCSH)
Cyborg Superman (DCSH)
Doomsday (DCSH)
Lex Luthor (battlesuit, DCSH)
Metallo (C&C)
Mongul (DCSH)
Parasite (DCSH)

Azrael (DCSH)
Batman (black/grey DCSH)
Batman (blue/grey DCSH)
Batman (black/grey)
Batman (all-black)
Batgirl (Barbara Gordon, DCSH)
Batgirl (Cassie Cain, DCSH)
Batman Beyond
Batman Beyond (unmasked)
Robin (modern Tim)

Bane (DCSH)
Catwoman (DCSH)
Clayface (DCSH)
Harley Quinn
Joker (DCSH)
Killer Croc (DCSH)
Man-Bat (white, DCSH)
Man-Bat (brown)
Mr. Freeze (DCSH)
Scarecrow (DCSH)
Two-Face (DCSH)

Adam Strange
Aquaman (classic)
Atom (classic)
Batman (classic Bronze Age)
Black Canary (classic)
Firestorm (classic Ronnie)
Flash (classic Barry)
Green Arrow (classic Oliver)
Green Lantern (classic Hal)
Red Tornado (classic)
Wonder Woman (classic)

Black Lightning (modern)
Firestorm (modern Jason)
Green Lantern (classic Hal)
Wonder Woman (classic)

Animal Man
Blue Beetle
Booster Gold
Captain Atom
Captain Marvel
Dr. Fate (classic Kent)
Big Barda
Mr. Miracle (classic)
Power Girl
Wonder Woman (Artemis)

Atom Smasher (C&C)
Captain Marvel
Commander Steel (A-SS)
Dr. Fate (classic Kent)
Dr. Fate (modern Hector)
Dr. Mid-Nite (classic)
Mr. Terrific (modern)
Power Girl
Spectre (classic)

Beast Boy
Kid Flash (classic Wally)
Raven (classic)
Robin (modern Tim)

Black Lightning (modern)
Metamorpho (modern, C&C)

Doom Patrol

Metal Men

Green Lantern Corps
Green Lantern (Abin Sur)
Green Lantern (classic Hal)
Green Lantern John Stewart
Green Lantern Kilowog (C&C)
Green Lantern Katma-Tui

Aquaman (modern)
Aquaman (blue camo suit)
B'wana Beast
Guardian (classic)
Mary Marvel (red & white)
Lex Luthor of Earth-3
Vigilante (Adrian Chase)

New Gods
Big Barda
Mr. Miracle (classic)
Orion (removable helmet)

Darkseid (DCSH)
Darkseid (C&C)
Dr. Impossible
Kalibak (C&C)
Mantis (classic comic style)
Mantis (Super Powers)
Parademon (classic comic style)
Parademon (Super Powers)
Steppenwolf (classic comic style)
Steppenwolf (Super Powers)

Black Adam
Chemo (C&C)
Gentleman Ghost
Killer Moth
Sinestro (Sin Corps costume)
Sinestro Corps Karu-Sil
Sinestro Corps Romat Ru
Ultraman (classic E3)

Legion of Doom
Bizarro (DCSH)
Black Manta
Captain Cold
Giganta (classic, C&C)
Gorilla Grodd (C&C)
Lex Luthor (green/purple costume)
Riddler (Hush suit)
Scarecrow (DCSH)
Sinestro (classic)
Solomon Grundy (C&C)

Keep up with the latest news on the AFi facebook page!

Take a walk on the Sunny Side of the Street

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 7:10 pm 
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wears suits so fine they make Sinatra look like a hobo

Joined: Sun Nov 04, 2007 6:30 pm
Posts: 9002
Location: Colorado
Current votes: 1049 total

27 Martian Manhunter

26 Zatanna (modern)

16 Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott
16 Stargirl

14 Huntress (modern)

13 Fire
13 Golden Age Flash Jay Garrick
13 Green Lantern Kyle Rayner (classic)
13 Ice

11 Robin (Dick Grayson)
11 Wonder Girl (Donna Troy)
11 Zatanna (blue Perez costume)
11 Zauriel

10 Flash (Wally West)
10 Green Lantern Guy Gardner
10 Plastic Man (C&C)
10 S.T.R.I.P.E. (C&C)

9 Beast Boy/Changeling (classic)
9 Dr. Mid-Nite (modern)
9 Rocket Red (C&C)

8 Elongated Man (red/black, C&C)
8 Katana
8 Starman (Jack Knight)
8 Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark)

7 Aqualad
7 Blue Devil (classic)
7 Geo-Force
7 Golden Age Hourman
7 Golden Age Starman
7 Obsidian
7 Speedy (Roy Harper)

6 Aztek
6 The Creeper
6 Golden Age Sandman (suit/gas mask)
6 Swamp Thing
6 Tempest

5 Batwoman
5 Donna Troy (modern)
5 Huntress (Earth-2)
5 Jade
5 Negative Man (classic)
5 Phantom Stranger
5 Spoiler
5 Vixen

4 Apache Chief (C&C)
4 Black Lightning (classic)
4 Elasti-Girl (C&C)
4 Golden Age Mr. Terrific
4 Hawk (classic Hank Hall)
4 Hourman (modern)
4 Halo
4 Red Arrow
4 Sand
4 Superboy (Kon-El)

3 Ambush Bug
3 Aquaman (armor/harpoon)
3 Black Orchid (classic)
3 Blue Devil (classic)
3 Bronze Tiger
3 Captain Marvel Jr.
3 Commissioner Gordon
3 Dawnstar
3 Dove (classic Don Hall)
3 Dr. Light
3 Golden Age Batman
3 Johnny Quick
3 Johnny Thunder & Thunderbolt
3 Lady Blackhawk
3 Liberty Belle (modern)
3 Lightning Lad
3 Martian Manhunter (modern)
3 Mera
3 Oracle
3 Phantasm
3 Phantom Lady (classic)
3 The Ray (modern)
3 Robin (Earth-2, red/yellow costume)
3 Saturn Girl
3 Shade the Changing Man (C&C)
3 Speedy (Mia)
3 Superboy (Reign of the Supermen)
3 Supergirl (Bronze Age costume)
3 Supergirl (Matrix/Reign of the Supermen)
3 Uncle Sam
3 Vigilante (cowboy Greg Saunders)

2 Adam Strange (classic)
2 Alfred
2 Aquagirl (Tula)
2 Aquagirl (Lorena)
2 Argent
2 Batman (1st Appearance)
2 Black Condor (modern)
2 Black Vulcan
2 Blue Beetle I (Dan Garrett)
2 Blue Beetle III (Jaime Reyes)
2 Blue Devil (modern)
2 Checkmate Knight
2 The Chief
2 Crimson Fox
2 Damage
2 Dove (Dawn Granger)
2 Flamebird (Bette Kane)
2 Fury (Lyta Hall)
2 Golden Age Atom
2 Golden Age Hawkman
2 Golden Age Superman
2 Green Lantern Arisia
2 Green Arrow (Connor Hawke)
2 Green Lantern Kyle Rayner (Jim Lee costume)
2 Green Lantern Salaak
2 Hitman
2 Hourman (android Matthew Tyler)
2 Jemm, Son of Saturn
2 Jonah Hex
2 Manhunter (Simonson costume)
2 Manhunter (modern)
2 Metron w/ chair (C&C)
2 Mon-El/Valor
2 Phantom Lady (modern)
2 Ravager
2 Red Hood (Jason Todd)
2 Red Robin
2 Robin (Earth-2, grey costume)
2 Robin (Stephanie Brown)
2 Samurai
2 Shining Knight (classic)
2 Supergirl (80s Crisis costume)
2 Star Spangled Kid
2 Starman (Thom Kallor)
2 Tarantula (John Law)
2 Tellus (C&C)
2 Ultra Boy
2 Warlord
2 Wonder Woman (Queen Hippolyta)

1 Amazing Man (Will Everett)
1 Amethyst
1 Arion
1 Arrowette
1 Arsenal
1 Atomic Knight
1 Batman (1 Million)
1 Batman (Justice Lords)
1 Black Canary (80's JLI costume)
1 Black Condor (classic)
1 Black Racer
1 Blackhawk
1 Bloodwynd
1 Blue Jay
1 Blue/Green Lantern Hal Jordan
1 Bombshell
1 Brainiac 5
1 Brainwave (modern)
1 Bulleteer
1 Bushmaster
1 Captain Comet (classic)
1 Captain Comet (modern)
1 Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew
1 Celsius
1 The Chief (classic)
1 Colossal Boy (C&C)
1 Crimson Avenger (classic)
1 Cyclone
1 Dr. Fate (Linda Strauss)
1 Dolphin
1 Donna Troy (Darkstar)
1 Duo Damsel
1 El Dorado
1 Elongated Man (JLE costume)
1 Enchantress (modern)
1 Enchantress (classic)
1 Entropy Aegis armor (C&C)
1 Firebrand (Danette Reilly)
1 Firehawk
1 Flash (John Fox, blue/black costume)
1 Flash (Justice Lords)
1 Fury (Helena Kosmatos)
1 General Glory
1 Gog
1 Godiva
1 Golden Age Sandman (Kirby)
1 Golden Age Liberty Belle
1 Green Lantern Ch'p
1 Green Lantern Kyle Rayner (modern)
1 Green Lantern John Stewart (Justice Lords)
1 Green Lantern Tomar-Re
1 Guardian of OA
1 Hawkgirl (JLU Shayera Hol)
1 Hawkgirl (Justice Lords)
1 Human Bomb (modern)
1 Huntress (classic)
1 Ice (princess/cape costume)
1 Icon
1 Impala
1 Impulse
1 Infinity-Man
1 Ion (Sodam Yat)
1 Isis
1 Jack O'Lantern
1 Jennifer Morgan
1 Jericho
1 Jonah Hex (future Hex)
1 Jor-El (Silver Age)
1 Judomaster (Sonia Sato)
1 Kamandi
1 Kid Flash (Wally West adult)
1 Kole
1 L-Ron
1 Lara (Silver Age)
1 Little Mermaid
1 Livewire
1 Looker
1 Lori Lemaris
1 Machiste
1 Martian Manhunter (Justice Lords)
1 Maxima
1 Mento (classic)
1 Misfit
1 Miss America
1 Mr. Majestic
1 Nemesis
1 Nightmaster
1 Nightshade
1 Olympian
1 Owlwoman
1 Pantha
1 Phantom Girl
1 Polar Boy
1 Question
1 Ragman
1 The Ray (classic)
1 Red Bee
1 Red Devil
1 Red Star
1 Rising Sun
1 Robin (Dick Grayson adult/NTT)
1 Secret
1 Seraph
1 Shakira
1 Silent Knight
1 Silver Scarab (Hector Hall)
1 Silver Sorceress
1 Son Of Vulcan
1 Space Ranger
1 Spot (Stanley's Monster)
1 Starboy
1 Starman(Mikaal Tomas)
1 Starman(Prince Gavyn)
1 Starman(Will Payton)
1 Supergirl (modern redo)
1 Supergirl (1st Appearance)
1 Superman (1st Appearance)
1 Superman (Silver Age)
1 Superman (1 Million)
1 Superman (Justice Lords)
1 Superman X
1 Tara
1 Tasmanian Devil
1 Tawky Tawny
1 Thunderlord
1 Tomorrow Woman
1 Traci 13
1 Troia
1 Tuatara
1 Ultra, the Multi-Alien (C&C)
1 Vigilante (modern)
1 Warhawk
1 White Witch
1 Wild Huntsman
1 Wildebeest
1 Golden Age Wonder Woman
1 Wonder Woman (Diana Prince mod costume)
1 Wonder Woman (Justice Lords)
1 Zauriel (first appearance costume)

17 Catman (modern)

16 Cheetah (classic)

14 Doomsday (C&C redo)
14 Poison Ivy

9 Ra's al Ghul
9 Toyman (Super Friends)

7 Captain Boomerang (classic)
7 Heat Wave
7 Mirror Master
7 Trickster (classic)

6 Prometheus
6 The Shade
6 Ultra-Humanite (C&C)
6 Weather Wizard

5 Atomic Skull
5 Chronos (classic)
5 Killer Frost
5 Ocean Master
5 Riddler (classic)

4 Bane (C&C redo)
4 Cheshire
4 Clock King (classic)
4 Granny Goodness (C&C)
4 Lex Luthor (business suit)
4 Pied Piper (classic)
4 Psycho Pirate
4 Shadow Thief
4 Sinestro Corps Arkillo (C&C)
4 Ventriloquist & Scarface
4 Zoom

3 Calendar Man
3 Count Vertigo
3 Doctor Destiny
3 General Zod (classic)
3 Mr. Zsasz
3 Parallax
3 Rag Doll (modern)
3 Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom
3 Scandal Savage
3 Silver Banshee
3 Star Sapphire
3 Starro (C&C)
3 Talia
3 Trigon (C&C)
3 Tyr

2 Bernadeth (Female Fury)
2 Black Mask
2 Blight
2 Catwoman (classic)
2 Catwoman (Jim Balent costume)
2 Cheetah (modern)
2 Composite Superman
2 Doctor Light
2 Doctor Polaris (classic)
2 Doctor Polaris (modern)
2 Enemy Ace
2 Hush
2 Knockout
2 Lashina (Female Fury)
2 Mad Hatter
2 Mad Harriet (Female Fury)
2 Major Force
2 Maxima
2 Mr. Freeze (Super Powers)
2 Mr. Mxyzptlk
2 Owlman
2 Power Ring
2 Red Lantern Atrocitus
2 Shriek
2 Stompa (Female Fury)
2 Superboy-Prime
2 Vandal Savage

1 Abra Cadabra
1 Anti-Monitor (C&C)
1 Artemiz (Female Fury)
1 Atomic Skull (JLU)
1 Black Hand
1 Black Mary Marvel
1 Blockbuster (C&C)
1 Bloody Mary (Female Fury)
1 Catman (classic)
1 Catwoman (Bronze Age purple dress costume)
1 Cicada
1 Circe
1 Cluemaster
1 Deimos
1 Disruptor (Angelica Smith)
1 Doctor Alchemy
1 Doctor Cyber
1 Doctor Poison
1 Doctor Psycho
1 Dominators
1 Extant
1 The General (C&C)
1 General Immortus
1 Giganta (modern, C&C)
1 Gilotina (Female Fury)
1 Girder
1 Hellhound (modern)
1 Inque
1 Johnny Quick
1 Joker
1 Kestrel
1 The Key (classic)
1 The Key (modern)
1 Killer Croc (redo)
1 King Snake
1 KGBeast
1 Lady Shive (classic)
1 Larfleeze (Agent Orange)
1 Lex Luthor (armor redo)
1 Lex Luthor II (clone with beard)
1 Malice Vundabar (Female Fury)
1 The Mist (modern)
1 The Mist (Golden Age)
1 Manhunters
1 Maxima
1 Monarch
1 Mongul (C&C)
1 Mordru
1 Morgan le Fey
1 Mr. Freeze/Mr. Zero (first appearance)
1 Mr. Freeze (BTAS version)
1 Monsieur Mallah & Brain (C&C)
1 Murmur
1 Onomatopoeia
1 Persuader
1 Penguin (Super Powers)
1 Rag Doll (classic)
1 Red Lantern Hal Jordan
1 Shaggy Man (C&C)
1 Signalman
1 Sinestro Corps Lyla Drak
1 Speed Queen (Female Fury)
1 Spellbinder
1 Superwoman
1 Tala
1 Toyman (JLU)
1 Ursa
1 Validus (C&C)
1 Vixen
1 White Martian
1 Wildebeest
1 Wotan
1 The Wrath
1 Wunda (Female Fury)

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 7:16 pm 
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Aspires to be #1

Joined: Fri Nov 14, 2008 6:54 am
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Location: College Station, TX
Non-Mullet non heat vision eyes Superman
Martian Manhunter
Dick Grayson Robin
Armor Suit Lex Luthor
Re-done Supergirl
Beast Boy
Re-done CnC Darkseid
Re-done CnC Doomsday
Star Sapphire
Re-done Catwoman
Re-done Two Face
Poison Ivy

Boring I know but it's my want list so deal with it!

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 8:16 pm 
HEY! New guy! GET HIM!

Joined: Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:13 am
Posts: 18
Location: hacienda heights, CA
blue devil
ventriloquist and scarface
CnC doomsday
poison ivy
mirror master
captain boomerang
CnC monsieur mallah and brain
CnC ultra humanite
CnC stripe
cowboy vigilante
shining knight with CnC victory
atomic skull (ghost rider rip off version)
mr. mxy
beast boy
batman from DC 1 million
major force
morgaine le fey
female furies
doom patrol
CnC entropy aegis because that armor was just plain cool

sorry thats more than 20 but i have a lot of figures in mind

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 8:21 pm 
My heart is of low-durometer PVC

Joined: Sun Nov 04, 2007 6:30 pm
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In no order

Catwoman (Jim Balent costume)
Superboy (reign of the supermen)
Poison Ivy
Martain Manhunter
Lex Luthor II (red hair and beard)
Wonder Girl (cassie)
John Stewart
Granny Goodness

What is the DCUC tagline? Finding it is half the battle? Ha just kidding, Mattel!

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 9:01 pm 
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Joined: Sat Jan 05, 2008 4:53 pm
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Location: Massachusetts
There are a lot of characters I couldn't include in this list. Cutting it down to 20 was hard.

Apache Chief
Clock King
Dr. Mid-Nite
Flash (Jay Garrick)
Green Lantern (Alan Scott)
Lex Luthor (Super Friends or Business Suit)
Mr. Freeze (Super Friends Repaint)
Penguin (Super Friends Repaint)
Poison Ivy
Riddler (Classic)
Robin (Dick Grayson)
Swamp Thing
Two Face (Classic)
Zatanna (Modern with Classic Variant)
CnC Bane
CnC Doomsday
CnC Mongul

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 9:03 pm 
HEY! New guy! GET HIM!

Joined: Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:52 pm
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Location: Los Angeles
I'm taking out Jemm, Son of Saturn and putting in Tellus (C&C). I dare you to make a Tellus figure. I double dare you.

I'm also putting in the new Owlman from the Outsiders. It's just a great costume and I'm not that excited about Nightmaster anymore.

Atomic Knight
Checkmate Knight
Doctor Midnight (modern)
Enemy Ace
Geo Force
Major Force
Owlman (Outsiders)
Polar Boy
Rocket Red
Swamp Thing
Ultra Boy

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 9:29 pm 
Santos L. Halper

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BOTH versions of Zatanna in a 50/50 split.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 9:49 pm 
You hear that? We're using CODE names...

Joined: Sun Nov 04, 2007 6:30 pm
Posts: 58
mine most wanted
1.ultra boy
3.white witch
4.superman x from legion animated series
6.duo damsel
9.classic black lightning
11.geo force
12.alan scott
13.phantom stranger
14.negative man
16.the chief
17.c&c tellus
18.c&c collosal boy
20.elasti girl
there are more i would love to see made mainly legion characters but i do not see any of these made anytime soon

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 10:42 pm 
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Joined: Sun Nov 04, 2007 6:30 pm
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Location: East of Smallville
1. The Black Racer
2. The Reverse Flash (50/50 split both versions)
3. Freddy Freeman "Shazam!" Captain Marvel Jr. (70/30 split blue & red outfit)
4. The Silent Knight
5. Mary Marvel (4 versions: red, white, black & "Final Crisis")
6. Mister Tawky Tawny
7. Jonah Hex
8. Supergirl: Silver age (first appearance)
9. C&C Shaggy Man
10. Catman
11. Kamandi
12. Zatanna (fishnets & tophat)
13. Supergirl: Bronze age (puffy sleeves, short-shorts)
14. Batman: Golden age (1st appearance)
15. Riddler in tights
16. Supergirl: Crisis era (50/50 split with and without headband)
17. Cheetah (any version)
18. Toyman (Super Friends version)
19. Supergirl: Reign of the Supermen era (same outfit as the movie version)
20. Red Robin


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2009 12:31 am 
Factory Worker

Joined: Sun Nov 04, 2007 6:30 pm
Posts: 848
Except for a minor disappointment in the Gleek deal, and the scales of Sinestro and Lobo, I love everything that Mattel has done with this line.

No one's perfect but this comes close to the best DCU line ever. Although I still like some of the stuff DC Direct puts out, it's DCUC that has me more excited these days.

My wishlist

    Martian Manhunter
    Alan Scott
    Jay Garrick Flash
    Wally West Flash
    Reverse Flash
    Captain Boomerang
    Weather Wizard
    Mirror Master
    Dr. Polaris
    Animal Man
    Fire and Ice
    Dr. Midnite
    The Question
    Shadow Thief
    Lightning Lad
    Saturn Girl
    Cosmic Boy
    Psycho Pirate
    Atomic Skull
    Guy Gardner
    Kyle Rayner
    John Stewart
    And the rest of the Crime Syndicate

Rocket Red

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2009 2:15 am 
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Loose, Missing Package

Joined: Sun Nov 04, 2007 6:30 pm
Posts: 13581
Location: Cox's Creek, KY
1. Zatanna (tophat and tails)
2. Elongated Man
3. Huntress
4. Silver Banshee
5. Vigilante (Greg Saunders)
6. Crimson Avenger (the original)
7. Composite Superman
8. Flamebird (red tunic w/ shades)
9. Wonder Girl (Cassie, current outfit)
10. Jade
11. Spoiler
12. Speedy (Mia)
13. Stargirl
14. S.T.R.I.P.E.S.
15. Spot (Stanley's monster)
16. Dolphin
17. Mary Marvel
18. Amethyst
19. Supergirl (70's hotpants)
20. Swamp Thing

"I'll always be a Toys 'R' Us kid..."

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2009 3:36 am 
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categorically opposed

Joined: Sun Nov 04, 2007 6:30 pm
Posts: 2721
Location: Pittsburgh
In no particular order...

Doomsday CnC
Kyle Rayner
Donna Troy
Red Arrow
Speedy (Mia)
Beast Boy
Wonder Girl (Cassie)
Kon-El (whatever form he takes on after Blackest Night)
Ra's al Ghul
Blue Beetle III

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2009 3:57 am 
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Shudders at the Thought of Swamp-Crotch Chafing

Joined: Sun Nov 04, 2007 6:30 pm
Posts: 9543
Location: Rochester, NY
In no particular order ... (except for my Number 1 pick)

#1. Black Orchid (classic costume tragic heroine please)
CNC Kilowog
GL Salaak
Guardians of Oa
Ambush Bug
Dawnstar (LSH)
Tellus (LSH)
Shade the Changing Man (as a CNC ala Rex)
Blue Devil (classic costume)
Manhunter (Both the Goodwin/Simonson character as well as the GL android/villains)
Commisioner Gordon
Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew (because let's face it ... without the whole team these figures just aren't worth it)
Robotman (Cliff Steele)
Metron (with Chair!)
Granny Goodness and the Female Furies (Lashina, Bernadeth, Stompa, and Mad Harriet)
Bronze Tiger

... and I could keep going but I think that is a fair start.


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2009 4:02 am 
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too much stick, not enough carrot

Joined: Sun Nov 04, 2007 6:30 pm
Posts: 3704
Location: The Great Country of Texas!
So many choices - hard to cut down to just 20, but here it is.

1. Lightning Lad
2. Saturn Girl
3. Cosmic Boy
4. Plastic Man C&C
5. Martian Manhunter
6. Kilowog C&C
7. Cheetah
8. Alan Scott
9. Jay Garrick
10. Liberty Belle
11. Hourman
12. S.T.R.I.P.E.S. C&C
13. Catman
14. Vixen
15. Ra's Al Ghul
16. Huntress
17. Zatanna
18. Jade
19. Stargirl
20. Jack Knight Starman

Go visit the JLU Customs Wiki - you won't be disapointed!

DC/WB is all like "Wonder Woman's too confusing for a movie!" and Marvel/Disney is all like "Here's a raccoon with a machine gun".

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