Funko’s 6″ Legacy Collection Rocketeer soars onto retail shelves!
June 16, 2015

I feel it’s only fair to disclose a few things in advance of this review.  I’m an unabashed Rocketeer fan.  I’ve been waiting 25 years for this toy, so please, forgive me if I gush over it a little bit.  I saw the film before it was in theaters.  I own one of the original helmets.  I knew Dave Stevens, God rest his soul.  I think he would’ve been proud of a toy like this.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the toy itself.  He’s part of the 6″ Legacy collection by Funko.  Funko seems like a group of like-minded professionals who simply “get it.”  The Legacy collection consists of 6″ scale, realistically detailed, super-poseable action figures.  Think Marvel Legends, but more movie and TV based.  As you can see below, Mr. Secord fits right in with your Marvel, DC, and Star Wars figures.  He’s got a ball torso, double ball neck, pin & disc shoulders, pin & disc wrists, bend & swivel elbows, ball hips, double knees, and those great pivot and swivel ankles.  His helmet is actually a second head, so there are no issues with it being out of scale in order to fit over the actor’s portrait.  The heads interchange smoothly & easily.  He also includes his Luger pistol, and can recreate some iconic scenes from the film.  The backpack is insanely detailed,  and even includes the small patch of pink bubble gum!  The jet pack itself does not appear to be removable.  Paint apps are nice and clean, and he’s got a slight wash in all the right parts.


As you can see, the long wait was worth it.  Funko hit this one out of the park, and I look forward to more of their offerings.  The Rocketeer here was found and purchased by the reviewer for the purpose of this review, and all images are copyright, and are not to be used without the expressed written consent of the editors.

Steve "Captain Collector" Ceragioli
A veteran member of the toy journalism community for well over a decade, Steve "Captain Collector" Ceragioli has written for sites like AFT, AF Hub, and Action Figure Insider. Steve moonlights a a professional model & prototype painter in his spare time, which unfortunately he has very little of! Steve collects many of today's toy lines, and he has a massive vintage & modern toy collection.
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  • demoncat_4 says:

    nice review you don’t need forgiveness for being happy to at last have a piece you have been waiting for a long time. now that you have the rockeeteer you can gush all you want .

  • Darren D says:

    dammit, how come Rocketeer gets this lovely realistic treatment, yet all the stuff I want from this line is bundled in with this awful, retro looking fetish? I was tired of retro when it wasn’t retro, I’m a ‘grown up’ now, I want grown up toys 🙂

  • Tom H says:

    I wish there was a variant or an optional comics-version rocket pack. You’re right, Cap, Dave Stevens would have loved this.

  • earltheyeti says:

    The preview images for this figure, and what we saw coming out of toy fair, made it look like the jetpack and front panel of his jacket would be removable, but are neither of these the case?
    Also, and I’m not usually like this, but someone is liable to point this out eventually: I’m pretty sure the pistol is a Mauser rather than a Luger.
    Cool figure, regardless, and I have a perfect place on a shelf for him.

  • Matzmaru says:

    Yep — broom handled Mauser. Thanks for the review and the photos — so cool to see this finally come to market!

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