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SDCC 2010 - Hasbro - Marvel
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Goliath (Bill Foster)

The Marvel Universe grows...

Possible SHIELD flying car

Chicks dig the car

That War Machine face looks awfully familiar...

All your action figures will bow to Galactus

There Shall Come The Devourer of Worlds!

An amazing battle on display in the Hasbro booth

Super Hero Squad, Marvel Universe & Spider-man Displays

Comic Packs on display

Upcoming Comic Packs

Current and upcoming Comic Packs

MU Wave 2 and Wave 4

MU Wave 6 - Oct 2010

Marvel Universe Display

Marvel Universe Display

MU Thanos! Constrictor! Ghost RIder!

marvel Universe 2-packs

marvel Universe 2-packs

Marvel Universe 2-packs

Marvel Legends Winter Soldier & Black Widow

marvel Legends Winter Soldier & Black Widow