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NYCC - Hasbro/Marvel
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Hasbro's Marvel Booths

Fans get to vote on upcoming Marvel Universe characters!

Pick Five fan's choice

Pick Five fan's choice

New Mighty Muggs. Unmasked Spidey, Green Goblin, Skrull & Classic Cyclops

Mighty Muggs: Logan, Phoenix, Iceman & Magneto

Hasbro's awesome new 4" Marvel Universe line

Hasbro is going deep with the character selection in this line.

The entire Marvel Universe is their playground

Upcoming TRU-exclusive 3 pack: Spider-man and his Amazing Friends!

Mail-Away Nick Fury!

Nick Fury...up close!

Firestar, Spidey and Iceman!

The Thing shows a Hand Ninja who's boss!

White Hand Ninja

Ms. Marvel (modern), Ultimate Cap and Red Hulk

Classic Ms. Marvel! Check out the feathered hairstyle!

Blade the Vampire Hunter

Fury Files, Y'all!

Marvel Legends Icons & 6" 2 Packs

Transformers Crossovers

New 3-3/4 Wolverine & The X-Men cartoon

Another view of animated X-Men goodies

X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This 3-3/4" line is getting comic-styled and movie-styled figures!

Superhero Squad keeps on growing!

More Wolverine Movie figures

Premium Series (with soft goods) exclusive to Wal-mart

Logan from the Premium Series

Gigantic Battles Promo! Dig the Ditko mask on Iron Man

Mighty Muggs

Just the tip of the Mighty Muggs Empire...

Packaged Marvel Universe figures

Sabertooth vs Wolverine Boxed Set

Comic-styled Sabertooth from the Wolverine movie line

Wolverine & the X-Men Packaging

Toon Logan & Comic Weapon X

Weapon X

TRU Exclusive Wolverine set

Jim Lee-styled Sabertooth

So much great stuff all in one place. Hasbro is really hitting their stride with the Marvel license

Marvel Universe: Ready to Rule (the toy aisles)

X-Men fans are gonna be broke this year

Icons & 6" ML exclusive 2-packs

Superhero Squad leaves no corner of the Marvel U untouched.

Superhero Squad gears up for their new cartoon series

Superhero Squad is getting playsets...

...and vehicles!

Marvel Universe

Nick Fury Mail-Away

Upcoming Spider-Man Animated figures

Another look at Spider-Man animated toys

Comic-based 6" Spidey figures

Another view of upcoming X-men toys

DC Minis - Brave and the Bold Batmobile

DCIH 30" SDCC Anti-Monitor

Secret Saturdays Micro Figures