Funko’s Jaws ReAction Figures Finally Surface!
June 29, 2015



Just in time to celebrate the landmark film’s 40th anniversary comes Funko’s Jaws ReAction figure line.  I saw Jaws at a drive in movie as a child in 1975.  It made such an indellible mark on me as a child that I had to have every rubber shark toy imaginable.  But to this day, we never got the action figures we so badly wanted, we so richly deserved.  I would be remiss if I didn’t point out Shark City Ozark’s amazing shark replicas.  They are unparalleled in authenticity and accuracy to detail, and I’ve reviewed these previously.  However, you can’t take a high end statue in the tub with you and recreate the scene where Bruce the shark swallows the salty old Quint whole (after a little shakin’ and a little tenderizin’, of course).

The Packaging

The packaging uses that classic, iconic poster image we’ve always known.  This image has been used liberally throughout the years, but kudos to Funko for two things here:  (1)The graphics are bright, crisp, and colorful.  (2) The swimmer Chrissie is unretouched, as other outlets often do, based on the fact that she’s technically nude.  Bravo Funko, home run.

The Figures

Each figure is rendered in that unmistakable Retro style Funko and this line has become known for, and this is a property it really fits.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the sculpting and proportions seem vastly improved, and the paint, for figures of this scale, is very clean.  Chief Brody includes his trusty service revolver and the rifle he used to finally defeat the shark (“Smile you Sonofa!”).  Matt Hooper includes his camera used to document the shark (to get his picture in the National Geographic, of course), and Quint includes his speargun, used to secure the yellow barrels to the shark’s torso to bring him up to the surface.

The Shark

Let’s get down to the real star of the movie, and the star of this line – The Great White Shark.  Funko could’ve offered a very generic shark, and let’s face it, I would’ve bought it.  But there a lot of care and attention given to this beast.  I’ve had the opportunity to speak with the designer of this line, and let me assure you, he’s a true fan, and it really shows.  Distinctive features like the scar over the shark’s right eye, the prominent “jowls”, the nicks and cuts, and even the classic shape of the shark’s fin scream authenticity.  The shark strikes a keen balance, and walks a fine line between hyper accuracy and faux-vintage retro styling.  It’s a combination that’s hard to acheive, and Funko pulls it off brilliantly here.  It looks like a toy we might’ve gotten in the 70’s, and it also looks like THE shark.  Another home run.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the cool little extras, like the scuba tank that will blow up if you screw around with it too much, and the hinged lower jaw which allow Quint (or Luke Skywalker, or Ripley, whomever strikes your fancy) to be swallowed whole.  Bravo!


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  • demoncat_4 says:

    cool was going to say that if the jaws opened one could feed other figures into old jaws mouth too even the rockeeteer or star wars figures or mu.

  • JRT! says:

    Are these figs widely available now? Hoping that if I go by Super 7 store in San Diego while I’m at Comic Con,I could get these and a few others I want. Still hoping they’ll do Galaxy Quest at some point,lol!

    Great review Steve! And great pics too.

    • Thanks JRT! I’m sure they’ll have them there, if they haven’t sold out by next week.

      • JRT! says:

        Hopefully not! Still gonna pop by and have a look,you never know what else they might have,lol. Already got the Legacy Rocketeer waiting for me at a friend’s house when I get there at the end of July. Had to order two,lol. I really want to open one,so needed two.


  • Axel says:

    Cool. These figures make me wish to have a scale model of the “Orca” ship to make a full retro-style diorama. 🙁

  • Jim Abell says:

    I remember two Jaws toys from the vintage days. The Ideal game where you had to hook junk out of the sharks jaws without causing them to snap shut and a rubber squeaky-toy type thing (I don’t think it had a squeaker in it) sold loose out of a tray box with a cardboard tag attached to it.

  • Kalli says:

    Some guy pasted your entire review here including the part about not using without permission; they’re hotlinking your images too:!

  • john guilfoyle says:

    What size are these figures? I haven’t seen that info anywhere, even on the Clark Toys site.

  • Don Watkins says:

    I am new to the site.
    I’ve Been collecting for 25 plus years.
    I found the Jaws SDCC figure at Toys R US today. 30.00 is a Bit high for a figure. Does anyone know if this figure is in wide release at TRU?
    Or is it gonna dissapear?

    • There is a regular version and then there is the SDCC/TRU exclusive bloody version. The regular version was made for wide release. The TRU/SDCC was made in much smaller quantities and when they sell through they are done. The TR version is $30 for 2 figures the shark and a variant Quint figure.

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