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SDCC 2009 - Day 4
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The Queen of Hearts takes ballet?

If you don't give them a big Anti-Monitor they'll kidnap you.

SyFy - Imagine Greater!

I found these in my brother's garage.

A beautiful day to close it all out.

The League of Extraordinary Con-Goers

El Pinguino!

Awesome sleeves on these booth babes!

Oota toota, Solo?

If I want to find Waldo, will those two help me?

Cute booth babe, but what's that guy on the left doing???

Mighty fine armors back there, yessir.

DCUC Wave 10 Awesomeness! Man-Bat., Batman, Imperiex (CnC), Robotman, Forager & Power Girl

Cliff Steele with brain exposed.

Flash, Imperiex, Robotman

DCUC Wave 10 at sunset.

DCUC Wave 10 at daybreak.

The rest of Wave 10 - Joker and Beast Boy.

DCUC Wave 10...a definite must-have!

DCUC Wave 10 is a Walmart exclusive.

Justice League Unlimited singles waves group shot.

Superman, Silver Banshee, Metallo (YEAH!) three-pack.

Super Friends & Super Powers tribute three-packs.

DC Infinite Heroes Supergirl, Monitor, Psycho Pirate and Flash.

Cosplay Poison Ivy.

Spider-Man Classics 6-inch Line

Spider-Man 3.75-inch line Wave 1

Spider-Man Classics 6-inch Line

Spider-Man 3.75-inch villains are Venom, Green Goblin, Doc Ock, and Rhino

Marvel Universe Galactus rules your face!

Marvel Universe display at sunset.

An awesome Marvel Universe display!

Marvel Universe display, opposite side.

The ruler of Latveria.

I have a big G on my belt!

Shouldn't they be fighting instead of posing for pictures?

Full Moon Puppet Master figures

Original comic artwork. Nice Fighting American cover!

Cute booth babe.

Cosplay Polaris?

Cosplay babe.

The Mighty Thor has had a few beers.

Shoot, Wade! Shoooot!

Lara Croft, maybe?

Why, yes...I'd love some tea!

Zombie babies are sooooo cute!

Gotta love the blood in the bottle...nice touch.

Captain Action...where's your head?

Industry professionals, I presume?

He must wipe with the other hand.

If I buy 3 of them, how much will it be?

I wouldn't be hatin' if I were around you, babe.

Not sure what's on this guy's head.

Shadowcat & Lockheed

Has Bob not been watered in a while?

Twilight ruined a lot of things, dude.

Aaaarrrr! Swashbucklers!

No time for love, Doctor Jones!

Aayla Secura and a walking shrub.

The Begoths booth.

General Grevious and Wonder Woman

That's quite a mask!

Ghostbusters 6-inch line from Mattel.

All four likenesses have been approved. Rejoice!

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