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SDCC 2012 - DC Collectibles Panel
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Getting ready to begin

Geoff Johns and Jim Lee

Sculptor Extraordinare Phil Rameriz

DC Collectibles Exec Jim Fletcher

Either really big new figures or Cosplayers...

yeah, pretty sure it's cosplayers.

Starro came to the panel

We'll all end up slaves to Starro in the end...

Julius Marx...asking a question, or doing karaoke?

I'm sure he's asking about 3-3/4" figures...

DC Collectibes logo

New 52 Justice League

The team!

We Can Be Heroes box set

Really big! 13"

All bow to Darkseid!

Justice League - in a Mad world!

This should be a print, shouldn't it?

Batman & Robin

Alfred E Nueman GL

Upcoming prints

3-3/4" Kyle Rayner / Kilowog

Close-ups of the 3-3/4" awesomeness

World Premiere! But, of what?

Starfire..um..bust. Blue Beetle, too!

Shazam! and Supergirl busts

Shazam! and Supergirl busts

Wonder Woman and Catwoman statues

Wonder Woman and Catwoman statues

Arkham City Harley Quinn Statue

Up close and personal with Harley

Batman Beyond B&W statue

Batman Beyond B&W statue

More in the Batman Black & White Line

Upcoming Arkham City figures

Batman B&W: Darwyn Cooke, Jock and Brian Bollan

Before Watchman: Silk Spectre

Another look at Silk Spectre

Before Watchmen statues

Upcoming Arkham City figures

Killer Croc from Arkham City - he's HUGE

Titan Joker - he's freaky!

Arkham Mr. Freeze! Cool figure.

Kelley Jones Bane from the Batman B&W line

Kelley Jones goes 3D!

Incredible Superman v Batman statue from the Dark Knight Returns

1:6 scale Dark Knight Rises statues

Cyborg, Grifter and Batgirl busts

Man of Steel products coming next year!

Product based upon CW's upcoming Arrow TV series in the works

Ame-Comi Digital Comics