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SDCC 2009 - Day 2
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Shocker - Indie Spot Light

Shocker - Indie Spot Light

Dick Tracy and The Tick



Action Figure Xpress booth

Infex, Dead Speed

Warner Bros (WB)

Elite Services

Black Beauty car from Green Hornet

Black Beauty car

Black Beauty car


Fear Clinic

Adam Hughes art

Marvel Art Works

Marvel Art Works

EveryPicture.com Tells a Story

Arron Lopresti, Terry Dodson art

William Stout art

Red Window

Monty M Moore art

Studio 2nd Street

Gnomon School of Visual Effects

Tell Tale Games


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Playstation, Capcom

Univ of Calif SD Extension


Sony OnLine Entertainment

DC Universe On Line

an aisle

THQ Darksiders

EA Games

EA Games store

EA Games play area

Capcom booth

Resident Evil - The Darkside Chronicles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Smash Up

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Smash Up

T Shirts take over!

X Box 360

Bleach, Iron Man 2, Planet 51

More Shirts!

Gaming University

Games: Astro Boy, Ben 10, Secret Saturdays

Photo Booth games play area

Look! Its a Toy Dealer!

Lots of Toys

Another Aisle

Food Court

Bandai Namco games

Bandai Namco play area

Kaiju Big Battle

Dream Tube - Zip A Gang

Fuzzy Balls Apparel

Artist Alley sign

October Toys booth



Blick Art Materials

Lilo and Stitch

Movie Posters - Watchmen, Green Lantern, The Middle, V