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2 SDCC 2008 Day 3
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Marvel Universe 3 3/4" figures

Marvel Universe 3 3/4" figures

Mattel Cars


Rocketeer prop

cool gun!

cool guy!

NBC booth cutie

NBC booth cuties

apparently she has lost her sheep

costumed con-goers

why so ser...ah nevermind.

looks uncomfortable

one of many, many, many jokers

Begun the clone wars have


JLA/JSA: Crisis on Cougar Earth

Adam Hughes would be proud


GL Ninja?

fraternizing with the enemy

um, keep your eyes up on this one

Black Manta...bobblehead?

Red Arrow-ish

er nice boots

Cyclops, signing up for art school

Bat guys and Rogue


red on the head, fire in the...sigh

here kitty...


Indeanna Jones?

ha dude.

nice stick

SDCC 06 called and was looking for you, pirate

Master of Magnetism...and donuts!

oh look, another Joker!

bad guys

The Superfly loves this one

Fook Mi and Fook Yu. C'mon, who hasn't had this fantasy?


Bite me! No, seriously! Bite me!


Pretty girls are everywhere at SDCC

Booth babe at the Dimension Films booth

NBC booth babes


Booth babes at the Fox Home Video booth

Marvel booth

Naked Fat Rave


Cosplay cuties

Dr. Henry McCoy waits in line to enter Hall H

From left to right: BamBam, CubanZod, Julius Marx, SDcomics, Toy Otter and Cantina-Dan

Society of Illustrators Los Angeles panel. Artist Michael Davis is at the podium

AFI's Plastically Incorrect panel.

Our fearless leader, Daniel "Julius Marx" Pickett

Another view of the AFI panel

AFI's panel. Mattel's Toy Guru is second from the left


Angel Medina and Jim Starlin


Matt Wagner

Michael Golden

Random booth shot