Funko’s Savage World Debuts with Mortal Kombat X!
December 25, 2017

Recently, rumors started floating around about a new line from Funko, one that was 5.5″, and paid homage to the art style of a certain muscle-bound hero from the 80’s.  Well, the rumors are true!  Funko has delivered with the first salvo in what promises to be a very lengthy campaign.  First up in this new line is Mortal Kombat X!  Let’s take a look.

The first wave of Savage World Mortal Kombat X figures contains five figures, and three, limited chase variants.  As of press time, we do not know the exact distribution on the chase figures, but if they’re like the Darkwing Duck variant showed previously, it’s going to be one per every six cases.  Happy hunting!

The figures themselves feature swivel neck, shoulder, and waist articulation.  The legs are ball joints, reminiscent of the old he-Man figures these are inspired by.  If I had any nit to pick here, its that  I wish the shoulders had ball joints as well.  This would’ve really helped with achieving some epic fighting poses.  The paint apps are neat and clean, and some figures ever feature multiple color casting, like as seen on Scorpion’s head, which really makes them pop.  Figures include accessories as shown.  One of the really fun aspects of these are their compatibility with vehicles and accessories from previous lines that are in this same scale.   Without further delay, let’s take a look at the figures!

Liu Kang

Liu Kang does not include accessories, other than his invisible can of whoop-ass.


Includes fan weapons.


Includes Ice Sword and Hammer

Sub-Zero Chase Variant

Iced-out version


Includes Swords

Scorpion Chase Variant

Includes burning skull head.  FINISH HIM!!!


Includes lightning bolts

Raiden Chase Variant

Electrified version

That’s all of them.  As cool as these are, I’m really excited to see what Funko has up their sleeves at toy Fair this year.  The mind boggles with the possibilities for the Savage World line!  Happy holidays everyone!  I’ll be back real soon with my end of the year top toys of 2017, and more sneek peeks in 2018!

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