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SDCC 2009 - Mattel
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Teela, Snake Teela, Webstor

MOTU He-Ro vs Hordak

Ghostbusters Egon Spengler (with Slimer) and Ray Stantz (with the Logo Ghost).

Ghostbusters Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz.

He slimed me! Exclusive to MattyCollector.com

Ghostbusters Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz.

DCUC Wave 9 : Guardian, CnC Chemo, Black Adam

New bubble effects inside Chemo!

DCUC Wave 10 is exclusive to Walmart.

The new Worlds Greatest Superheroes line are Mego-style retro figures.

DCUC Wave 10!

Matty Collector 2-packs : Sinestro Corps and Animal Instincts

The Public Enemies line is exclusive to Target.

Infinite Heroes Geo Force, Batman, Grodd, Hawkman, Superman fall down, and Lex Luthor

DCUC Animal Instincts 2-pack : Animal Man and B'Wana Beast!

DCUC Wave 10 : Robotman, CnC Imperiex, Power Girl, Forager, Joker, Beast Boy

Public Enemies : Batman, Icicle, Major Force, CnC Brimstone, Superman, Black Lightning, Silver Banshee

Jeff Cope's coffee table. Errrr, I mean DC Infinite Heroes.

The OMAC Attack Six Pack!

Justice League Unlimited Singles

Justice League Unlimited Singles

Captains Boomerang and Cold practicing for the ski jump competition.

Eclipsed and Thanagarian Invasion Six Packs

Man phat pimpin' Trap Jaw!

The World's Greatest Superheroes!

Walmart DCUC 5-pack : Superman, Two-Face, Classic Luthor, Catwoman, Batman

Superman (plain!), Two-Face, Lex Luthor

After all these years, Mego style returns to the toy aisles, courtesy of Mattel!

Scotty N leads the festivities.

I know who *I'm* gonna call...