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 Post subject: DST Star Trek TOS Checklist
PostPosted: Tue Jan 30, 2007 9:20 pm 
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Another Trek checklist, this time for the Original Series. Let me know if I'm missing anything! :D

STAR TREK: The Original Series

TOS Series 1

Kirk (yellow shirt, boxed, SDCC 2003 exclusive)

TOS Series 2

Mirror, Mirror Kirk
Mirror, Mirror Spock
Mirror, Mirror Scott (2004 SDCC exclusive)

TOS Series 3

Kirk (battle damaged)
Vina the Orion Slave Girl
The Gorn
Kor the Klingon

TOS Series 4

Mirror, Mirror McCoy (New Force Comics exclusive)
Mirror, Mirror Uhura (Diamond Select exclusive)
Mirror, Mirror Uhura (carded, Diamond Select website exclusive)
Mirror, Mirror Chekov (Entertainment Earth exclusive)
Mirror, Mirror Sulu (AFX exclusive)
Mirror, Mirror Marlena Moreau (bagged, 2006 SDCC exclusive)
Mirror, Mirror Marlena Moreau (carded, Diamond Select website exclusive)
Kirk (from “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, Fan Expo Canada 2006 exclusive, limited to 1000)

Avon exclusive 3-pack - Fall 2003 (Kirk w/ phaser, Spock w/ science tricorder & McCoy w/ medical tricorder packaged together and available from Avon reps and their website)

Kirk in Command Chair (from “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, 2006 SDCC exclusive)
Kirk in Command Chair (standard uniform)
Pike in Command Chair (from “The Cage”, New Force Comics Las Vegas show exclusive)

"Space Seed" 2-pack - Fall 2006
Kirk (dress uniform)
Khan (gold tunic)

Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan Series 1

Captain Terrel
Kirk (“Double Cross”, with open jacket and blood, Previews exclusive)

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, 2010 8:12 am 
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This line has me a little confused and research hasn't helped me much :? . When looking at these at TRU, the packaging says different things on the front..... like from the "Original Series" etc. The blister packs all look alike, but seems that maybe there are sub-lines involved or something.... maybe different waves? Are these here on the checklist all the re-issues that i read about? Can they all be found currently at Toys R Us? If anyone could enlighten me on the history of this line i would appreciate it. I picked up the Khaaaan! figure last year and recently grabbed a Kang. I'd like to eventually add some more of the characters from the original tv show. Thanks.

Edit: Also, what the deal on the mirror, mirror figures. I'm not familiar with that.

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