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SDCC 2012 - Diamond Select Toys
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Battle Beasts villain!

more Mad Monster Party

Walking Dead Zombie...bank? Ew.

Another Battle Beast baddie!

Another view of a Battle Beast bad guy!

The Walking Dead Minimates

The Walking Dead (comic) Minimates

Zombies, zombies everywhere

It's the Zombie Apocalypse...Minimate Style

The Expendables meet the Enterprise E

Star Trek: Bird of Prey and Spock from Star Trek Select

Another look at Battle Beasts wave 1

Marilyn and Eddie Munster figures

Munsters Koach Minimate and 1:15 style!

K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider

Watch out! Klingon phaser set to kill!

Look at all those Minimates!

Inside the Diamond Select booth

More of the Diamond Select booth

My, Alice, what a big knife you have...