Funko Updates Fans on 2016 ReAction Offerings
March 23, 2016

Yesterday on the ReAction Figure Fans Facebook page, Reis, one of the designers at Funko posted an update with a loose timeline on what what fans of the retro 3.75″ action figure line can expect for the rest of 2016.  There are some we knew about and some surprises on the list as not very much new ReAction product was on display at Toy Fair last month.

ReActionAliensTF1 (2)

Hey gang! Well, we all had a sit down and managed to hash out which new ReAction figures will be hitting in 2016. This is a pretty complete and solid list for this year, but as always is subject to change. I don’t have exact release dates for any of this, but I tried to note the general time frame. I can’t name exactly which characters will be in each series yet.

And here we go!

Aliens – 3 pack Power Loader, Alien Queen & Ripley (6.15.16)
Chucky – July 2016
Nightmare Before Christmas Series 2 – July 2016
Golden Girls – July 2016
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure – August 2016
Addams Family – Late summer/early fall 2016
E.T. – Late summer/early fall 2016
Dark Crystal – August 2016
Back to the Future 2 – Late summer/early fall 2016
Star Trek: The Next Generation (Wave 1) – Fall 2016
The A-Team – Fall 2016
American Psycho – Fall/winter 2016
The Godfather (Wave 1) – Fall/winter 2016
Conan the Barbarian – Winter 2016
Red Sonja – Winter 2016


There you go!

Daniel Pickett
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  • Andrew says:

    The NBC, Addams Family, Chucky, Dark Crystal, Conan and Red Sonja lines are all lines that I’ll probably have to pick up. Thanks for sharing the list with us. 🙂

  • Ozzie says:

    Greatest American Hero, Six Million Dollar man, The Fall Guy…. These are meant for Re Action.

    • We got some great 6 Million Dollar Man retro figures from Zica Toys recently. But I agree whole-heartedly on Greatest American Hero figures!!!!

      • Ozzie says:

        I really enjoyed the Bigfoot and Steve Austin Zica. Bummer that the Seven Million Dollar man, Dolenz Robot and Rudy Wells never made the second series. Hopefully sometime in the not so distant future.

  • Ron says:

    Some real gems in here. Addams Family, Dark Crystal and Alien 3 Pack are must haves for me. Thanks for sharing.

  • ALBERT RICCI says:

    HOLY &#$*!@!!!! What an incredible lineup. These are mind blowing. Funko is the coolest. I seriously cannot believe they’re making these figures. I’d LOVE to see The Office (UK & US), Parks & Recreation and Cheers reaction figures. Arrested Development would be great, too. Imagine if they could make a Cheers bar playset. Maybe I’m alone in wanting that. Anyway, I can’t wait to give Funko my money this year. I also can’t wait to hear more about the new Game of Thrones figures. The photos of the GOT line from Toy Fair made me giddy. Although I do love the Reaction line, I’m glad the new GOT figures won’t be exactly like them. The sculpts seem more detailed and I love the knee joints.

  • I can’t wait for some of those new GoT figures to come out, especially the Nights King. The Ripley and Alien Queen set is definitely going on my bday list.

    I am most excited for those retailer exclusive Golden Girls ReAction figures. I honestly think they might end up being one of their most successful ReAction releases ever. I know tons of non-collectors who want them. Our main morning news in Chicago has even covered their impending release.

  • Lee says:

    I thought the Dark Crystal figures were lost to us for sure. I’d given up. This is great news! Add to that the new Trek, Conan and Red Sonja, the Addams Family, and even the A-Team! (Now I’m kicking myself for not picking up the 3 3/4″ van from the movie several years back.)

    Since we’re getting the A-Team, I’ve got my fingers crossed for a Knight Rider set in 2017. I’m not starting a rumor, just declaring a wish. I’ve got the Diamond Select K.I.T.T. but had no love for the Michael Knight figure made to go with that car. ReAction-style Michael Knight would probably be perfect, and they could fill out the set with Devon, Bonnie, April, and “evil twin” Garth Knight.

  • C. says:

    There’s a nice good list going here and the Golden Girls! WOW. I think those will sell pretty quick, I was hoping they’d do these a while back so it looks like they’ve decided to. How awesome is that! E.T., The Addams Family, A TEAM, so many good classics that will probably sell pretty well but what version of the Addams Family would they be doing I wonder, there’s the old show, the cartoon and the movies…. I think any one of them would sell really well. Yeah I was think Cheers would be neat but they probably won’t do that, Knight Rider might be something they would look at. It’s popular or it used to be I think. I was also thinking Ghostbusters would be AWESOME but since it’s so popular right now I’m not sure if they could do that or not, it would be a good marketing idea I think. Well in conclusion I really love this list, it has me excited and I will definitely be hitting my Barnes and Noble store for a lot of these and maybe online if I can’t get them there. I can’t wait!

  • C. says:

    Also another good movie would be Beetlejuice, Funko ReAction figures of Beetlejuice characters would be a very good idea I think, I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t buy them. If someone collects ReAction figures or even likes them a little then Beetlejuice would probably be a great idea! Almost thirty years later and it’s still a popular movie!

  • Joey I says:

    Goodfellas please!!!!
    Morty(with hair piece)
    Young Henry

  • Hello!
    Please: “V” TV series
    Incredible Hulk TV series
    American greatest hero

    Greetings to all From Barcelona (Spain)

  • Daniel García says:

    Hello friends, I would like to see figures of two TV series “Six Feet Under” and “Lost”

    greetings from Spain

  • Jim says:

    Any update on this info? Specifically, have they shown off any photos for the Star Trek TNG or A-Team figures? Those were announced so long ago that it’s gettin hard to believe that they’re still in the plans to be released.

  • Adrian Butler says:

    Serenity bridge playset as well as rest of the crew…PLEASE!!!

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