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2 SDCC 2008 Day 4
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Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, Inc

Furry Stuff, In-Fur Nation and Califur

Shouldn't leave your weapons just laying around, kids

The southwest side of the convention center, facing the harbor

Mezzanine level, south side

Small Press gets a hefty share of exhibit hall floor

WCG Comics

The venerable Scott Shaw! He's been to every SDCC since the first one in 1970

Comics! Appropriate for comic con.

Hey, kids! Comics!

The Christopher Reeve Foundation. Go Forward!

Thinking of becoming a writer? Have these guys got the software for you!

Comic Relief of Berkeley, California

The beautiful Linda Tran

Uh oh! SDcomics is cuddling up with Linda instead of working! Julius and the Otter are so gonna fire him!

Sexy and scary at the same time!


Not the real Gene Simmons but an incredible simulation!

She just loves her puddin'!

These two got their picture taken a lot!

See what I mean?

The Trouble With Tribbles ...

Phasers set to stun!


Nicole Richie needs to put on some weight

Back Lot Props and Costumes

The beautiful Flo Jalin

Lady Blackhawk

AiT/Planet Lar

Hip Flask

Too Much Coffee Man!

Ape Entertainment

Writer Kevin Grevioux at the Astounding Studios Booth

The Independent Press Pavilion. Comics for every taste!

Outside the massive DC Comics booth

An adorable Kitty Pryde with Lockheed

Don't know who they're supposed to be, but they're cute

See you all next year! July 23-26, 2009!

Press Registration Area

Aw, bite my shiny metal ass!