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SDCC 2012 - Titan Merchandise
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Titan Entertainment banner

Doctor Who bust line

Seasons collide! The 10th Doctor, Amy Pond busts

The Tenth Doctor

Jon Pertwee - The Third Doctor

William Hartnell - where it all began

Captain Jack from Doctor Who and Torchwood

Awesome busts from classic Hammer Horror films

Uhura and Kirk from Titan's Star Trek bust line

TOS Scotty and TNG Worf

Lt. Worf bust

Montgomery Scott bust

Nyota Uhura bust

James T. Kirk bust

The First Doctor bust

Christopher Lee as Dracula bust

Peter Cushing as Van Helsing

Countess Dracula

The Other Captain Jack...


Amelia Pond

I like busts. Busts are cool.

A stern look from the Third Doctor


Busts...shirts...all from Titan