Funko’s Rocketeer Appears!
June 2, 2014

funko_reac_rocketeerAs many of you loyal readers know, I have been eagerly anticipating Funko’s expansion of Super 7’s retro ReAction line of 3-3/4″ action figures. One of the figures I was most looking forward to was The Rocketeer, based upon Disney’s 1991 movie of the same name (which was, in turn, based upon Dave Steven’s amazing comic book).

I absolutely love The Rocketeer movie. I so wanted figures back in the day, but there was nothing. Well, there was a bendy figure…but, I wanted action figures! Over the intervening years we’d hear snippets of how the rights were a mess, or Disney wanted a ridiculously high amount of money for the licensing rights. Then a few years back Toy Biz announced plans to include The Rocketeer in their Legendary Comic Book Heroes line of 6″ figures…right before Toy Biz shut their doors. It seemed like The Rocketeer, as an action figure was not meant to be (well, as an affordable action figure anyway)

Funko to the rescue!

The release of the first ReAction figures was looming nigh, and Entertainment Earth just showed The Rocketeer as “in stock” a few days ago. But, imagine my surprise as I stopped by Things from Another World here in Portland, Oregon earlier today and saw they had the figure on the shelf!

Of course, I snatched him up without hesitation!

I love this figure! I dig the retro look. I love the little details that are still present on the figure (look closely at the rocket pack for a fun surprise). Yeah, the helmet is a bit big…but, that’s to¬†accommodate¬†the removable helmet. This is a fun little guy I’m super thrilled to have on my shelf!



Jeff Cope
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  • demoncat_4 says:

    never ever thought given that the film is a cult classic almost and disney would make it a nightmare since it did not do the box office it wanted to get their okay that a rocketeer figure would ever see the light of day let alone in the current trend of 3&3/4.hope the rest of the rocketeer cast follows

  • Daniel Pickett Julius Marx says:

    Where are the helmet-less pictures? I want to see the face under the helmet!

  • JRT! says:

    DEFO not enough Rocketeer merch out there so this is a must have! Rumour has it that one of the Comic Con exclusives this year will be a black and white version,not been confirmed yet though. Funko has a LOT of exclusives at the con this year. I’m also looking forward to Hallmark’s Rocketeer ornament out in July. It looks great!

    Look forward to coming back to Portland in July,go by my usual digs,TFAW in Milwaukie so I can pop by Collectors Mall as well,lol! Fun place. Billy Galaxy is pretty good too.

    Now where’s my Galaxy Quest toys! lol


  • Nitewing73 says:

    This is one I’m looking forward too Jeff. I just picked up a copy of the movie on blu ray a month ago and my daughter want to watch it with me. Also found the IDW hardcover collection of the first miniseries as half price books so I’ve been really itching to get this fig.

  • Mark says:

    It’s about time. Agreed – not enough of this.

  • Andy says:

    Ok, so the movie wasn’t the best but I am still surprised at why there are not more toys connected to The Rocketeer. I think Disney should invest some money into the brand for creating some new toy products.

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