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Diamond Toys
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Marvel Legends Icons 12" Daredevil, Phoenix, Colosus and Nightcrawler

Marvel Mighty Mugs - including exclusive Thanos and Red Skull

Star Wars Mighty Mugs

Hasbro Clone Wars product

Hasbro GI JOE and Indiana Jones product

Funco Star Wars head bobbers

Hellboy products and Halo Kubricks

Hellboy figures

Funco Marvel head bobbers

Gentle Giant Star Wars, Harry Potter and 30 Days of Night product

Mattel DC Universe and Hot Wheels Batman product

Stargate SG-1 12" figures

DST Stargate and Battlestar Galactica figures

Buffy the Vampire Slayer "The Judge" statue

DST Classic Star Trek 2-packs

Dark Horse's Classics The Spirit bust

Dark Horse's Classic The Spirit statue


Kull and Witchblade statues

Wizkids HeroClix and Pocket Models product

Simpsons Qees

Alien(s) Kubricks

Alien(s) Kubricks

WDCC Donald Duck and Yellowbeak statue

WDCC statue

Hellboy Figures, busts and comics

Kami-Robo Series 1

PVC statues

Kami-Robo series 1

DC and Marvel Import UK Magazine figures

DC and Marvel metal figurines

Big case of urban vinyl

LOST Kubricks, Peanuts PVCs, Medicom Rolling Stones figures

DC Direct Dark Knight products

DC Direct's The Dark Knight figures, statues and busts

DC Direct's Ami Comi line

DC Unlimited's World of Warcraft line

DC Direct's 13" line (Harley, Hal and Joker)

Star Wars Clone Wars products

Iron Man and Hulk statues

Kotobukya Star Wars and Indiana Jones

The Diamond Booth

Marvel Select Captain America (and variant) and Hulk

The new batch of Marvel Select figures

Marvel Minimates series 24

Platoon MiniMates

Iron Man and Red Hulk Marvel Select figures

Red Hulk and variat Stealth Iron Man Marvel Select

Marvel Minimates Secret Invasion boxed set

DST Ultimate Quarter Scale Han Solo in Hoth gear

DST Ultimate Quarter Scale Obi-Wan Kenobi

DST Ultimate Quarter Scale Indiana Jones

DST Ultimate Quarter Scale Darth Maul

DST 18" Darth Maul

DST Ultimate Quarter Scale Hoth Han and Darth Maul

DST Star Trek Klingons and Borgs

DST Star Trek Borgs