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SDCC 2009 - Hasbro
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Star Wars Display Cases

The Marvel Universe Display Cases

Marvel Legends Two-Packs : Their Killin Teh Lein!

SHS and Spidey Animated Display Cases

Super Hero Squad Display

SHS Totally Random Character Gift Set

Super Hero Squad Sentinal, Hulk, Fin Fang Foom

Spider Man Animated Venoms, Shocker

Super Her Squad Statues of Iron Man and Doctor Doom

Hasbro's 'Death of Marvel Legends' Display

Marvel Universe Secret Wars Torch, Thunderball, Spider Man, Hawkeye, Cyclops, Piledriver, Hulk

Marvel Universe Secret Wars Piledriver, Hulk, Black Spider Man, Iron Man, Magneto, Spider Woman, Mr. Fantastic, and ULTRON!

Ultron is simply perfect.

Hulk has a new head.

Marvel Universe Secret Wars Enchantress, Captain America, Wolverine, Klaw, Human Torch

Marvel Universe Jim Lee Jean Grey, Classic Sunfire, Vision

Marvel Universe Modern Thor, Modern Luke Cage, Extremis Iron Man, Classic Captain America

Marvel Universe is Hasbro's Flagship Marvel Line

Somewhere, Jeff Cope is celebrating.

Marvel Universe Extremis Iron Man, Classic Captain America, Bucky, Black Widow