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2 SDCC 2008 Day 2
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booth babes

Disney Home Entertainment booth

Spidey banner

"Paint the Bat" custom Batman vinyl figures

more "Paint the Bat" custom Batman figures

trippy Batman vinyl figures

more trippy Batman vinyl figures

even more trippy Batman vinyl figures


Speed Racer

DCUC Wizard fan poll

JLU poster

MOTU He-Man power sword

Mattel booth

dino in a cage

USS Enterprise

DCUC poster

DCUC poster

Emily the Strange

Zatanna! She's everywhere!

oh, that Zatanna...

Stan Lee lollipop or something

DC booth

NCS booth

Atomic Avenue booth

Random booth shot

CBG booth

Thunderbirds stuff

Iconic Replicas booth

Iconic Replicas booth

SSRN Seaview Submarine

SSRN Seaview Submarine

Twenty to Six booth

Kirby stuff

Kirby books

Torpedo comics booth

Torpedo comics booth

Golden Age books

Torpedo comics booth

Pulp Cover Art from the Robert Lesser collection

plush overload!

X-treme Toys booth

love the booth babes

scary pirate!

Toyrocket IG88

Toyrocket Zuckuss

Toyrocket Han in Carbonite

Indiana Jones cosplayer


Stupid puppyhead!


Regular AFI poster BamBam

Georg Brewer of DC Direct

From left to right: Jim Fletcher, James Shoop and Jeff Trojan on the DC Direct panel

Audience at the DC Direct panel

Mattel panel

Julius Marx and Captain Collector

FWOOSH! Left to right, DisThunder, VeeBee and Prodigy. BamBam is sitting behind them.

Scott Rogers and Jason "Toy Otter" Geyer

FWOOSH! Prodigy and Industrial

Aw! Ain't they cute?

Mattel panel is about to begin

Mattel panel

Mattel's Jim Murphy is at the podium