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2 SDCC 2008 Day 4
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Model Stacy E. Walker's booth

Artist Sisters Miss Mindy and CJ Metzger

Wildstar Tempest, and to the far right is Heather Theurer's booth

More fantasy art

Jason Palmer Studios

Terese Nielsen Daydream Graphics Fantasy and Sci-Fi Art Gallery

Sony has Ghostbusters in Blue-ray!

Sony Pictures had a large presence this year

Aston Martin from the upcoming Quantum of Solace film at the Sony booth

Viz Media

G4 is live from comic-con!

The comic-con logo is everywhere. Even on the rug.

Gentle Giant promotes Red Star

Gentle Giant

My Little Pony at the Hasbro booth

Hallmark! "When you care enough to send the very best!"


Buy some Lego's, why don't ya!


Radical Comics

More beautiful art of Radical Comics

CS Moore Studios

Poster promoting Marvel Select's Skrull Elektra and Skrull SDCC exclusive two-pack

Marvel mighty Muggs at the Diamond Booth

Marvel Legends Icons at the Diamond Booth

Continuity Studios

Random House

Cookies! Yay!

Coffee! Yay!

Thank goodness the escalators never brokedown all weekend

Welcome to SDCC 2008!

The busiest ATM machines on the west coast during the last weekend of July

It was an up and down weekend

Fantasy costume accessories

Dealer selling Marvel animation art

Anybody have change?

The next generation of the Jones family

100 Auctions original art

TwoMorrows Publishing

Gamers line-up for Lego Batman: The Video Game

Mattel Booth babes

A surprisingly realistic looking Two-Face for the 5" Dark Knight line at the Mattel booth

Two-Face and other 5 inch Dark Knight figures

Deluxe 5 inch Dark Knight figures

Um ... okay.

Small Press area of exhibit hall

The Looking Glass Wars: A comic, novels and a collectible card game

Lucky fan and a booth babe

Great Dark Phoenix costume

Girl Genius online comics booth

Blank Label Comics booth

David Willis, artist of the funny Shortpacked comic strip

Shortpacked! Toys are serious business!

Keenspot Entertainment and Blatant Comics

Marvel Legends for sale! (Not cheap!)

San Diego Comics! A personal favorite of AFI's own SDcomics!

Booth displays!

Walt Davis/FM Designs

Long, long hallway

Another long, long hallway on the mezzanine level. The SD Convention Center is big, kids.

The San Diego International Children's Film Festival wants to know if you have talent. Well, do you?

The San Diego International Children's Film Festival

The San Diego Star Wars Society


IKV Stranglehold