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SDCC 2009 - Day 2
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Playboy attends SDCC

Playboy Van

Dragon Age banner

Cross walk to Comic Con

SD Convention Center

SD Convention Center

SD Skyline

Heroes Carnival

Star Wars cosplay invades SDCC


Jason Gets Interviewed

Interviewing a Roman Centurian

Scarlet Witch

Heroes Carnival

Heroes Carnival

Heroes Carnival

Heroes Carnival

SD Convention Center

SD Convention Center

Green Lantern and Wonder Woman attend SDCC

The News at SDCC

Blues Brothers at SDCC

The Spirit

Marriot Functions or Marrow Registry

SDCC Sign on SD Con Center

National Cartoonist Society

ComicBase Atomic Avenue

Comic Relief retail booth

dealer booths

Carnal Comics booth

Popular Naughty

Popular Naughty banner

Vanguard Productions

IDW - Dr Who, Star Trek

The Tick

Supernatural Law

SLG Publishing

DC Black Lanterns wall

Sideshow Collectibles

Top Cow



Wizard booth

Lego booth

Lego Star Wars wall

Lego Sponge Bob prop

Mattel Toy Store(y)

Mattel Toy Store

Mattel Hot Wheels track loop

Mattel booth

Hpt Wheels Batman, Star Trek

Life Size Bat Pod

The Bat Pod 1/1 scale

Hot Wheels Battle Force 5

They let someone ride the Bat Pod!

Hot Wheels Star Trek

DCUC display

JLU Poster

JLU Poster

Infinite Heroes display

JLU Display

Lego Clone Trooper prop

Castle GreySkull!